Academic Senate Resolution in Support of Adopting the

Faculty Handbook



Whereas Hawai‘i Community College has had a paper Faculty/Staff Handbook that has gradually become out of date; and

Whereas the Academic Senate’s Executive Committee initiated a review of the Faculty/Staff Handbook to bring it up to date; and

Whereas the Academic Senate’s Faculty Policy Committee (FPC) was assigned the work of reviewing and revising the Handbook; and

Whereas the FPC worked diligently during the 07/08 and 08/09 academic years to update the Handbook; and

Whereas the focus of the Handbook is primarily to assist faculty; and

Whereas the final draft of the Faculty Handbook has been posted on the Academic Senate’s website for review during February and March 2009; now therefore be it


Resolved that:  

            1.         the Academic Senate adopt the Faculty Handbook, as posted on the Senate website, April 9, 2009; and

            2.         the Academic Senate recommend that the oversight of regularly revising the Faculty Handbook be assigned to an administrative       unit; and

            3.         future major reviews of the Faculty Handbook be coordinated with the Academic Senate.