Hawai`i Community College

Academic Senate

Minutes of the Meeting of 12/8/2006


Present: Marilyn Bader, Annie Brown, Sandra Claveria, John Cole, Mary Goya, Joyce Hamasaki, David Ikeda, Kent Killam, Guy Kimura, Clyde Kojiro, Ellen Okuma, Joni Onishi, Jeanne Ryan, Jill Savage (Chair), Jane Sherwood (recorder), Jackie Stradtman-Carvalho, Francis-Dean Uchima



1.†††††††† A quorum was determined and the meeting was called to order at 1210 hours.


2.†††††††† It was moved to place New Web Site on the agenda.†† Approved unanimously.


3.†††††††† The minutes of 10/27/06 were reviewed.The minutes were revised to reflect Dylan Nonakaís visit as not being part of the Senate meeting but occuring after the Senate meeting was adjourned.†† The minutes were approved as amended.


4.†††††††† Chairís Report

a.††† The Chancellor met with the Governor on 11/21/06.†† No monies have been released.†† More issues were raised that need clarification.


b.††† Faculty Classification Plan - John Morton has agreed to revisit the wording of the proposed revision in the faculty classification plan and will include faculty representatives in the discussion early next year.††


c.†† John Morton is still working on revising the transfer credits and criteria from community colleges to Manoa.


d.††† There is an online course evaluation being tested at Manoa and Kapiolani in spring 2007.


e.†† BOR approved request for four year campus at West Oahu.UHM Senate submitted a resolution to President requesting response to several questions concerning projected enrollment, costs, system impact.Faculty who are interested can ask for the resolution and subsequent system responses.

f.†† There is a subcommittee of the Assessment Committee working on the March Learning Day activities and they will be soliciting ideas from faculty in the near future.


g††† Program Reviews are being read by CERC and will be forwarded to Senate Exec Committee in early January.


5.†††††††† Committee Reports

a†††† Ed Policy - Mary Goya reported for Jim Yoshida.†† Committee does not recommend changing the Placement Testing policy Haw 5.501.They are also discussing the Academic Renewal policy.


b†††† Faculty Policy - Jackie Stradtman-Carvalho reported that the committee is working on promotion guidelines and the faculty handbook.


c†††† Budget - Clyde Kojiro reported that the committee is reviewing different models from different campuses.


d†††† Curriculum Review - Kent Killam presented the courses for approval as follows:†† CC Digital Media Arts program modification; Art 107 Intro Photography Modification; Art 107 Intro to Digital Photography New Course; Art 212 Digital Animation Course modification; Art 226 3D Computer Graphics II new course; Art 259 Narrative Game Design New course;†† HWST 236 Ho`opa`a I-Ipu Heke new course; HWST 237 Ho`opa`a II new course; HWST 268 Hawai`i Pamao I(region) new course; HWST 269 Hawai`i Pamaomao II (region) new course; AAS - CA Carpentry program modification; CARP 20 and 21 deleted; Carp 20A Basic Carpentry I new course; Carp 21A Basic Carpentry II new course; Carp 22 Concrete Form Construction modification; Carp 42 Finishing modification; Bus 100, 101, 102, 103, 245, 246, 247, 248 deleted; CENT 115 Introduction to Computer networking new course; CENT 140 Computer Networking 1; CENT 240 Computer networking 2 new course; FSER 41v Dining Room Operations and Stewarding modification.All recommendations were accepted unanimously.


6.†††††† Unfinished Business

a†††† Faculty Classification Plan - report made in Chairís report


7. ††††††† New Business

a††††† Web Site Changes - Effective 12/22/06 the current HawCC web site will no longer be operational and the college web page will not be linked to the UH system web site.††† Changes have been made by the Dean of OCET with little consultation of faculty.†† Changes began with initial request to have e-portfolios.Questions* about the changes were addressed to the Dean of OCET and responses have been distributed to the Senate members here. It appears that the changes have been made with little regard for the ongoing relationship of the college and the system or the impact on academic units. Further the costs presented in the Deanís response do not include ongoing support for development or transfer unit information. AResolution was presented to address the need for a college web master and support of the current web site.†† It was moved and seconded to accept the resolution.Ayes 14, 1 Abstention.After further discussion a motion was made to have the Exec Committee draft a cover letter for the resolution expressing the grave concerns regarding lack of consultation and transparency.Motion was seconded and accepted.†† 14 ayes and 1 abstention.

††††††††††† * Questions concerning new website


8††††††††† Meeting was adjourned at 1350 hours.†††