Academic Senate



Building 388 Room 102

12 noon


1.                  Ascertain Quorum


2.                  Minutes of 9/21/2007


3.                  Chair=s Report

a System update

b ACCFSC Resolution

c Comprehensive Program/Unit review process

4.                  Standing and Other Committee Reports

a Ed Policy No report

b Faculty Policy − No report

c Curriculum Review - proposals for approval

d Budget Planning − Update

e Distance Education− No report


5.                  New Business

a Discussion of CERC membership

b Curriculum proposals Kent Killam

c Senate Priorities

- On going items;

1.) Charge to the ad hoc Budget Committee

2.) Charge to the ad hoc DE Committee

3.) Faculty Handbook FPC

- New items

4.) Parking issues

5.) Discussion on Role of TPRC conveners

6.) Discussion of the meaning of Aguidelines@ in contract/promotion


6. For the good of the order



Attached: Minutes of Sept 21, 2007 Academic Senate meeting

ACCFSC Resolution September 2007