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Hawaiʻi Community College Unveils New Sign

Hawaiʻi Community College is proud to announce the unveiling of our new campus sign, a project made possible through the dedicated collaboration of the MWIM, Creative Media, and Electrical Programs, along with invaluable contributions from community members and professors.

To mark this significant milestone, we held a Kīpaepae ceremony, to celebrate the new sign. The event was attended by students, faculty, and community members who gathered to celebrate the new sign. The new sign, which can be seen in its full glory at in the day and at night, standing not only as a marker of our campus but also as a beacon of our collective effort and dedication.

We extend our deepest mahalo to everyone who participated in this project. Your hard work and dedication have truly made this vision a reality. Special thanks to the MWIM, Creative Media, and Electrical Programs, as well as the community members and professors who poured their passion and skills into this endeavor.