Academic Senate of the Whole

Friday,  August 26, 12:00

Manono Campus, Bldg 388-102


Members Present:  Barbara Arthurs, Bob Duley, John Cole, Mary Goya, Donnalyn Kalei,

Kent Killam, Guy Kimura, Gwen Kimura, Osh Larish, Bernhard Laurich, Violet Murakami, Ellen Okuma,

Jennie Padilla, Dan Petersen, Beth Sanders, Jill Savage, Jane Sherwood, Francis-Dean Uchima, Mai Wong, Robert Yamane, Lou Zitnik (Chair)


1.         Quorum ascertained and meeting called to order at 12:06


2.         Minutes from April 29 meeting unanimously approved as corrected.   Savage/Sherwood


3.         Chairís Report  (Please see printed chairís report)

A.  Screening committee for Vice-Chancellor of Administrative Services submitted recommendations, but further results have not

been reported.  Chancellor Freitas asked Lou Zitnik to serve.


B.  Advisory committee is evaluating firms to bid on new campus construction.  Chancellor Freitas asked Chair Zitnik to serve


C.  BOR confirmed re-organization of community colleges under a Vice-President for CCs.  John Morton was appointed interim

     VP.  Dr. Morton assured senate chairs that his office will not be a revived Office of the Chancellor for Community Colleges.


D.  Vice Chair Jill Savage will represent the senate as state legislators visit our campus Saturday, August 27.


E.  Class Caps:  On Wednesday, August 10, the Hawaii Tribune-Herald reported on the increase in class size

(VCAA memo of May 23, 2005).  Chair Zitnik preferred to speak to Chancellor Freitas before speaking to the press,

so the article appeared without his input.  After the article was published the Chancellor canceled the meeting to discuss

class caps with Chair Zitnik.


F.  The Senate was briefed on parameters of doing assessment at various levels.  There are plans for an

Assessment Committee and an Institutional Effectiveness committee, and a formal Program Review Process that will be completed

every three years.  All will need considerable Senate input. Senators expressed concern about the amount of paperwork

that may be required.


G.  The college has been granted two instructional assistant-dean positions. 


4.  Vice Chairís Report

A.  ACCFSC meeting: 

1.  ACCFSC, like the rest of us, is not sure what the VPCC position will become.

2.  Inconclusive discussion on ďneedyĒ students and how they will be accommodated with the tuition increases.

3.  Chair(s) for ACCFSC not completely settled, but one will be from university side and one from community colleges.


5.  Standing Committee Reports

            A.  Educational Policy (Chair Robert Yamane)

                        1.  Members:  Please see attached information (available on Senate website).

                        2.  Presented progress report

3.  Drafts to be presented by December:  Curriculum forms; forms management policy; curriculum appeals process.


            B.  Faculty Policy (Chair Barbara Arthurs)

                        1.  Members:  Please see attached information (available on Senate website).

2.  Distributed Professional Standards and Ethics and cautioned faculty to uphold them.

3.  Committee is working on its charge to review tenure and promotion procedures.


            C.  Curriculum Review

                        1.  Members:  Please see attached information (available on Senate website).

2.  Fall deadline for curriculum proposals:  4:00 pm Friday, September 23 in chair Kaleiís mail tray.

     Original plus ten copies required.

                        3.  Forms are available on web in PDF or Word formats.


6.  Unfinished Business

            A.  Meeting dates:

Senate of the whole (Fridays at noon in 388-102 and via polycom): 

August 26, September 23, October 28, December 2


Executive Committee (Fridays at 2:00 in 379-6B and via polycom):

September 9, October 14, November 18


B.  Sabbatical criteria: 

Chair Zitnik read letter to VCAA regarding sabbatical leave criteria.  It was pointed out that the Senate refused

when asked by then-Provost Sakaguchi to design a sabbatical selection process, but the Senate still wishes the

VCAA to clarify procedures and criteria.

(Unfinished Business, continued)

C.  Class caps: 

Several previously-expressed concerns were revisited, including inequitable impact, perceived lack of collegiality in implementation, contractual implications, and timing of the VCAAís memo. 

Concerns were expressed about the impact of higher minimum enrollments, including the likelihood of unequal practice, and negative impact on students of cancelled classes.

Questions were raised, including whether the April 8 Senate memo had any effect on VCAA.

Senators recognized that some negative impacts can be abated if scheduling becomes more coherent across the college.

Several Senators expressed a need for the Senate to participate in ongoing rigorous evaluation of scheduling policies.

Senators expressed concern about the possibility of business attitudes gaining significance in policy-making at the expense of academic and teaching goals.


Senators are invited to email Chair Zitnik with concerns and suggestions.


7.  New Business

A.  Senate priorities for 2005-2006 (Please see chairís proposed priorities attached to these minutes.) 

Senate will need to participate in HawCC instructional reorganization and system articulation.

            Senators are encouraged to email Chair Zitnik with suggestions.


8.  For the Good of the Order

The Alumni Association breakfast fundraiser is scheduled for Saturday, October 29.  All are encouraged to contribute.


9.  Adjourn:  Motion to adjourn was approved unanimously (Savage/Uchima).