Hawai`i Community College

Academic Senate

Minutes of the Meeting of 9/22/06

Bldg 388 Room 102


Present: Sandra Claveria, John Cole, Bob Duley,  Joyce Hamasaki, David Ikeda,  Donnalyn Kalei, Pua Kanahele, Kent Killam, Guy Kimura (Acting Chair), Clyde Kojiro, Karen Leilaloha, Annie Maeda, Carol Metcalf, Trina Nahm-Mijo, Violet Murakami,  Ellen Okuma, Dan Petersen,  Jeanne Ryan, Jane Sherwood (recorder), Jackie Stradtmann-Carvalho, Harry Takiue, Taupouri Tangaro, Francis-Dean Uchima, Lou Zitnik



1.                  A quorum was determined and the meeting was called to order at 1207 hours.

Minutes of the meeting of August 25, 2006 were approved as read.


2.                  Amendment to the Agenda - It was moved and seconded to amend the agenda: The Assessment and Accreditation update was moved as New Business forward to be presented after the Chair’s report; A resolution for support of East Hawai`i Komohana Campus and West Hawai`i Campus Center Projects was added to be discussed after the Chair’s report.  The amendment was accepted unanimously.


3.                  Chair’s Report - Vision, Mission, Imperatives statement as approved by the BOR is now in place.   We can ask for an amendment later to include key words,    i.e. skills, workforce opportunities.    It was noted that these words as appear in the Vision, Mission, Imperative statements adopted by the Senate on April 28, have been added to the web page with the authorization of the office of the Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs.


4.                  Assessment and Accreditation Update - Trina Nahm-Mijo urged faculty to read the two handouts for the accreditation process: 20 FAQ relating to accreditation and the committee biographies.  She emphasized that the purpose of the accreditation visit is to validate that what is written about the college is indeed happening.   The site visitors will be speaking with various groups and reviewing documentation.   The self study is available on the web.   Faculty are also encouraged to become familiar with the planning agendas which may need to be a Senate priority.   Assessment is ongoing and this year will focus on assessment strategies.   General Education SLO’s have not been looked at as yet. 

Accreditation 20 FAQ , Accreditation Team Bios


5.                  Resolution for support of East Hawai`i Komohana Campus and West Hawai`i Campus Center Projects - It was moved and seconded to send the resolution from the Senate to the Governor via the Chancellor.   After discussion about the resolution, it was moved and seconded to call the question.  The ayes were 12; nays were 2; and abstentions were 2.   A point of order was made because the resolution stated that the Senate Unanimously supported the resolution.   Because the vote was not unanimous the resolution could not be sent forward.  


The ayes moved and seconded to readdress the resolution.   During discussion faculty expressed concern that the impetus for the resolution was not clearly understood and there was a desire to ask the governor for some dialog about the needs of the college and her perceptions of the building plans.   There was agreement that the resolution and a dialog could take place simultaneously.   Concern was expressed that the project could be stalled indefinitely.  It was moved and seconded to amend the resolution by eliminating unanimous and restating that “the Senate requests Chancellor Freitas ......”   The amendment was accepted unanimously.


It was moved and seconded to send the amended resolution to the Governor via Chancellor Freitas.    The motion passed unanimously.

 ASResolution Campus Planning


6.                  Committee Reports :

Distance Education - Working on student evaluations for DE courses and will report in October.

Planning - Pua reported on the current status of the planning process emphasizing that the Chancellor does not want the process of planning for a new campus to “grow cold.”.   There remains considerable interest on the part of Senate members in participating in the planning process.    Senate volunteers are:   Noelie Rodriguez, Clyde Kojiro, Violet Nakumura, Ellen Okuma, Tangaro, Donalyn Kalei, Elizabeth Ojala, Lou Zitnik.  It was also suggested that faculty return to their respective Divisions or Groups and as fellow faculty what is really needed for the future to support their teaching.

Curriculum Review - Kent reminded the Senate that the deadline for submission of curriculum proposals is this afternoon at 4:30 PM. 


7.                  Unfinished Business

a          Ad hoc Budget Committee - The recommendation from the Executive Committee to establish such a committee was discussed.  The purpose of such a committee would be to assess the need for a formal Senate budget committee.   If there is a need the ad hoc committee would be asked to determine the scope and process involved.   If no committee is needed then the adhoc committee would propose a way for the Senate to be involved in the College budget process.   It was moved, seconded and unanimously accepted to establish the ad hoc budget committee with the charge as above.   

NoeNoe Wong-Wilson has been asked to chair the ad hoc committee.   The Executive Committee has asked that the committee not exceed 6 members with broad representation.   Trina, Donalyn and Doodie have volunteered for committee membership to date.

b          Senate Priorities - Executive Committee asked the Senate to validate the priorities for the year to include: Faculty Handbook; Distance Ed; Planning; and Budget.   It was moved and seconded to accept the priorities as proposed.   Discussion suggested that the planning agendas from the accreditation report may, at some point, need to be included in priorities as well.   The motion passed unanimously.


8.                  New Business

a          Assessment and accreditation were discussed earlier.

b          Volunteers for Student Academic Grievance Committee - The Chancellor requested a list of faculty volunteers from which to choose three members for above committee.   The three faculty will be selected by the Chancellor.   The list of names is: Karen Kane; Eric Mecklenburg; Julie Moore; Lea Nordloh; Joel Peralto; Jill Savage; and Jane Sherwood.  It was moved and seconded to accept the list as read.   A majority of the Senate approved the list to be sent forward.   There was one nay.

                        Student Conduct Committee - The Chancellor requested three faculty members selected by the Senate to serve on the Student Conduct Committee.  The proposed names are: Eric Mecklenburg; Sara Narimatsu; Lea Nordloh; Joel Peralto; Jane Sherwood; Wilt Watanabe.    Ballots were distributed.   The Senate voted to submit Sara Narimatsu, Joel Peralto and Wilt Watanbe as members of the above committee.


9          For the Good of the Order

Carol Metcalf, new nursing faculty member was introduced.

John Cole reminded all present about the Freeman Program and that Joe Overton will be on campus.