Hawai`i Community College

Academic Senate

Bldg 388 Room 103

Minutes of the Meeting of Sept. 21, 2007


Present:  Jill Savage (Chair), Joni Onishi(recorder 1), Ellen Okuma (recorder 2),  Clyde Kojiro, John Cole, Kent Killam, David Ikeda, Sandy Claveria,

Kathy Kotecky (WH), Joyce Hamasaki,  Sherri Fujita, Eric Mecklenburg, Trina Nahmmijo, Francis-Dean Uchima, Marilyn Bader, Annie Maeda,

Noe Noe Wong-Wilson.


Guest: Shawn Flood


1.     A quorum was determined to be present; the meeting was called to order at 12:07 pm.


2.     Minutes:

            The April 27, 2007 minutes were approved as amended.

Correction to: 7.c. Campus Safety.

Should now read: (Chair) the events of the Virginia Tech shootings were reviewed and the copycat bomb threat which occurred on the same morning here at UHH. On April 23, Chairs of College Council and Academic Senate met with Chancellor Freitas about AS Resolution 99/00, FPC-2, “Campus Safety and Security,” approved by the Senate 12/3/99. This resolution, although not acted upon by Provost Sakaguchi, is supported by Chancellor Freitas. The recommendations of the resolution will guide the focus of a College task force that will be created to review campus safety procedures and develop a safety plan for HawCC. Volunteers will be sought. (correction approved)


            The May 9, 2007 minutes was approved as amended.

Revise 2. New Business to read:

Purpose of this meeting is to consider a resolution to be distributed to U.S. legislators from Hawai‘i, appropriate UH administrators, the executive directors of regional accrediting commissions, the U.S. Secretary of Education, and others. Motion to adopt resolution, Negotiated Rulemaking (hyperlinked), as amended (m/s, G. Kimura/E. Okuma). (rest is okay: “Discussion ensued…” and “Motion to adopt…”)



3.     Chair’s Report

        a.   Linda Johnsrud will be presenting the UH System Strategic Plan on September 28 at 1:00 pm.

        b.   ACCFSC met August 24th

              1.   Established an ad hoc committee on governance to explore ways to improve faculty participation in university governance.

              2.   Comments on revisions to BOR Policy chapter 9 and Executive Policy 9.113 concerning Department/Division Chair responsibilities it due to Joann Itano by September 30.

              3.   A UHCC task force has been established to address the faculty turnover concern for entire University system.  Chancellor Rockne is the HawCC representative on this task force.

        c.   CCCFSC MET August 31

              1.   UHCC Strategic Initiatives:  Access, Success, Workforce, Support

                    Access – Marketing, Legislative Enrollment Growth Fund (for increased classes), Dual Enrollment

                    Success – Achieving the Dream, American Diploma Project (redesign high school curriculum to help students be ready for college courses), Remedial Development (WPG)

              2.   Ongoing discussion on draft #3 of Faculty Classification Plan.

              3.   Supplemental Budget to be presented to BOR on September 28.

              4.   Ongoing discussion on Faculty Turnover task force

  d.   Webmaster Screening Committee for HawCC has been formed.  Steve Schulte is the chair and Kent Killam will represent the Senate.

  e.   The Campus Safety task force met this summer and will be applying for permanent status.  A report was given at the All College meeting on August 24th.

  f.    The Federal DOE has deferred work on amending regulations concerning accreditation.

  g.   The Senate’s role in reviewing Comprehensive Program Reviews is in discussion. 


4.     E-café – Shawn Flood gave a brief presentation about E-café, an online student evaluation tool.  All faculty and lecturers – DE and face-to-face – will be evaluated using this tool effective Fall 2007.


5.     Standing and Other Committee Reports

        a.   Education Policy Committee – no report        

        b.   Faculty Policy Committee

              1.   Kathy Kotecki was confirmed as chairperson of the Faculty Policy Committee.

        c.   Curriculum Review Committee (CRC) – Kent Killam

              1.   The entire UH system will use an online curriculum management and assessment system.  UHCC will proceed with looking into using Curriculum Central.  All CRC chairs serve on the systemwide committee along with the campus Web Master (Dan Peterson) and a BANNER person (Marv Kitchen).

              2.   Deadline for submission of curriculum requests in September 28 for Fall 2008 BANNER and catalog.

        d.   *Student Conduct Committee—ballot with 5 names was distributed. Eric Mecklenberg had withdrawn his name.  Vote for 3 only.  Vote was held and Ola Jenkins, Mitchell Soares were approved.  A tie between Joel Peralto and Susan Penisten was determined. Because Joel is also being recommended for the Academic Grievance Committee, his name was withdrawn.  Susan Penisten’s name will be forwarded also.

              *Academic Grievance Committee—4 names will be forwarded: Bernhard Laurich, Julia Moore, Noe Noe Wong-Wilson and Joel Peralto.

        e.   Senate priorities—a form for submitting topics to be considered was distributed. Currently, parking is a big issue.  Other ongoing topics are:  DE program planning document, Senate’s role in the budget process, reviewing and updating the faculty handbook, and academic renewal policy.


6.     Announcements:

        a.   John Cole gave a brief UHPA report. Francis-Dean Uchima, Joe Peralto, Lloyd Sanborn are continuing as representatives.  Ka‘iana Haili has been elected to replace John Cole as a unit representative.

        b.   John Cole also raised concerns about UARC that came from the Humanities Department.        It appears that the topic will be on the Sept. 28 BOR meeting.  Discussion followed about re-endorsing an earlier resolution that our Senate passed on January 26, 2006.  A motion was made to reaffirm the earlier resolution (Wong-Wilson/Okuma, m/s). The motion, as   follows, passed:  In light of recent recommendations about UARC by President McClain to the Board of Regents, the Academic Senate of Hawai‘i Community College reaffirms the resolution it passed on January 26, 2006 as follows:

“The Hawai‘i Community College Faculty Senate of the Whole strongly supports the UHM Faculty Senate in its opposition to the proposed UARC agreement.  The Hawai‘i Community College Faculty Senate of the Whole opposes any potential impact by UARC on the UH Community Colleges and the rest of the University of Hawai‘i system, and opposes UARC because of the Senate’s aloha for the lands, people, and sacred and historical sites of Hawai‘i Island.”

              Another motion was made and passed (Cole/Wong-Wilson, m/s) to use the same distribution list as that for the January 26, 2006 resolution, with one correction. The reaffirmed resolution will be sent by the Senate Chair to the University of Hawai‘i Board of Regents, President David McClain, All College Council of Faculty Senate Chairs and Chancellor Virginia Hinshaw (UHM).


Meeting adjourned at 1:25 p.m.


Respectfully submitted, Joni Onishi and Ellen Okuma


Meeting adjourned at 1:25 p.m.



Approved as amended  October 26, 2007