Hawai`i Community College

Academic Senate

Minutes of the Meeting of 10/27/06


Present: Annie Brown, Sandra Claveria, John Cole, Mary Goya, Joyce Hamasaki,  Kent Killam, Guy Kimura, Clyde Kojiro, Annie Maeda, Eric Mecklenburg, Violet Murakami, Sara Narimatsu, Ellen Okuma, Joni Onishi, Jeanne Ryan, Jill Savage (Chair), Jane Sherwood (recorder), Harry Takiue, Taupouri Tangaro, Harry Takiue, Mai Wong,  Noe Noe Wong-Wilson, Lou Zitnik.



1.                  A quorum was determined and the meeting was called to order at 1204 hours. 


2.                  The minutes of 9/22/06 were reviewed and approved as read.


3.                  Chair’s Report

            a          The Chair and Vice Chair met with Dylan Nonaka who agreed to come to the

                        Senate meeting today at 1330. 

b          The Chair and several representatives of Exec Committee met with the members of the accreditation team to discuss governance, public relations and funding.

c          The Chair reported that:

 Manoa is considering changing the transfer requirements to a GPA of 3.0 plus 25 - 36 credits.

A new version of Banner is being installed to meet financial aid requirements.

WebCT is likely going to be replaced by Spring 2008. 

d          Kitty Lagareta, BOR Chair, is concerned about the proposed amendment which would change the appointment of regents.  There will be a panel discussion about the change 11/1 at the Law School from 3-4:30 pm.   An effort is being made to find a vid-con site for this campus.  The League of Women Voters web site has good discussion on the proposed constitutional amendments.

e          The Chancellor has asked the Chair to present the Senate petition for a new campus to the Democratic Caucus which is meeting on campus 11/4/2006.  This is an opportunity for the College to present our needs to the Democratic legislators from this island.  Item to be moved to new business for further discussion and vote.


4.                  Committee Reports

            a          Education Policy - no report

b          Faculty Policy  - no report

c          Curriculum Review - Kent Killam, Chair CRC, presented the curriculum actions taken by  the CRC committee. 

Early Childhood Education program changes passed unanimously

Forest Team change in program requirement passed unanimously

EIMT change in program math requirements passed unanimously

ELEC 24 modification passed unanimously

MATH 104 deleted and passed unanimously

MATH 205 prereqs modification passed unanimously

IEBD 20 New course was passed unanimously

Business Technology program modification passed unanimously

ICS 100 / 101 changed course description passed unanimously

d          Distance Ed - Ellen Okuma presented two proposals for peer and student evaluation stating that the committee focused on policy rather than process. Policy on Peer Evaluations passed unanimously.  Policy on Student Evaluations passed unanimously.  It was also mentioned that the OSU visitation might include discussion about their use of distance ed.

e          Planning - no report

f           Writing Intensive - no report

g          Budget - Noe Noe Wong Wilson reported that the committee is looking at  committee models for budget input.


5.                  Unfinished Business

            a          Faculty Handbook Review and Update - Discussion about the faculty handbook and need for

                        update.  The Handbook is online at My UH. Exec Committee proposed that review and update be

                        coordinated by the Faculty Policy Committee in conjunction with the Staff Development

                        Coordinator.   Some concern expressed that Faculty Policy Committee Chair was not present.

It was moved and seconded to postpone assignment until the Faculty Policy Chair could be present.   The motion did not pass (1 For; 21 Against) There was a second motion to send the Handbook review to Faculty Policy Committee.   The motion was seconded and passed. (22 For; 1 Against).  The Senate Chair will meet with the Chair of Faulty Policy Committee to discuss the charge.


b          Academic Grievance Committee - There was a request for more male faculty volunteers for the committee.   Taupouri Tangaro volunteered and was unanimously accepted by the Senate.


6.                  New Business

            a          Faculty Classification Plan - Changes are being proposed by the Vice President to include

                        SLO’s in the classification plan. Course SLO’s would be part of the requirement for promotion. 

                        This is an area where there is overlap of Senate and UHPA issues but the Vice President has the

                        authority to change the Classification Plan without input from either group.  There is concern that

                        the SLO’s will be used to measure faculty effectiveness by trying to evaluate whether students

                        met the SLO’s.   There was concern that that puts the entire burden for learning on the faculty and

                        in fact there are areas where not everyone should advance as in nursing or the trades.  A letter to

                        John Morton was proposed to state: “The Academic Senate of Hawai`i Community College

                        acknowledges Vice-President John F. Morton for his willingness to discuss the implications of

                        using the term “Student Learning Outcomes” in the proposed revision of the Faculty Classification

                        Plan.  Recognizing the importance of such a revision, the Senate requests that representatives

                        selected by Hawai`i Community College Senate be included in a system-wide dialogue designed

                        to pursue this matter.   The Senate looks forward to working with Dr. Morton and representatives

                        from the other clleges to further the goals of institutional planning, evaluation, and improvement.”


It was moved and seconded to accept the proposed letter to be sent by the Senate.    The motion passed unanimously.


b          Democratic Caucus - The Chair asked for discussion about her participation in the democratic caucus to present the Senate resolution requesting release of planning monies for a new campus on Komohana and in West Hawai`i.  There was discussion about the possible political ramifications of such a presentation and the possible opportunities or challenges.   It was moved and seconded that the Chair go to read the resolution.   Ayes = 9; Nays = 8.  The motion passed.


7.                  For the Good of the Order - John Cole reported that there were 4 applicants for the Freeman China Program.

8.                  Adjourned -  1410.