The primary purpose of the Center at West Hawaiʻi is instructional. The Center provides access to multiple disciplines, serves as a receive site for courses, course sequences and/or a limited number of complete BOR-authorized credential programs that originate from other campuses of the University of Hawaiʻi system.

In addition to HawCC programs, the Center facilitates the delivery of baccalaureate and master's programs to West Hawaiʻi. Students may apply/register for distance education courses found at other community colleges in the UH system.


Hawaiʻi Community College serves West Hawaiʻi at the UH Center in Kealakekua, with classrooms, a nursing learning center, a dining room/kitchen, computer lab, library, learning center and administrative offices.

Distributed Learning HITS and video conferencing classrooms provide West Hawaiʻi students the opportunity to attend live classes locally while pursuing a degree through the UH system.


The University of Hawaiʻi Center in West Hawaiʻi is one of three University Centers established by the Board of Regents (BOR) in June 1996. Administrative responsibility for West Hawaiʻi was given to Hawaiʻi Community College, effective in July 1997.

Access to higher education is one of the core commitments of the University of Hawai‘i. Whether you are a taro farmer on Moloka‘i, a single parent in Kona, or a business professional looking for career advancement opportunities, you can be a student of the University of Hawai‘i.

Multiple UH Learning Facilities exist in the UH system


Address, Phone and FAX
81-964 Haleki’i Street - Kealakekua, HI 96750

Phone: (808) 969-8800

FAX: (808) 322-4855

Admissions & Advising: (808) 969-8816

Map & Directions
Map of Kealakekua, HI 96750-8104, US

UCWH Campus Map
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UCWH DL Classrooms
ITV Classrooms

UCWH Parking
Parking is free and available unless otherwise designated. Handicapped parking is available near each building in designated slots.

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