Hawai`i Community College

Academic Senate

Minutes of the Meeting of 9/26/08



Present:    Annie Brown, Sandy Claveria,  John Cole,  Kenoa Dela Cruz, Sherri Fujita, Mary Goya, Joyce Hamasaki (WH),  David Ikeda,   Kent Killam, Gwen Kimura,   Kathy Kotecki (WH), Karen Leialoha,  Eric  Mecklenburg, Violet Murakami, Trina Nahm-Mijo, Helen Nishimoto (WH),  Ellen Okuma (chair),  Jill Savage (recorder), Mai Wong,  Doug Dykstra (guest), Jack Minassian(guest).



1.         Quorum ascertained at  12:03 pm


2.         VCAA Doug Dykstra  reported:

a.   This is President McClain’s final year; the search for his successor will begin this Fall; a professional recruitment company has been hired to facilitate this search and the aim is to have a new President approved by end of Spring 2009.

b.   This is also UH Hilo Chancellor Tseng terminal year; VP Johnsrud will lead the recruitment efforts and is presently discussing related business with the UHH Congress.  The plan is to have a new president on board in time to participate in the final steps of the selection of the UHH Chancellor.

c.   Given the financial challenges the State is facing;  HawCC looking at a $476 K projected deficit – however this burden has been somewhat mitigated (momentarily at least) by the Governor’s mandated position freeze which effectively reduces the campus shortfall to approximately $255K.  Campus will cover this amount via support from Construction Academy ($49K), $10K (B funds) and the remaining amount via a temporary delay in the hiring of 2.5 faculty positions, 1 janitorial position, and 3 APT positions. This said, the Governor may still decide to impose additional restrictions. 

d.  Admin has proposed upgrading the, as yet unfilled, Webmaster position to an APT B level; proposal is being considered at system level.


3.          John Cole (UHPA Board) announced that the latest State proposal is to retain current

                 contract for an additional year.


4.          Minutes, August 29, 2008 :  M/S to approve the minutes as distributed (Cole/Goya). 

               Approved unanimously.


5.         Chair’s report:

a.       Announcement:  E. Mecklenburg has agreed to serve as Vice Chair and J. Savage has  agreed to serve as Secretary.

b.      Chancellor Freitas and VCAA Doug Dykstra have agreed to alternately provide updates at the Senate meetings.

c.       ACCFSC meeting, Sept 18, hosted at HawCC;  Pres. McClain requested feedback from the Senate chairs to give input and share ideas toward the development of a set of guidelines or principles that would be used to determine budgetary decision making.  Suggestions presented by the Senate chairs included: no across the board cuts (which would have a greater impact on the smaller campuses), use program review information, stick to campus missions, have President McClain send out a request electronically to all system constituencies for ideas. Star-Bulletin article (Sept 18) was referenced, which addressing State budget shortfalls and the 3 scenarios for budget reduction plans—10%, 15% and 20%.. 

d.      CCCFSC meeting, Sept 18, VP Morton announced that R&M will be the focus this year  (no new buildings) and that the State’s Council of Revenues did not project budget deficit;  requested Senate chairs to review respective charters and amend as needed to ensure each clearly describe the role of chairs w/r to system committees, i.e. CCCFSC, as described in the UHCCP 1.102.

e.       There will be a Math Summit on Oct 3 to include math reps from DOE, UHCC, and UH four year campuses.

f.        Senate assessment: In response to the ACCJC report, the Senate will be conducting an assessment of its effectiveness. The Executive Committee, Sept 19, discussed drafts of possible evaluation questions; E. Okuma will compose a survey to be presented to the Senate via Survey Monkey sometime in October or November.

g.       College Learning Outcomes: The departments and units have been asked to consider various models presented by the Assessment Committee. The Senate and College Council will contribute to the development of the final outcomes.

h.       E-Café:  E. Okuma attended DC meeting, Sept 23, shared questions posed by the Executive Comm.; in the near future, the VCAA will be making an announcement concerning E-Café policies; in the near future S. Flood (IR) will be making an announcement concerning E-Cafe procedures.

i.         Senate listserv and website have both been updated; various standing committees continue to lack reps from all divisions.


6.        Standing and Other Committee Reports

                 a.    Ed Policy - Academic Renewal – Joyce Hamasaki

                        Committee will meet on Oct 3; under consideration are the Academic Renewal Policy                and the No Show Policy (as it relates to online classes).

b.        Faculty Policy - Faculty Handbook update – Kathy Kotecki

Per J. Hamasaki, FPC continues its work on two remaining sections of the handbook; per E. Okuma, Exec. Comm. discussed the need to move forward with the recommendations made by the FPC, issues concerning web presentation are not the  Senate’s responsibility.

c.         Curriculum Review  - Kent Killam

As previously announced, today is the Fall deadline for curriculum proposals.

The Committee recommends approval of the Fire Science CA and AS program proposal; these will be under new business.

d.        Writing Intensive – Donna Moore

No report.       


7.     Old Business

                a.       draft HawCC Guidelines Regarding Children of Our Students

                          M/S the Senate endorse the draft of the HawCC Guidelines Regarding Children of

                         Our Students (Dela Cruz/Ikeda). Motion passed unanimously. 

b.          draft Guidelines for Handling a Disruptive Student 

M/S the Senate endorse the draft of the Guidelines for Handling a Disruptive Student (Dela Cruz/Cole). Motion passed unanimously. 


8.     New Business

                 a.       Fire Science curriculum proposal – Fire Science CA/AS Program – (all program     

                          courses previously approved). Passed unanimously.


9.    For the good of the order:

                 a.    T. Nahmmijo:  a Comprehensive Program Review training session is scheduled for

                         Oct 17; between 12-1:15 for instruction and between 1:30-2:30 for units; an

                         announcement will be forthcoming via the campus listserv;  S. Flood will deploy the

                         program review data on Oct 1; “jumpers” need to notify T. Nahmmijo of their intent

                         on or before Oct 15.


b.    J. Cole:  UHPA Faculty Representative Forum is scheduled for Oct 25; if faculty members have issues they would like to have addressed, please present question(s) to respective campus UHPA  rep. (F-D Uchima, L. Sanborn, J. Peralto, K. Haili)


10.  Adjourned:   12:45 p.m.