Hawai`i Community College

Academic Senate

Minutes of the Meeting of 3/23/2007


Present: Marilyn Bader, Annie Brown, E.K. Flores, Mary Goya, Joyce Hamasaki, Kent Killam, Guy Kimura, Clyde Kojiro, Annie Maeda, Eric Mecklenberg, Donna Moore, Violet Murakami, Ellen Okuma, Joni Onishi, Jill Savage (Chair),Jane Sherwood (recorder), JackieStradtmann-Carvalho,Francis-Dean Uchma, Mai Wong, NoeNoe Wong-Wilson.


1.                  A quorum was determined and the meeting was called to order at 1213 hours.


2.                  It was moved and seconded to accept the minutes of 2/16/2007 as read.†† The motion passed unanimously.


3.                  It was moved and seconded to add two resolutions to the agenda from the Writing Intensive Committee.The motion passed unanimously and the resolutions were added to New Business.


4.                  Chairís Report

BOR approved:

1††††††††† AS degree in Natural Science at Kapiolani CC with a concentration in life and physical sciences.

2††††††††† John Mortonís position as Interim VP for Community colleges was made permanent.

3††††††††† Maui CC will charge 3 dollars per credit for a technology fee.


The system is testing Sakai open source enterprise course managmement system.A tentative meeting will be held in April for faculty .


The system is working at expediting travel expense reimbursements as well as the length of time for first pay checks.


ACCFSC nominated Tom Ramsey and Susan Chandler both of UHM as member and alternate respectively to sit on the candidate advisory council for BOR members.


The House of Representatives has eliminated 10.5 FTE positions which had not been filled for five years.


A system task force has been created to examine the pending impact of retirements and faculty recruitment.


The Faculty classification plan is still under discussion. The task force will include two chancellors, two union reps and two faculty reps, one from Honolulu CC and one from Kapiolani CC.


The Executive Committee is finishing the program reviews which will be submitted to the VCAA.


5††††††††† Vice Chairís Report

The election for Senate Chair will take place from 3/26 - 4/6.†† Jill Savage is the nominee.


A chair for faculty policy committee is still being sought.


Three executive committee members have terms expiring this spring: Social Sciences, ATE and GSSS.Those divisions will need to elect replacement members.


6††††††††† Committee Reports

a††††††††† Education Policy - no report

b††††††††† Faculty Policy - Resolution Regarding Promotion was presented and will be sent out to faculty for comments.

c††††††††† Curriculum Review - Five curriculum proposals were forwarded by the CRC for approval.

ART 207- Change title

ART 214 - New Course

REL 150, 152 & 153 - Change course description

It was moved and seconded to accept the proposals as written.The motion passed unanimously.

d††††††††† Distance Ed - Working on a DE plan.Discussed possible need to look at face to face evaluation forms to bring them up to date with DE terminology.Only 2 division at this time use the Op Scan.

e††††††††† Planning - no report

f†††††††††† Writing Intensive - proposals to new business.

g††††††††† Budget - A set of recommendations was passed out for faculty review.Responses are requested to the committee, The Executive Committee or Senate chair by 4/13/2007.


7††††††††† Unfinished Business

UHM Hallmarks - John Morton spoke with liberal arts faculty on 3/16/2007.†† His remarks were distributed by the chair.†† No decision have been made.




8††††††††† New Business

a††††††††† The Interim Assistant Dean of Instruction/Liberal Arts and Public Service requested that the Senate discuss and approve the following: ďIf a course is deemed essentially the same by the faculty reviewer, course SLOís can be appended to the original course outline by transcribing the information from the original course outline onto the recently approved course outline that include SLO statements without CRC or Academic Senate approval.Ē††† It was moved, seconded and unanimously approved to add SLOís to current outlines.The Senate Chair will discuss a need for a paper trail with the VCAA and the InterimDean and how best to accomplish record keeping.


b††††††††† CRC withdrew the proposal


c††††††††† Peer Evaluators - The Exec Committee recommended that a list of volunteer peer evaluators be established to assist faculty in finding and recruiting peers to help with evaluation of teaching for tenure and promotion, and contract renewal.A lively discussion ensued about the need or implication of such a list as well as how unclear the process of contract renewal, tenure and promotion can be.†† There were several anecdotal comments from faculty about TPRC committees who did not have peer evals available because none had been done.The Exec Committee will continue the discussion about the perceived need for such a list and the lack of clarity about the requirement in the process.


d††††††††† Writing Intensive Committee presented two resolutions.1. In order to take a WI course the student must have completed English 100 with a C or better.†† 2.The WI requirement for an AA degree will be 3 credits of a WI course with a grade of C or better.†† An extended discussion took place about the resolutions and whether or not the resolution should first be discussed in ed policy and CRC.The resolutions were withdrawn and the Committee Chair will present them first to the Liberal Arts faculty with an e-mail notice to all faculty for input.


9††††††††† The meeting was adjourned at 1350 hours.