Hawai`i Community College

Academic Senate


Bldg 388 Room 102

March 23, 2007

12:00-1:30 p.m.


1.                  Ascertain Quorum


2.                  Minutes of  2/16/2007


3.                  Chair’s Report



4.                  Vice Chair’s Report

a.         Elections for Standing Committee Chairs


b.         Nomination for Academic Senate Chair




4.  Committee Reports


a.  Education Policy – (James Yoshida) -  no report


b.  Faculty Policy – (Jackie Stradtman-Carvalho) – update


c.  Curriculum Review – (Kent Killam) -  Curriculum proposals


d.  DE -  (Ellen Okuma) -Update


e.  Campus Planning –(Pua Kanahele) - no report


f.   Writing Intensive – (Donna Moore) - no report


g.  Budget Committee – (Noe Noe Wong-Wilson) -  update




5.  Unfinished Business


a.   UH Manoa Hallmarks


6.  New Business


a.         The Interim Assistant Dean of Instruction, LBRTS+ Public Service, requested

the Senate consider and approve the following scenario:


If a course is deemed “essentially the same’”  by the faculty reviewer, course SLOs can be appended to the original course outline by transcribing the information from the original course outline onto the recently approved* course outline that include SLO statements without CRC and Academic Senate approval.

*Most recent revision to course outline sprng 2006.


Justification:  Appending SLOs to the original course outline does not cause course modifications in course alpha, number title, description credit hours, prerequisites, corequisites, course objectives, and course topics.  By allowing SLO statements to be appended to the original course outline through transcribing course information onto the approved course outline without CRC and Academic Senate approval, the CRC will not be unduly burdened with additional reviews.



The Exec Committee discussed this in consultation with Kent Killam, CRC Chair, and agree with the proposal.   Suggesting further that in so doing, a modification form be completed with the statement    “SLOs added” and signatures of Dept chair and VCAA. 



            b.    The Curriculum Review Committee Chair requested the Exec Committee consider permitting a minor addition to a curriculum form be directly submitted to the Educational Policy Committee.   The proposed change is to – add a reference to a course outline or an attachment on the Course Modification Proposal Form under item #3.



            c.    Exec Committee discussed and recommends the Senate establish a list of faculty willing to serve as peer evaluators.   This would lighten the burden for faculty coming up for review of asking peers to evaluate their classes.  This would further encourage a cross section of peer reviewers from outside the academic units. 




7.   For  the Good of the Order



8.  Adjourn