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Prerequisites and Nursing Courses

nursing first graduate cohort 2021

New Course Requirements and Sequencing Effective with the Fall 2019 Cohort

LPN to AS-NURS Advising Form

AS-NURS Advising Form

Prerequisite Courses

PHYL 141(Formerly BIOL 141) Human Anatomy/Physiology I 3
PHYL 141L (Formerly BIOL 141L) Human Anatomy/Physiology I Lab 1
PHYL 142 (Formerly BIOL 142) Human Anatomy/Physiology II 3
PHYL 142L (Formerly BIOL 142L) Human Anatomy/Physiology II Lab 1
ENG 100 Composition I 3
HDFS 230 (Formerly FAMR 230) Human Development 3
MATH 100 or higher Survey of Mathematics or higher (not MATH 120) 3
MICR 130 Microbiology 3
MICR 140L (Formerly MICR 130L) Microbiology Lab 1-2

General Education Requirements for the AS Degree

See advising form for course options.

NOTE: It is strongly recommended that General Education requirements be completed prior to applying for the programAll required courses must be taken for a letter grade!

For more information contact the Division of Nursing & Allied Health at (808) 934-2650.