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Associate in Science Degree in Nursing Program Learning Outcomes

nursing graduates

ASN PLOs: Upon completion of the AS-NURS program, the nursing graduate will be able to:

NURS PLO 1: Implement critical thinking effectively when applying the nursing process in providing compassionate and coordinated care to individuals and their support systems.

NURS PLO 2: Integrate knowledge gained from biological, social, and nursing sciences with clinical practice in meeting the complex needs of diverse individuals in multiple settings.

NURS PLO 3: Create an environment that promotes caring and professionalism with consideration for cultural/societal beliefs and practices.

NURS PLO 4: Utilize information and technology to communicate, manage knowledge, mitigate error, and support decision-making.

NURS PLO 5: Use data to assess outcomes of care processes and determine ways to improve the delivery of quality care.

NURS PLO 6: Practice safely and ethically within the scope of practice while providing nursing care and working with the health care team.

NURS PLO 7: Demonstrate effective communication and collaborative dialogue within nursing and the interprofessional team to achieve quality patient care.