Hawai`i Community College

Academic Senate

Minutes of the Meeting of 8/29/08


Present:   Sandra Claveria,  John Cole,  Kenoa Dela Cruz,   Sherri Fujita,  Mary Goya, Joyce Hamasaki (polycom),  David Ikeda,  Kent Killam,  Kathy Kotecki (polycom), Osh Larish,  Annie Maeda,  Eric  Mecklenburg,  Ellen Okuma (Chair),  Kaleo Quintana,  Jill Savage (recorder), Mai Wong.


1.                  A quorum was determined and the meeting was called to order at 1205 hours. 


2.                  The minutes of 4/25/2008 were reviewed and approved as distributed.


3.                  Chair’s Report

-          Chair attended (polycom) ACCFSC meeting Aug 21. Unclear whether the Sept. ACCFSC meeting will be hosted at HawCC or from UH Manoa following a change in the BOR schedule. BOR will meet Sept. 19 at HawCC.

-          Chair and former Chair, Jill Savage, attended CCCFSC meeting Aug 22 at WCC. 

o       Role of CCCFSC.  HawCC Senate to look at its Charter and add a reference Chair’s duties to reflect role of Chair regarding CCCFSC.

o        UHCC Strategic Plan. According to VP Morton, UHCC SP will be presented to BOR Community College subcommittee at Sept or Oct meeting; will be presented as both an update to the current 2002-2010 SP and as an extension to 2015.

o       VP Morton provided members of the CCCFSC with a good explanation of the campus reserves. Each campus has a 4% discretionary cash reserve. Most campuses have more than this. There is $8.6 million over the 4% reserves being set aside in the UHCC’s. $1 million of this amount is untouchable. VP Morton is meeting with the Chancellors and VC Admin today to go over how budgets might best be determined among the UHCC’s, e.g. should funds for one campus be given to another? What is the best use of the funds appropriated?

o       $500,000 will be restricted for UHCC’s out of the Governors budget for enrollment growth.

o       Joanne Itano, Director Academic Planning and Policy, announced system plan to support discipline meetings; a system Math summit will be held sometime this semester. Discussion followed regarding the need to address the critical needs areas as referenced in the Second Decade report; such as the following disciplines: chemistry, biology, physical sciences, history, computer science, English, remedial.


-          HawCC AS Executive Committee:  Current members are Sherri Fujita (GSSS), Taupouri Tangaro (HUM), Annie Brown (BEAT), Trina Nahm-Mijo (SSCI), Joyce Hamasaki (NURS), Eric Mecklenburg (ENG), and Jill Savage (Math/Nat. Sci); currently lacking representation from  HOST and ATE.


4          Standing and Other Committee Reports

a          Ed Policy – Joyce Hamasaki: committee will be revisiting the Academic Renewal Policy and the Class Attendance and No Show Policy. 

b          Faculty Policy - Kathy Kotecki:  committee will continue with the finishing touches to the Faculty handbook and will seek help with inputting the final version on the website.

c          CRC – Kent Killam:  Haw CC curriculum website is up and ready for use, no changes have been made to the proposal forms; deadline for all proposals affecting the 2009/10 catalog is on or before Sept 26 – last Friday of the month; Curriculum Central may be ready for use in Spring ’09; an A.S. degree proposal for Fire Science has been received and will hopefully be presented to the Senate at its Sept meeting.

d          Writing Intensive – No report. 


5          Old Business

a          Policy of Children of Students on Campus:  DOSS Arthurs is waiting for response from UH Legal Counsel.

b          Guidelines for handling a Disruptive Student (draft) – Amendments made by Dean of Student Services, will be considered and discussed further at Sept meeting; The original document was adopted in November of 1994; it was unclear exactly what changes were being proposed;  Chair will seek clarification from the DOSS. 


6          New Business

a          ACCJC followup report has been submitted to VP Morton’s office and will possibly be presented to the BOR at the Sept meeting.

b          Executive Committee members – previously discussed.

c          Standing Committee membership:  quite a few seats, especially HOST and CTE, are vacant and need to be filled; responsibility rests with all as part of shared governance.


7          For the Good of the Order:

      J. Cole –  Laulima:  a division member has expressed concern in an email with         JN Musto regarding the need for compensation and overall institutional support        for DE course development. UHPA: the employer has offered a counter proposal             to the UHPA (John has a hardcopy) –  among other changes to the UHPA’s    original, no salary changes were included in the most recent counter proposal. Karla Hayashi (UHH) is chairing the UHPA’s negotiating team.


      J. Savage − encourage new faculty members to attend the Senate meetings.


8          The meeting was adjourned at 1250hours.