Academic Senate of the Whole

Friday, March 24, 2006

Manono Campus,  388-102


Members present (in reverse alphabetical order):  Lou Zitnik (Chair), Robert Yamane, Francis-Dean Uchima, Jill Savage, Beth Sanders, Dan Petersen, Jennie Padilla, Annie Maeda, Clyde Kojiro, Gwen Kimura, Guy Kimura, Kent Killam, Pua Kanahele, Donnalyn Kalei, Mary Goya, Bob Duley, John Cole, Annie Brown, Barbara Arthurs


1.  Quorum ascertained and meeting called to order at 12:09.


2.  Minutes from February 24, 2006, were approved as corrected.  (M/S Maeda/Kojiro)


3.  Chair’s Report (Please see attached.).


4.  Vice Chair’s Report:  Jill Savage

a.  Jill presented the Executive Committee’s slate of standing committee chair nominations for 2006-2007: 

     Kent Killam for Curriculum Review, Jackie Stradtmann-Carvalho for Faculty Policy, James Yoshida

     for Education Policy.

            b.  By unanimous consent, the Senate agreed to vote on the slate now rather than under Unfinished Business, and the

       slate was approved unanimously.

            c.  The Senate supports the inclusion of Senate Standing Committee chair in the definition of teaching load so that chair

       service does not disqualify faculty from contractual 5-4 teaching load reductions.


5.  Standing Committee Reports

a.  Education Policy (Chair Robert Yamane):  Today is the last day for feedback on the report on the curriculum

      process.  The Committee plans to send the final draft to department chairs before the next department meetings.

b.  Faculty Policy (Chair Barbara Arthurs):  The Committee thanked Senators for their input on the draft policy for the

      tenure process.  The draft will be voted on in New Business, item b.

c.  Curriculum Review (Chair Donnalyn Kalei):  The Committee will present 11 curriculum proposal under New



6.  Unfinished Business:  No items.


7.  New Business

            a.  Curriculum proposals

1.  Proposals 1-9, AJ, HSER/SUBS and SUBS proposals, were considered individually and approved


                        2.  Proposals 10 and 11, math course modifications, were considered as a group and approved unanimously.

b.  Faculty Policy Committee report on the tenure process was approved unanimously.  The policy will be forwarded

        to VCAA, and it will be the duty of the FPC chair to publicize it no less frequently than each semester.

c.  The Executive Committee’s “Proposal for Ad Hoc Committee for Mission and Vision Statement” was approved

        unanimously.  (M/S Arthurs/Savage)


8.  For the Good of the Order

            a.  Mary Goya announced that UHWO recruiters will visit HawCC on Friday, April 7.

            b.  Senators were reminded to choose retirement options before the deadline.

c.  Barbara Arthurs informed the Senate that STAR will go to students on March 30.  Department chairs and division

      chairs are being trained in its use by Helen Nishimoto, David Loeding and Senator Arthurs.


9.  Meeting adjourned at 1:27.