October 29, 2004

Manono Campus, Building 388, Room 103


Lou Zitnik (Chair), Charleen Marlow (Vice-Chair), Barbara Arthurs, Marilyn Bader, Annie Brown, John Cole, Bob Duley, Pam Hudson, Donnalyn Kalei, Pualani Kanahele, Marsha Kayano, Kent Killam, Michael Larish, John Marlow, Donna Moore, Joni Onishi, Pate Pieron, Jennie Padilla, Daniel Petersen, Noelie Rodriguez, Beth Sanders, Jill Savage, Francis-Dean Uchima, Mai Wong, and Robert Yamane.


1. A quorum was established and the Chair called the meeting to order at 12:10 p.m.


2. A motion to accept the September 17, 2004 Academic Senate Meeting minutes with minor corrections passed unanimously (J. Marlow, Arthurs).


3. Chair’s Report

a. Board of Regents

·      Distribution and presentation of draft of letter of support for Interim President David McClain to BOR Chair Dr. Lee

·      Chair requested that it be placed on the agenda as item 6d under new business.  A motion was made and it passed unanimously


b. System reorganization, UHPA and ACCFSC

·      There has been discussion concerning UHH system organization and union concerns that responsibilities and structure are not clear.  The UHPA, in response to a request for consultation from the administration, has recommended the consolidation of the community colleges under one chancellor, or to have the Council of Chancellors as the reporting body for finance and academic affairs.

·      Chair requested that discussion of the UHH Community Colleges Chancellor position be placed on the agenda as item 6e under new business.

·      The motion to place 6e on the agenda passed. m/s/p (J. Marlow, Arthurs) yes 14, no 4, abstain 3


c. Priorities for the year

·      A draft of a letter outlining priorities for the 2004-2005 year was distributed and discussed.  The chair stated that current charges (item 1-3) to standing committee groups were the most significant of the listed priorities.

·      A motion to place these priorities on the agenda passed unanimously.


d. Ad hoc new campus planning committee

·      Pualani Kanahele has been appointed the co-chair of the new campus planning committee.  She will be contacting everyone who has volunteered to be on the committee and holding the committee’s first meeting in the near future.


e. Education Policy Committee Charge

·      The chair distributed a letter outlining the charges assigned to the Education Policy Committee including the new charge to review question 10 on Form 2 of the curriculum application and to make its recommendation by December 3, 2004.


f. Assessment/Accreditation

·      The chair stated that the assessment committee could use the Faculty Senate web site until January 1, 2004.  He encouraged this committee to establish its own web site as soon as possible.


g.  Special Faculty Senate Meeting

The chair announced that a special Faculty Senate meeting will be held on November 19, 2004, from 12:00-2:00 pm in building 388, room 103.  The purpose of the meeting is to vote on curriculum proposals.


5. Vice Chair’s Report

The vice-chair announced that she is on the Committee on Committees and would report about this activity as it evolves.


6. Standing Committee Reports

a.       Curriculum Review Committee Report (Senator Kalei)

·        Chair Kalei stated that the committee is working in subgroups that are meeting three times a week to process applications.  Friday meetings include all standing committee members, and this is the time when committee voting on individual proposals occurs. 

·        A handout listing current curriculum proposals and their status was distributed to senators.

·        December 10, 2004, is the deadline for publication in the HawCC catalog.

·        ITS 193 and ITS 215 have been approved by the committee and will be voted on by the Faculty Senate today.


b. Education Policy Committee Report (Senator R.Yamane substituting for Chair Lee)

·        Senator Yamane announced the names of committee members.  He stated that the committee had met twice this semester and had reviewed the charge concerning curriculum review.  The committee plans to meet twice more in November.


      c. Faculty Policy Committee Report (Senator Arthurs)

·        Chair Arthurs distributed a handout entitled, Faculty Policy Committee Report, October 29, 2004.  The report included committee members, charges, division of tasks, and a time table. 

·        Chair Arthurs appealed to all senators to review and comment on the upcoming drafts.  She stated that she felt that any desired changes or revisions should be communicated and responded to at the committee level.


8.  New Business         

      a.  Senate vote on curriculum proposals (ITS 193 and ITS 215)

·        A motion to accept ITS 193, ITS Internship/Practicum, (change in prerequisites)

passed unanimously (Brown, Killam)

·        A motion to accept ITS 215, Network Administration, (change in course description and credits) passed unanimously (Brown, Killam)

b. Academic advising: definition, policies, procedures, responsibilities (open discussion)

·        Senator Duley distributed and presented a handout entitled, Academic Advising at HawCC.

·        The issue was discussed by senators including the need to review academic advising at HawCC including the roles and responsibilities of instruction, student services, and the financial aid department.

·        A motion that review of academic advising be seen as a Faculty Senate priority for the 2004-2005 year, and that the Executive Committee design a charge for the Education Policy committee concerning this issue passed unanimously (Duley, Arthurs).


c. Curriculum Review including appeal process (open discussion)

·        Vice-Chair Marlow presented this agenda item and an open discussion followed. 

·        The motion that the Education Policy committee in their review of the curriculum review process should include looking at an “appeal process” when considering this charge was made and seconded (Larish, C. Marlow).

·        More discussion occurred.  Some felt that the existing curriculum review process was weak as far as having an appeal process was concerned.  Senator Larish stated that the previous Education Policy committee had addressed this and their recommendations concerning the appeal process were in the previous year’s report.

·        A motion to call to the question passed unanimously (Uchima, Duley).

·        The original motion passed unanimously.


d.  Letter of support for Interim President David McClain to BOR Chair Dr. Lee

·        A motion to authorize Chair Zitnik to send this letter of support to Dr. Lee passed unanimously (Hudson, Savage).


e. UHH Community Colleges Chancellor Position

·        Discussions concerning a chancellor for the community college system occurred. 

·        There was concern that something as important as this should be open to all faculty for input, not just those at the meeting today.  Also, is there enough information available at this time to make a reliable decision?

·        There was also concern that the system was moving quickly on this and if there was not some indication of our college’s position, we might not have any input on the decision at all.

·        Some suggested that a non-binding straw poll--for initial indication and information only--could be taken today, followed by a more formal, inclusive, and binding decision by faculty members in the near future.

·        A question was formed:  How many present today support the return of the UHH Community Colleges Chancellor position?

·        Discussions followed.

·        A motion to call to the question passed (Uchima, J. Marlow) m/s/p Yes 18, No 1.

·        Straw poll results:  Support return 1, do not support return 18.


f.  Priorities letter

·        A motion to postpone item f (priorities letter) until the next faculty senate meeting passed unanimously.


10. For the good of the order.

·        Senator Rodriguez announced that there will be a Town Hall meeting on November 1, at 12:00 noon on the Lani at UHH

·        Senator Uchima announced that the college received a five-year Bio Medical Award Grant for $110,000 ($22,000 per year) from IDeA Network of Biomedical Research Excellence (INBRE).

·        Senator Wong announced that the Early Childhood Education Program will have a grand opening of the ECED Center on Friday, November 19, 2004,  at 3:00 to 5:00 pm

·        Senator Larish announced that Phi Theta Kappa requested that faculty donate plants to their organization which would be sold at the HawCC Christmas Craft Fair sale

·        Senator P. Kanahele announced that Mo`o Lahui O Hawai`i: The cultural history of Hawai`i is celebrated during the month of November.  Individual events and times are listed in the Hawai`i Community College Newsletter.


11. Meeting adjourned at 2:00 pm