Academic Senate of the Whole

April 28, Friday, 12-1:30 pm

Manono Campus, Bldg. 388-102



Members Present:  Marilyn Bader, Annie Brown, John Cole, Bob Duley, Mary Goya, Pam Hudson, Pua Kanahele,

Bernhard Laurich, Kent Killam, Guy Kimura, Gwen Kimura, Osh Larish, Violet Murakami, Caroline Nagua, Elizabeth Ojala, Ellen Okuma, Jennie Padilla, Jill Savage, Jane Sherwood, Jackie Stradtmann-Carvalho, Francis-Dean Uchima,

Wilt Watanabe, Mai Wong, Robert Yamane, Jim Yoshida, Lou Zitnik (Chair)

Guest:  Mike Leialoha, Vice Chancellor for Administrative Affairs


1.  Quorum ascertained and meeting called to order at 12:07.


2.  Minutes from March 24 unanimously approved as submitted.  M/S Uchima/Savage.


3.  Chairís Report:

     A.  Mike Leialoha reported on the fiscal state of the college and progress toward the new campuses, after his meeting   

            with Chancellor Freitas and Senate Chair Zitnik.  Please see attached "Preliminary Conference Budget - General

            Funded Budget Requests" which subsequently was passed by the legislature.

            1.  Fiscal state of the college is improving.

                        a.  Mike pointed to significant General Fund increases (from $7.2m last year to $8.2m this year plus $3.9m

                            supplemental for a 67% increase) and from 148 to 198 positions by next year. 

                        b.  This includes adjustment for the college's assumption of facilities responsibilities.

                        c.  College managers and executives now know the budget for the year.

            2.  West Hawai`i and the Manono Campus are now included in legislative CIP funds, and contract for development

                  of new campuses was approved by the BOR.  As of today it has not been signed and the governor has not

                   released the funds.

            3.  $4.9m has been approved for a feasibility study and the development of a  "Comprehensive Campus

                  Development" plan.

            4.  Because of tuition increases, the same enrollment will result in $1m per year increase in tuition revenue.

            5.  Mike conveyed Chancellor Freitas's invitation for all faculty to participate in the graduation ceremony.

     B.  VC for Academic Affairs Dykstra responded to Senate inquiry of whether Curriculum Review Committee chair

            might be eligible for the 5-4 teaching load despite receiving reassigned time.  He pointed to UHPA contract

            language which   requires fifteen teaching credits, not reassignments or other types of work not directly related to


     C.  Responses to Senate report on Assessment process: 

            1.  Administration and the Assessment Committee agree that program review cycles will be four years rather than


            2.  Assessment Coordinator is preparing a written response to the Senate report.

     D.  Administration selected Helen Nishimoto to participate in the Community College Leadership Council this summer.

     E.  Report on Senate priorities for AY 2005-2006.  Please see attached.


4.  Vice Chairís Report:  Jill Savage

     A. Election Results:  Senate Chair for AY 2006-2007 will be Jill Savage.   Senators congratulated Jill and thanked her

          for her service this year and next.

     B.  Committee membership update:

            1.  Senators were urged to canvass their departments so that each department will be represented on each


            2.  New Academic Senate Executive Committee representatives:  Annie Brown (BEAT), Annie Maeda (English,    

                fall semester only), Francis-Dean Uchima (Math & Natural Sciences); continuing representatives:  Clyde Kojiro 

                (Construction Technology), Donnalyn Kalei (Social Sciences), Jane Sherwood (Nursing), and Guy Kimura

                (Academic Support).  Transportation Technology, and Humanities departments have not selected



5.  Standing Committee Reports

     A.  Education Policy Committee (Chair Robert Yamane)

            1.  Members were recognized and thanked for their service.

            2.  The Committee met twelve times, and its report on the curriculum process will be considered under New


     B.  Faculty Policy Committee (Jackie Stradtmann-Carvalho for Chair Barbara Arthurs):

            1.  Members were recognized and thanked for their service.

            2.  The Committee's report on the tenure process was accepted at the March 24 meeting.  Next year the

                 Committee will work on contract renewal contract renewal and, if time allows, non-tenure contracts.

     C.  Curriculum Review Committee:  (Kent Killam for Chair Donnalyn Kalei)

            1.  Members were recognized and thanked for their service.

            2.  The Committee forwards three proposals to the Senate and recommends their approval.  They will be

                  considered under New Business.

     D.  Writing Intensive Committee:  Chair Donna Moore presented a written report to Chair Zitnik earlier.


6.  Unfinished Business

     A.  Curriculum proposals:  Proposals for curriculum changes to Math 51, Math 135 and Math 140 were approved    

            unanimously.  Please see attached.

     B.  Proposal from Ed Policy Committee concerning Curriculum Review Process:  Robert Yamane 

          (Please see report and proposals on website.)

            1.  Bobbie reminded Senators that the proposals had been on the website for two weeks. 

            2.  Bobbie gave and overview of the proposals, which included both policies and forms. 

            3.  The Committee recommends that CRC chairs receive six credits reassigned time per semester.

            4.  The Committee hopes that the report will be voted up or down rather than modified at this meeting.

            5.  A motion was made to delete the last sentence in section 4, "management policy," so that the new procedure

                 will be required after August 1, 2006.  M/S Sherwood/Okuma. Motion approved by voice vote.

            6.  A motion was made to change the effective date for new procedures from  August 1, 2006 to  June 1, 2006. 

                 M/S Okuma/Cole.  Motion was approved by    voice vote.  New procedures and forms will be required from

                  June 1, 2006.

            7.  Various other questions were raised and issues discussed.

            8.  Sherwood called for the previous question, seconded by Larish.  Previous question was approved unanimously.

            9.  The FPC report on the curriculum review process was accepted as amended by vote of 19 in favor, none

                  opposed and no abstentions.

            10.  Senators expressed gratitude to Chair Yamane and the committee for a difficult job well done.


     C.  Proposal from Ad Hoc Committee for Mission and Vision Statement (Please see attached drafts, include the

            Senate's final draft.)

.           1.  In addition to the Senate, the proposal was sent to student government and the College Council. Each will

                 respond separately.  

            2.  College mission and vision statements and imperatives must pass review through the Board of Regents.

            3.  (Kalani Flores could not attend the meeting so he submitted written testimony which was distributed at the

                 meeting.  Please see attached.)

            4.  After discussion, Mission Statement was accepted by voice vote with none opposed and one abstention. 

                 M/S Sherwood/Okuma.

            5.  Vision statement:

                        a.  The phrase "To meet student needs" was eliminated, by voice vote.

                        b.  After the word "achievement," the phrase "and workforce opportunities" was added, by voice vote.

                        c.  The phrase "As lifelong learners," was replaced by "The college will promote life-long learning so that

                             [students will. . .]" by voice vote.

            6.  Imperatives:  The imperative "Healthy Communities" was replaced.  Please see attached final Senate draft


            D.  Ellen Okuma presented a an Ad Hoc Distance Learning Committee memorandum.


8. For the good of the order:  No items.