Student Conduct Code


Information to be reviewed by Academic Senators.


By March 15, 2010 please give written comments to your Executive Committee representatives regarding:

  • the draft “Student Conduct Code” procedures, Oct. 29, 2009, that were circulated via the HawCC faculty/staff listserv by the Vice Chancellor for Student Services on 2-5-10
  • E 7.208, “University of Hawaii Systemwide Student Conduct Code,” (July 2009) that the ACCFSC circulated to Senate Chairs to gather feedback from campus Senates


For background, please refer to:


Timeline and Deadlines:

  1. by March 15—send written comments to Executive Committee representatives
  2. by March 19—Executive Committee reps forward written comments received to Senate Chair
  3. by March 29—Senate Chair to submit a compilation of anonymous comments from Academic Senators to Vice Chancellor for Student Services with a cc:to Executive Committee reps



page updated, 1-28-10