Academic Senate of the Whole
Feb. 24, Friday, 12:00 p.m.
Manono Campus, Manono Campus,  Bldg. 388-102

 Members Present:  Barbara Arthurs, John Cole, Bob Duley, Donnalyn Kalei, Kent Killam, Guy Kimura, Clyde Kojiro, Osh Larish, Annie Maeda, Ellen Okuma, Jennie Padilla, Dan Petersen, Beth Sanders, Jill Savage, Francis-Dean Uchima, Mai Wong, Robert Yamane, Lou Zitnik.

Guest:  John Carroll, Dean of Student Services


1.      Quorum ascertained and meeting called to order at 12:05

2.      Minutes from January 27, 2006 approved as submitted.  M/S Larish/Okuma.


3.      By unanimous consent, John Carroll's proposal for "Student Services to develop a strategic enrollment

         management process at HawCC with particular attention given to student services taking responsibility for

         academic advising, depending on the availability of funding" was moved from agenda item 7.a.

4.    Chair's Report:  Please see attached
        a. mission, vision, administration's retreat, and Education Day, March 3
        b. volunteer for CCLC
        d. UARC update
        c. Possibility of Ad Hoc Budget Committee
        d. President's search committee cancelled
        e. Request for volunteers to serve on "Panel of Referees" 
5.   Vice Chair's Report:  Jill Savage
        a. Executive Committee at this time is unable to present a slate of officers and standing committee chairs for next

            year.  The EC hopes to present one at the March meeting. 


6.      Standing Committee Reports
        a.  Education Policy Committee (Chair Robert Yamane)

                1.  The EPC is collecting feedback from faculty to be incorporated in a succeeding draft of

                      curriculum proposals and forms to be presented to the Senate in March.

                2.  Chair Yamane requests that the final draft will be voted up or down rather than amended.

         b.  Faculty Policy Committee (Chair Barbara Arthurs)

                1.  The FPC thanks faculty for feedback on the tenure process and encourages additional feedback.

                     Currently it is exploring differences at different campuses.

                2.  The Committee encourages faculty to follow written system guidelines.

                3.  The Committee expects to present a report at the March Senate meeting.


        c.  Curriculum Review Committee: (Chair Donnalyn Kalei):  Fourteen curriculum proposals are being reviewed.

 7.      Unfinished Business
        a.   Draft Resolution for ad hoc DL committee which was posted on the web:

                1.  After some discussion, M/S (G. Kimura/E. Okuma) to accept the ad hoc committee's proposal.

                    Discussion continued.

                2.  Question called for and close of debate was agreed to.

                3.  Motion to accept the report passed unanimously.

                4.  M/S (Arthurs/Cole) to accept EC's recommendation that Ellen Okuma be appointed to chair the DL

                     ad hoc committee.  Motion passed unanimously.

                5.  Senators Uchima and Padilla volunteered to serve on the committee.


        b.   Senate Executive's Program Review Results: Posted on Web

                1.  Questions about EC's reviews, including one missing review and unchecked boxes on existing reviews. 

                2.  M/S (G. Kimura/Larish) to forward reviews to Chancellor Freitas.  Motion passed unanimously.

                     EC will complete all reviews and boxes.

        c.   Report and resolution concerning Program Review process: Posted on Web

                1. Two reports were presented, the one posted on the web site, and a revision stemming from discussion

                    among E. Okuma, L. Zitnik and Trina Nahm-Mijo  which changed the addressee from VCAA Dykstra to

                    Chancellor Freitas. 

                2.  M/S (Larish/ G. Kimura) to accept the revised resolution.

                3.  M/S (Larish/G. Kimura) to amend the motion to include Okuma's report to be forwarded to the Chancellor. 

                      Motion passed unanimously.

                4.  Senators suggested that a cover letter be included.

                5.  Main motion passed unanimously.

8.  New Business 
        a.   (moved to item 3.)
        b. Nominee for Leadership Academy: Senators unanimously approved EC's  recommendation to forward Helen

             Nishimoto's candidacy for the Community College Leadership Program over the summer.

        c. Priorities for Budget Planning Due date Feb. 15:   Draft priorities presented from  the Executive Committee

             (please see below).

                1.  M/S to send EC draft priorities to VCAA Dykstra.

`                  (Secretary's notes do not include who moved and seconded.)



                        1.    Health and Safety
                        2.    Support for existing programs and operations
                        3.    Program initiatives that improve access, e.g. P-20 initiative
                        4.    Community needs
                        5.    Accreditation items
                        6.   Initiatives central to our mission to improve student learning


                 2.  M/S (Okuma/G. Kimura) to amend by moving item 5 to 2, and revise the new item 3 by adding

                     "to enhance student learning" after "operations."  Motion passed 8 in favor, one opposed, one abstention.

                3.  M/S (Padilla/Okuma) to amend by moving (new) item 3 to number 1.  Motion passed unanimously.

                4.  Main motion passed unanimously.  The following priorities will be forwarded  to VCAA Dykstra:



                        1.  Support for existing programs and operations to enhance student learning

                        2.  Health and Safety

                        3.  Accreditation items

                        4.  Program initiatives that improve access, e.g. P-20 initiative

                        5.  Community needs

                        6.  Initiatives central to our mission to improve student learning

            d.      Mission Statement, Vision Statement: Posted on Web:  Item deferred.
9. For the good of the order:  No items.

10.  Meeting adjourned at 2:10.