September 17, 2004

Manono Campus, Building 388, Room 101


Lou Zitnik (Chair), Charleen Marlow (Vice-Chair), Barbara Arthurs, Marilyn Bader, Annie Brown, John Cole, Bob Duley, Kaipo Frias, Mary Goya, Ka’iana Haili, Pam Hudson, Donnalyn Kalei, Pualani Kanahele, Kent Killam, Gwen Kimura, Michael Larish, Bernhard Laurich, Gordon Lee, Annie Maeda, John Marlow, Julia Moore, Violet Murakami, Trina Nahm-Mijo, Pate Pieron, Joel Peralto, Daniel Petersen, Noelie Rodriguez, Beth Sanders, lJill Savage, Jane Sherwood, Harry Takiue, Francis-Dean Uchima, and Mai Wong


1. A quorum was established and the Chair called the meeting to order at 12:10 p.m.


2. Chancellor Freitas was introduced as a guest speaker.  Highlights of his presentation included:


·        Presented the view that assessment and accreditation should be a faculty driven process and called upon all present to actively participate.


·        The new OCET Director should be announced within the next week.  Other finalists deserve to be notified before public announcement of the new director is made.


·        Search is progressing for CAO.  Announcements will be made in the future, possibly as early as Oct. 1.


·        Concerning Administrative Reorganization:  these changes were not mandated.  Reorganization is not happening at other community colleges in the system, and any possible changes will not be visited until other HawCC administrators are on board.


·        Concerning establishment of a new campus:  Drawings of the propose campus and its 120 acre setting where briefly shown.  The Komohana Campus is ranked 7th on the CIP priority list and this information is being presented in public.  We have requested 7million for the 1st year of the next biennium. The 7million is not part of this year`s budget, although the request has gone in this year, it is for the 1st year of the next biennium. If we are successful we will receive the funds July 1st of ’05.  Chancellor Frietas stated that he is actively pushing for private/public partnerships and federal funding for particular buildings.  He plans to meet with the members of the Governors cabinet on the weekend of September 18 and 19. Faculty input, especially Education Specification for inside areas, is needed.  He welcomed all to come by and look closer at the project, encouraged all to speak to elected officials, and stated that he was willing to return to the Senate as often as wanted.





3. A motion to accept the April 30, 2004 Academic Senate Meeting minutes with a minor correction passed unanimously (Sherwood, Pieron).


4. Chair’s Report


·        Chair has met with Chancellor Freitas twice. He feels the Chancellor’s focus is on building a new campus and that his intent is to bring other administrators on board to handle other aspects of the college.


·        The ACCFSC is in the process of organizing its committee structure, and there are a number of committees on the system level still in the process of setting up.  The Chair will keep the Faculty Senate updated on progress.


·        The Executive Committee has set up dates for Senate meetings based on BOR meetings dates (Calendar distributed as handout).  The Chair also announced that he has met with Standing Committees Chairs, Barbara Arthurs and Donnalyn Kalei to establish lines of communication and charges. 


5. Vice Chair’s Report


·        Senator Padilla has agreed to be the Archivist and web-site publisher for the Faculty Senate.


·        Faculty Senate communications will run from both the web site and via the e-mail list server.  The url for the Senate website is: http://hawaii.hawaii.edu/senate/


·        Today’s election of the Education Policy Committee Chair was announced.


6. Standing Committee Reports


a.       Curriculum Review Committee Report (Senator Kalei)


·        Deadline for curriculum proposals is on September 24, 2004.  The forms are on-line, and she is willing to help anyone with the process if asked.


·        Chair Kalei plans to send out a list of proposals received by the committee to all faculty to review before the next Senate meeting.


·        Question 10 was added to Form 2:  “Does this course meet a general education area requirement for an area (Humanities, Natural Sciences, Social Sciences) other than that of the purposed course?” 


·        It was pointed out that the Chair does not have the authority to change Form 2.  Discussions followed.  Chair Kalei informed everyone that she had discussed these changes with Interim Dean Noreen Yamane before making them.


·        A motion was made to accept changes to Form 2 (question # 10) on a temporary basis until final approval or disapproval by the full Senate was made.  Discussions followed.


