Draft—3/18/09, Revised 4/2/09AC; 4/03/09EC



Submitted by: Trina Nahm-Mijo, Assessment Coordinator

Joni Onishi, Staff Development Coordinator


Reason for the Proposal: To designate a regularly scheduled, institutionalized time to review and align student learning outcomes at all the various levels and the mission, vision and imperatives as required by WASC and ACCJC for accreditation.


DESCRIPTION: Starting Fall 2009, on the first Staff Development-designated day of the semester (usually the 3rd Friday in September), from 12:30, a college-wide activity will be planned and implemented for:


                                    2009—Alignment of General Education and Program Learning Outcomes

                                    2010, 2011, 2012, and 2013—the focus for each year will be determined from the following:  SLO’s at the Program level; SLO’s at the Course level; Institutional Learning                                                     Outcomes; and Mission/Vision/Imperatives


The 5-year cycle will begin again in 2014.


STRUCTURE: Depending on the resources and needs of the college in any particular year, this session can be:

1)         One large meeting or in departments/units

2)         Bringing in a consultant or using internal resources

3)         1.5 to 3 hours long


PLANNING COMMITTEE: The core planning committee will be made up of:

1)         Assessment Coordinator

2)         Staff Development Coordinator

3)         Academic Senate Chair or designee

4)         College Council Chair or designee, if appropriate

5)         Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs