Hawai`i Community College

Academic Senate

Minutes of Meeting of August 25, 2006


Present:Annie Brown, John Cole,Mary Goya, Joyce Hamasaki, Donnalyn Kalei, Kent Killam, Guy Kimura, Clyde Kojiro, Annie Maeda, Gordon Nekoba,Ellen Okuma, Joanie Onishi, Jeanne Ryan, Jill Savage (Chair), Jane Sherwood, Jackie Stradtmann-Carvalho, Taupouri Tangaro, Francis-Dean Uchima, Mai Wong, NoeNoe Wong-Wilson, Jim Yoshida, Lou Zitnik


1.A quorum was ascertainedand the meeting called to order at 1200.


2.Minutes of 4/28/06 were approved with following corrections.†† Item 5.B.2 delete

†††† contract renewal insert promotion.†† Item 7D grammar correction.


3.Chairís Report

a.Vision, Mission, Imperatives Statement - Draft of 06/15/06 provided.†††

b.Campus Planning - Chancellor is waiting for Governor to release monies for

†††† planning.

c.†† Program review - Still waiting for formal response to Senate resolution

††††† 2/13/06 which called for extending program review cycle from three years to

††††† four or five years.

d.ACCFSC - Presidentís presentation indicated that there needs to be

†††† substantive focus on remedial and developmental education on all campuses.

e.CCCFSC - John Morton reported that UHM is considering changing the

†††† minimum transfer criteria from 24 credits/GPA 2.0 to 24 credits/GPA 3.0.††

†††† He also underscored the importance of the remedial/developmental

††††† education.

f.Accreditation report has gone to BOR.Report will be posted on Web site after

††† BOR approval received.

g.Faculty/Staff Survey will be available in approximately 2 weeks on the web.


4.Committee Reports

a.Education Policy - Jim Yoshida reported that the EPC will continue to work on

†††† the Academic Renewal Policy

b.Faculty Policy - No Report

c.Curriculum Review - Kent Killam reported that the curriculumdeadline is

†††† 9/22/06.He also asked for seven hard copies plus the original as well as an

†††† electronic copy.

d.Writing Intensive - Ellen Okuma reported for Donna Moore.†† WI deadline for

††††† Spring 2007 proposals is 9/14/06


5.Unfinished Business

a.Budget Committee - Chair asked for input on need for budget committee.

†††† Several points made: budget may be tied to program review;There is some

†††† talk from administrators about the desire to have budget input from faculty and staff

     with relation to priorities;VCAA wants all facultyand staff to be aware of the

     budget process;There may be 2 such committees in future.1.Senate committee to help   

     research needs and priorities for Senate approval and a 2. college-wide committee of reps

     from each division to be responsive during summer when budget decisions are made.

    Senate chair will discuss this further with VCAA.


6.New Business

a.Revision of Haw 5.501 -Executive Committee recommends the proposed

†††† amendment to thePlacement Testing Policybe forwarded to the EPC†††

†††† Unanimously approved.


b.      Senate Priorities - Chair requested that Senate members continue to discuss

††††† and think about the priorities for Senate work for the coming year. The

††††† following list was used as a starting point.†† Budget review was added.

Mentoring Program

Faculty Handbook

DE evaluation and assessment

Campus planning

Four year program

c.Construction Academy - Gordon Nekoba provided a summary of the Haw CCís

     participation in the newly created Construction Academy on the Island of Hawai`i.


  1. For the Good of the Order - New faculty, Noe Noe Wong-Wilson and Jeanne Ryan were welcomed.  

††††† BOR approved permanency for Hawaiian Life Styles AAS Program.


Meeting adjourned at 1310



Submitted by

Jane Sherwood