Academic Senate of Hawai`i Community College

12 – 1:30 p.m.

August 25, 2006

Bldg 388, Room 102



1.  Ascertain Quorum


2.  Review and approve minutes of 4/28/06


3.  Chair’s Report

a.   Vision, Mission, Imperatives Statement

b.   Campus Planning and Reorganization

c.   Report of Senate Chairs’ meetings


4.  Standing and other Committee Reports

a.   Education Policy - Academic Renewal Policy

b.   Faculty Policy – No report

c.   Curriculum Review - Dates and deadlines

            d.   Writing Intensive – Dates and deadlines


5.  Unfinished Business

a.   Ad hoc Budget Committee


6.  New Business

a.   Revision of Haw 5.501 - Placement Testing Policy

b.   Senate Priorities

Mentoring Program

Faculty Handbook

DE evaluation and assessment

Campus planning

Four year program

c.  Construction Academy – Status report


7.  For the Good of the Order