Academic Senate of the Whole

Friday, September 23, 2005, 12:00

Manono Campus, Bldg 388-102


Members present:  John Cole, Mary Goya, Donnalyn Kalei, Pualani Kanahele, Guy Kimura, Clyde Kojiro, Osh Larish, Jennie Padilla, Dan Petersen, Beth Sanders, Jill Savage, Jane Sherwood, Taupori Tangaro, Francis-Dean Uchima, Mai Wong, Robert Yamane, Lou Zitnik (Chair), ILLEGIBLE (one)


1.  Quorum established and meeting called to order at 12:15


2.  Minutes from August 26 meeting approved with correction by unanimous consent.


3.  Chair’s Report:  Please see attached report.

  1. VCAA’s response to Senate letter on sabbatical election process and criteria.VCAA referred to system and college documents.
  2. VCAA’s response to Senate letter regarding timeline and process for establishing four-year degree:  The process is on hold until the abatement of accreditation tasks in November.
  3. Timeline for system president search:  Form committee by October 5, close application period January 2006, hire by April 2006.
  4. Concern has been widely expressed that roughly 25% of A and E positions in the system currently are filled on an interim basis.
  5. Search committee to evaluate RFQ/RFP for new campus has completed its work and has forwarded the names of two consortium-bidders, along with Committee’s evaluations, to the BOR for a decision. The BOR will select the final group to build the two colleges, one in Hilo and one in Kona.


During the selection process,

                        1.  VCAA defended faculty role in curriculum development.

2.  Student housing, media relations, student tracking, property management, and financing were discussed.

   F.  UARC:  Senators are urged to monitor the classified research issue at UHM  and provide input to Chair because

        he will be asked to vote on it at the ACCFSC  and in his role as UHPA director. Chair will keep Senate informed.


4.  Vice Chair’s Report:  No Report


5.  Standing Committee Reports

            A.  Education Policy:  Chair R. Yamane presented a progress report orally and in writing. 

            B.  Faculty Policy:  No report at this time

            C.  Curriculum Review:  Chair D. Kalei

                        1.  Still need representatives from English and Math-Sciences.

                        2.  Expect a fairly light load of proposals by today’s 4:00p.m. deadline.

                        3.  Plans to list 2004-2005 completed curriculum actions on the website.


6.  Unfinished Business

            A.  Class caps:  M/S and unanimously approved to endorse chair’s letter to VCAA.  (Savage/Sherwood)

                        1.  Soc Sci Chair M. Goya reported that VCAA announced at the chairs’ meeting a savings of $40,000

                             from larger class size.

B.     Priorities:  Chair pointed out that the list of priorities is as much a statement of philosophy as a list of activities.  It can provide benchmarks for next Executive Committee.  M/S and unanimously approved to endorse list of priorities. (Larish/Wong)


7.  New Business

A.     M/S and unanimously approved list of volunteers for Academic Grievance Committee.  (Guy K/Kojiro)  Julie Moore, Jane Sherwood, Karen Kane, Helen Nishimoto, Joel Peralto.

B.     M/S and unanimously approved list of volunteers for Student Conduct Code Committee. (Sherwood/R. Yamane)  Sarah Narimatsu, Jill Savage, and Lea Nordloh.

C.     At the request of VCAA Dykstra, Senate Executive Committee tasked EPC with reviewing suggested changes in “satisfactory academic progress,” CR/NC grades, and an “Academic Bankruptcy” policy. 

D.     Chair Yamane expects EPC to be ready with proposals by October. 

E.      Several senators cautioned that CR/NC policies have wide implications across transfer and non-transfer programs.

F.      Accreditation responsibilities:  Concern was expressed for the short time allowed for individual and Senate responses.

G.     Assessment responsibilities:  VCAA wants an “institutional effectiveness committee” of two faculty, three staff members, and five administrators to review program reviews due on January 10, 2006 before they go to the senate for review. 


            The proposed IEC may or may not be under the College Council.

             Relevant documents are on the assessment website; the senate’s responsibility is educational mission, and our

             review is described in numbers 8 and 9.  Senate  needs to define a process and criteria.  Chair Zitnik

             will propose an ad hoc committee to function similarly to the standing committees.

             Concerns were expressed that:

            ---The process may be getting out of hand; requirements and demands on faculty time keep growing. 

                 It’s late in the game to lack a set process.

            ---College program reviews may duplicate required professional reviews (e.g. Nursing), drain resources from

                 them, or even conflict with them.  Perhaps exemptions or exceptions can be obtained for such programs.

            ---Academic freedom and faculty voice in policy-making may be jeopardized in the pursuit of standardization

                and the processes of review.

            ---Too much attention is and will be given to documents and process, and not enough to support for

                instruction and life in the classroom.


(Concerns about assessment and program reviews, continued)

             ---Reviewers of program reviews may lack qualifications for the task.

             ---Beth Sanders reported on an on-line process at Los Angeles Southwest College which satisfied accrediting agencies, was less onerous,    and did not need an institutional effectiveness committee.

             Senators are encouraged to provide input to Executive Committee representatives.


            F.  Assistant deans search committees

                        1.  Senate forwarded the following volunteers to serve on the LAPS search committee:

                             Taupori Tangaro, Jennie Padilla, Mai Wong.

                        2.  Senate forwarded the following volunteers to serve on the CTE search committee:  Harold Fujii,

                             Jane Sherwood, Kent Killam.  (A vote was taken for the third seat to determine a BEAT rep:

                            ( Killam = 8; A. Brown = 2.)


            G.  Proposed revisions to the Senate charter received the first reading.


8.  For the Good of the Order

            A.  F-D Uchima, to unanimous agreement, commended and thanked Dan Petersen  for his help with the Web. 

            B.  Writing Intensive Committee had only one new proposal for spring.  The WIC  is a Senate ad hoc



9.  Adjourn by unanimous consent at 1:52.