Academic Senate of Hawai’i Community College

            Friday, April 25, 2008            

Bldg 388 room 102

12 - 1:30 pm





            1.         Ascertain Quorum


      2.         Minutes of     2/29/08


      3.         Chair’s Report



            4.         Standing and Other Committee Reports

                        a          Ed Policy - Academic Renewal – Christina Hoffmann

                        b          Faculty Policy - Faculty Handbook update – Kathy Kotecki

                        c          Curriculum Review  -Proposals – Kent Killam

                                    Proposals April Curricular Actions

                        d          Writing Intensive - no report – Pam Hudson

                        e          Distance Education - no report- Ellen Okuma

            f           e-café update- Jane Sherwood


            5.         Old Business

                        a          Amendment to Academic Renewal Policy-  B. Arthurs, DSS


6.     New Business

            a.         - Disruptive students Policy –   Barbara Arthurs, DSS

                                        - Policy of Children of Students on Campus

                        b.         UHCC Strategic Plan – Ellen Okuma                       

                        c.        Standing Committee chairs

                      d.        Online letters of reference being requested by Financial Aid



            6.         For the good of the order


            7.         Adjourn