·        A motion to call to the question passed unanimously (Arthurs, Duley).


·        The original motion passed unanimously (Savage, Sherwood).


b. Education Policy Committee Report—No report at this time.


c. Faculty Policy Committee Report (Senator Arthurs)


·        Chair Arthurs announced that there was a GSSS unit vacancy on the Faculty Policy Committee.


·        The letter outlining charges from Chair Zitnik was distributed and reviewed.  This included one charge of a review of “professional standards and ethics” and another charge of a review of “document guidelines and processes (concerning contract renewal, tenure, and promotion).”


7.  Unfinished Business

a. The charge to the Ed Policy Committee concerning the “review of the curriculum review process” was reviewed.


8.  New Business          

      a. Election of Education Policy Committee Chair (Senator C. Marlow)


·        Vice-Chair Marlow announced the Executive Committee’s nomination of Senator Lee for the Education  Policy Committee Chair. She then opened the election process for further nomination from the floor. None came forth.  Senator Lee was elected unanimously by voice vote. 

·        Chair Lee thanked the Senators for their support and expressed her intended commitment to this leadership task. 


b. Establishing priorities for the coming year (items are not ranked in order of importance)

b.1. New Campus (Lou Zitnik)


·        Chair Zitnik requested that Senate appoint an ad hoc committee to provide input into the new campus.

·        Discussions followed.

·        A motion to form an ad hoc committee, including the establishing of co-chairs, to provide input and support for the new Komohana Campus passed.  m/s/p (C. Marlow, Savage)  yes 27, no 0, abstain 1.


b.2.  Unified Curriculum Development (C. Marlow)


·        Vice-Chair Marlow presented the need to unify curriculum for the good of the college and for assessment and accreditation reasons. She expressed the view that this should be the focus of discussions within the Senate throughout year.


b.3.  Tenure Process (Petri Pieron)


·        Senator Pieron presented the view that mentoring and support should be an intrinsic part of the tenure process, but sometimes it is not.


·        Discussions followed including statements from the floor.  They included:  Officially there is no such thing as junior or senior faculty, only faculty.  There is a huge disparity between requirements in the tenure process here and elsewhere in the system. HawCC is much more demanding.  There needs to be support from senior faculty on the process of tenure.  All faculty need more information about the process. What is the real purpose of this process?  Are negative experiences justified?


·        It was pointed out that this topic is one of the reasons that the Faculty Policy Committee was charged with the review of “document guidelines and processes” and that the role of mentoring should be a part of this review.


b.4.  Assessment/Accreditation (Trina Nahm-Mijo)


·        Senator Nahm-Mijo stated that it is time to “gear up” for the two-year process of self-study and the self-study report.

·        She discussed the difference between assessment and accreditation.  Assessment is an ongoing, continuous process and should be institutionalized; accreditation is a six-year mile stone of that process. 

·        She outlined the pressing need for volunteers to serve as Steering Committee Chairs

·        She announced that Marilyn Bader has agreed to be the editor for the Self-Study Report.

·        Senator Nahm-Mijo also said that she will ask the administration for reassigned time for Steering Committee Chairs during the Self-Study writing year which will begin in Spring 2006.


9.  Process for obtaining volunteers for Student Related Committees


Annie Brown

Kaipo Frias

Kekui Frias

Charleen Marlow

Jennie Padilla

Beth Sanders

Jill Savage

Mai Wong

Lou Zitnik

as possibilities to choose from for the Student Academic Grievance Committee, passed unanimously.


10. For the good of the order.


It was announced that HawCC was presented with a $794,976 Alaskan Native/Native Hawaiian Institutional Assisting Communities (AN/NHIAC grant from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).  The three-year grant was given to the college to partner its resources with community programs in the predominantly Native Hawaiian district of Kea`au.  These funds will be used to partner with the Bay Clinic to help renovate the Keaau Youth Business Center.  Special thanks to Donnalyn Kalei, Trina Nahm-Mijo, and Eric Kapono for their efforts in this process.


11. Meeting adjourned at 2:10 pm