Hawai‘i Community College Academic Senate





Topic of recommendation                     Transfer of Credits Evaluation_ _______


Initiated by                                           ______Noreen Yamane______________


Resolution number (if appropriate)        ______NA________________________


Academic Senate meeting(s) dates        _______4-17-09 (no quorum); 8-28-09__


Academic Senate vote                          ________________________________


Rationale: Revision of HAW 7.208 is needed to clarify the transfer of credits that are used to satisfy program degree requirements

Content: (italicized wording is being added to the policy)


Courses will be processed for possible transfer credits only if they could be applicable to the student’s current major and if the course was completed with a grade of “D” (not D-) or better. However, for AAS, AS and certificate programs, “D” grade courses will not be accepted when a “C” or better is required for that course for graduation. When applicable, transfer credits may be counted towards the specific requirements of a program; otherwise, they will be counted as general electives. However, neither grade points nor grade point averages earned at other institutions are used in the computation of HawCC accumulative grade point average.





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Academic Senate Chair’s signature (indicates approval)                         date




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Chancellor’s signature  approved                    not approved                        date


Chancellor’s disposition of recommendation (e.g.--codified into HawCC Policy manual with number assigned, referred to appropriate administrator, inclusion in Catalog, etc.):