Hawai`i Community College


Academic Senate

12:00-1:30 Bldg 388 Room 102

April 27, 2007



1.                  Determine Quorum

2.                  Minutes of 3/23/07


3.                  Chair=s Report


4.                  Vice Chair=s Report


5.                  Standing and Other Committee Reports


a. Ed Policy - no report

b. Faculty Policy (Jackie Stradtman-Carvalho) -Resolution regarding Promotion

c. CRC Kent Killam - announcements

d. WI - no report

e. Planning - no report

f. Budget (Noe Noe Wong-Wilson) - update

g. Distance Ed (Ellen Okuma )- update


6.                  Unfinished Business

a. WI resolutions follow up

b. Exec Committee Summary of Program Reviews


7.                  New Business

a. Strategic Enrollment Task Force presentation-(Barbara Arthurs/Doodie Downs)

b. Plagiarism Prevention (Kate Sims/Caroline Naguwa)

c.          Campus Safety


8 For the Good of the Order



   Academic Senate Minutes of March 23, 2007

   Academic Senate Committee Membership and Vacancies 2007-2008

   Academic Senate Executive Committee Summary Assessment of Program And Unit Reviews