Friday, September 12, 2003

Manono Campus 388-102


Attendees:  Francis-Dean Uchima (Chair), Marilyn Bader, Annie Brown, John Cole, Mary Goya, Pua Kanahele, Donnalyn Kalei, Kent Killam, Michael Larish, Bernhard Laurich, Charleen Marlow, John Marlow, James Noxon, Dan Petersen, Pate Pieron, Bill Reed, Jill Savage, James Schumaker, Lou Zitnik


1.     A quorum was ascertained.


2.     Chair Uchima called the meeting to order at 12:15 pm.


3.     Mary Goya volunteered to take minutes.  Minutes of the special meeting on August 22, 2003 were approved with corrections. m/s/p (Marlow, J/Petersen)


4.     Chair’s Report

-Chair Uchima attended the BOR meetings on Maui on Sept. 4 and 5 and participated in the ACCFSC meetings

-BOR meetings on September 4th were closed for personnel actions including a review of President Dobelle. 

      Jim Gaines was appointed as the new Vice President for research

-Discussion occurred on a 7-year timeline and spending money as an investment-investing in the future. 

 -Discussion of 2 + 2 programs with Community Colleges providing the first two years occurred.

-Fast track articulation is finished and will be moving to foundation areas for articulation now.

-PHIL 110 – a letter was sent from CC Senate Chairs to Mary Tiles regarding 110 articulation,

        she responded and the issues will be re-visited.  (Dan Petersen from HawCC has submitted a

         response to UHM Chancellor PHIL 110)

-David McLain is the new Vice President for Academic Affairs and a search is on going for an

       Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs.


5.     Vice Chair’s Report – none


6.     Unfinished Business

-Instructional Reorganization is proceeding with reconciliation with Chancellor Daniel. 

  A new organizational chart was added for a clearer visual representation.

  Process is continuing and the proposal should move off our campus in the near future.


- Shared Services – discussions are on-going include the Institute for Astronomy and

   College of Tropical Agriculture.

7.    New Business


-Educational Policy Committee, Chair Larish is scheduling meetings to meet once a month in the Fall semester.   Cross-                

   Listed and Double-Listed courses are under review this year.


-Curriculum Review Committee, Chair Schumaker states deadline is September 30th for  this semester. New forms are     

   available on the curriculum affairs web page.  This semester new or old forms will be accepted.  One electronic copy is     

   required and one hard copy with the signatures is necessary.  Dan Petersen was acknowledged for his work on revising   

    these forms.


-Faculty Policy Committee, Chair Reed had no report at this time.


-The Executive Committee of the Academic Senate has no Vice President or Secretary.  GSSS and Transportation have

  no representatives to the Executive Committee.  Discussion occurred on reassigned time for the senates use,

   streamlining secretarial responsibilities, etc.


-Additional Topics:

       -Chancellor Search Committee is organizing

       -DOI Search Committee is still under development.  Chair Uchima will make one more listserv call for

              faculty volunteers.

       -Shared services should look at Media and Performance space availability for HawCC and UHM services

               which may be available to our students.

       -Unit Head for Liberal Arts, Chair thinks Chancellor Daniel will ask someone to lead   

              confirmation as he did not have the time.

       -James Noxon and James Schumaker were thanked for their assistance with our vid-con for our Kona colleagues

             approximately every other month.

       -A November senate meeting has been scheduled.  Chair Uchima will send all  Senator`s the meeting dates

             and locations for October, November, and December.


Meeting adjourned 1:15p.m.  M-Zitnik, 2nd-Savage, passed.


Mary Goya, Volunteer Recorder