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Lā Honua Earth Day 2024

The Lā Honua Earth Day Committee welcomes students, staff and faculty from Hawaiʻi Community College and University of Hawaiʻi at Hilo to join us in celebrating Lā Honua ~ Earth Day 2024 with events from April 19th to April 24th. Our theme this year is I Ola E Nā Kini, focusing on the protection and nurturing of native plants and animals, their spaces and places.

Lā Honua Earth Month 2022 to Feature Many Events for All Ages

In 2022, Lā Honua Earth Day will be celebrated all month long. Lā Honua + Malama Honua ~ Earth Day + Earth Month will take place in April, which coincides with the Hawaiʻi Lunar Month of Welo.

     >>>See Welcome Message from Chancellor Rachel Solemsaas. (Transcript) 

Hula as a Sustainable Practice

By Charlotte Cheek, Hawaiʻi Community College Sustainability Initiatives Coordinator and Kupu Community Resilience VISTA

In consultation with Drew Kapp, Hawaiʻi Community College Geography Instructor and Kūkūʻena Hula Cohort Member

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