Hawai`i Community College

Academic Senate

Draft Minutes

Bldg 388 Room 103




1.                  Present:  Jill Savage, Guy Kimura(recorder), Ellen Okuma, Gwen Kimura, Jeanne Ryan, Clyde Kojiro, Karen Kane, Bernhard Laurich, John Cole, Mai Wong, Kent Killam, Annie Brown, Elizabeth Ojala, Caroline Naguwa,


2.                  Minutes of 1/26/2007  - passed with the amendment for the spelling of Mai Wong’s name  in the list of present members


3.                  Chair’s Report

a          AA Degree for Educational Assistants – Noreen Yamane is working on a partnership with the DOE and Leeward CC in establishing a track through the current AA program for Educational Assistants in the DOE to include education courses offered by LCC and an articulation agreement with City University in Seattle for a subsequent progress toward a Bachelor’s Degree in the future.


b          UHM hallmarks for graduation – The CC system is suggesting that all CCs adopt UH Manoa hallmarks.  At this time, UHH (which receive majority of the students) said “no.”  HonCC and KCC will adopt the hallmarks other CCs are discussing the idea.  HawCC Liberal Arts would need to decide. A comment was made that we should align ourselves with UHH since most of our students transfer there. 


4.                  Vice Chair’s Report

a          Elections for Standing Committee Chairs – move to new business

b          Nomination for Academic Senate Chair – The EC has nominated Jill Savage and elections will be held in March, other nominations will be accepted through the month of February.


5.                  Standing and Other Committee Reports

a          Ed Policy – no report

b          Faculty Policy – no report

c          Curriculum Review – The following Curriculum  proposals passed: AA - Associated in Arts Degree, CC - Nursing & Allied Health, Math 103 – college Algebra, JOUR 205 – News Writing, ED 140 – Guidance of Children in Group Settings, SUBS 141 – Introduction to Ho’oponopono, CC  - substance Abuse Counseling, AS - Administration of Justice, CC/CA/AAS Hotel Operations (HOPE), HOPE 20 Orientation to Hotels, HOPE 25 – Guest Service Procedures, HOPE 42 – House keeping Procedures, HOPE 44 - Principles of Hotel Management, HOPE 45 – Front Desk Operations, HOPE 47 – Hospitality Marketing, HOPE 93v – Cooperative Education, HOPE193v – Cooperative Education, HOPE 260 - Hospitality Law.


            The following curriculum proposal, REL 150, 152, 153 were tabled until the March meeting with Mary Goya providing additional information to the CRC.  ART 207 – Photograph Studio I and ART 214 – Introduction to Life Drawing  will be brought to the Senate in March.


d          Writing Intensive –No report

e          Campus Planning – No report

f           Budget Planning – No Report

g          Distance Education - Policy on academic support services:  Ellen Okuma presented the Distance Education Policy for Library and Learning Resources.  It was move to new business. 


6.                  Unfinished Business

a          Web Site status:   At an informational session open to all  on Feb 9, the VCAA and the IR presented results from the faculty and staff survey on the website issues.  The current website will remain in use. 

            A committee will be formed in the near future to design a job description for a webmaster.


7.                  New Business

a          UHM hallmarks: The CCs are being encouraged to adopt the UH Hallmarks: no action.

            - Liberal Arts faculty need to discuss.

b          (Chancellor Freitas spoke to members of the Senate regarding the BOR meeting in WH scheduled for the 23rd of Feb.  after meeting adjourned.)

c          The following standing committee chairs were elected for the 2007-2008 academic year:

              Curriculum Review Committee:  Kent Killam,

              Educational Policy Committee:  Christina Hoffmann

              Faculty Policy Committee:  Jackie Stradtman-Carvalho

             d         The Distance Education policy statement concerning  the library and learning resources was passed by the



8.         For the Good of the Order


9          Adjourn 12:00 p.m.