Hawai`i Community College

Academic Senate

Minutes of the Meeting of 10/31/2008



Present:   Marilyn Bader, Sandy Claveria, John Cole, Karen Crowell, Harold Fujii, Sherrie Fujita,  Joyce Hamasaki (polycom), Manaiakalani Kalua, Kent Killam, Guy Kimura, Clyde Kojiro, Douglas Leite, Annie Maeda, Eric Mecklenburg, Darrell Miyashiro, Violet Murakami, Kihei Nahale-a,  Trina Nahm-Mijo, Leialoha Ilae-Kaleimamahu, Helen Nishimoto, Ellen Okuma (chair),  Jill Savage (recorder), Jane Sherwood, Tangarō, Mai Wong, NoeNoe Wong-Wilson, Lou Zitnik.    


Guest: Chancellor Freitas


1.     Chancellor Freitas Report—Time certain, 12:03

·        Budget: VPCC J. Morton will be on campus Nov 5. He will present the three scenarios addressing a 10%, 15%, and 20% budget reductions. According to the Chancellor, the College is, “in good shape for the 10% or 15% reduction” and probably fine with the 20% reduction. When budgetary cuts are made, items to be considered first for cuts will be those distant from the central mission of the College such as programs we do for DOE. The goal is to protect and preserve items closest to the mission.

·        West Hawaii: funds released for East Hawaii Long Range Development Plan; planners have been engaged for the west side;  DLNR requested administration develop three scenarios that could accommodate up to 3000 FTE; however, prior to submission of such, the administration was notified yesterday that DLNR had already picked a site. Fundraising in progress for the west side development. Steps pending – figure out lease with DLNR, acquire necessary permits then break ground.


2.         Ascertain Quorum at 12:15


3.         Approve minutes, September 26, 2008 :   approved unanimously as read                               


4.         Chair’s Report

·        Petition to amend the Charter available on table in front. Charter amendment will            add one item to list of duties of Senate chair in Art. V. Sect. 3: “participating in meetings w/Senate Chairs in the UH system, as required by University policy.” Rationale: in addition to the list of duties currently identified in Charter, Chair must also attend meetings and participate in discussions with other senate chairs at the System and UHCC levels.

·        ACCFSC meeting, 10/24, all Senate Chairs drafted, approved and signed a letter to BOR (with cc:Pres. McClain) requesting the expansion of the Presidential Search Comm. that had been appointed. Chair Okuma sent info. to the faculty w/Star-Bulletin article. Letter noted lack of neighbor island and community college representation.

·        CCCFSC meeting, 10/24:

·              CCCM discussion w/VP Morton about status of policies. Chair Okuma pushed for clarification on course numbering to be done at the system vs. the campus level—eg, CCCM 6100 & 6004. VP Morton said by end of AY 2008/09, the conversion would be complete: UHCCP’s will be in place and it should be clear which policies the campuses will need to develop. All of this came about due to the decentralization of the UHCC’s by disbanding the Chancellor’s Office and delegation of policy making in some areas given to campuses. However, we now have a VP of UHCC’s so it has been somewhat confusing as to the policies that have been retired, superseded by UHCCP or left to campuses to develop.

·              MCC Senate passed a resolution of concern about the emphasis in the Stragegic Plan on increasing enrollments and completions will be at the class level. VP Morton responded that student success is a College-wide issue but that promotion/tenure, contract renewal decisions could be made looking at whether a faculty member is contributing to student success.

·              VP Morton will visit HawCC on Wed, 11/5, 3:00; topics probably will include budget, strategic plan at UHCC level (still several weeks away from finalizing)

·              SP for HawCC: waiting for UHCC plan to be finalized. Chair Okuma will meet w/Joni and Noreen to bring HawCC’s draft into a final draft form; Admin. Team to develop financial plan for it; will be distributed to campus for review and input.

·              Evaluation of Senate. Sent out draft of questions. No feedback received thus far; Chair  Okuma will accept any feedback until 8 a.m. Monday  (Nov 3) morning and  will issue the survey to all members of the Senate via Survey Monkey next week.          


5..        Standing and Other Committee Reports

            a.         Ed Policy – Joyce Hamasaki

            EPC has reviewed the suggested changes to the Academic Renewal Policy (approved   in Spring 2008) and recommends removing language excluding the nursing students   and approving amendment requested by DOSS that students placed on academic     dismissal may apply for academic renewal after a one year grace period. Academic             Renewal Policy was moved to Old Business.

            b.         Faculty Policy – E. Okuma for Kathy Kotecki

            FPC close to finalizing revisions to the faculty handbook; students of Marsha     Kayano are assisting with the detail work.

            c.         Curriculum Review  - Kent Killam

            Chair Killam acknowledges his gratitude to the members of the CRC for all of their        commitment to the task. Proposals to be considered under New Business.

            d.         Writing Intensive – Donna Moore    - No report


6.         Old Business

            a.         Academic Renewal Policy—Ed Policy Committee        

            Question was raised as to whether or not the item addressing the required time lapse      for students placed on academic dismissal appropriately belongs in the official policy            statement rather than only on the form. Because students will only see what is in the      Catalog first, EPC should look at the form again to be sure that all statements on the          form that relate to policy should be included in the official policy wording. Item referred back to EPC..     


7.         New Business

            a.         Curriculum proposals

            The following proposals were approved unanimously.   





ENG 51 Occupational Reading

ENG 60   Technical Report Writing

AG 22   Soil Technology

AG 30   Farm Management

AG 36 Pesticide Safety

AG 41  Plant Disease and Pest Control

AG 43   Plt Science/Plt Propagation

AG 47  Landscape Horticulture

AG 50  Mensuration

AG 51 Trop Crop Production I

AG 53 Trop Crop Production II

AG 57 Marketing of Ag. Products

AG 59  Farm Practicum

BUS  25  Starting Your Own Business

FIRE 111 Management in the Fire Service

LAW 30  Business Law I

MKT 93V  Cooperative Vocational Education

MKT 193A  Marketing Practicum I



MATH 24   Elementary Algebra I

MATH 25 Elementary Algebra II

MATH 26   Elementary Algebra

AMT 20 Introduction to Auto

BUSN 121  Intro to Word Processing

BUSN 123 Word Processing for Business

AAS   Culinary Arts

AAS Culinary Arts

AAS Food Service

AAS Hospitality and Tourism




AAS  Hospitality and Tourism

CULN 115  Menu Merchandising

CULN 120 Fundamentals of Cookery

CULN 130  Intermediate Cookery

CULN 131 Short Order Cookery

CULN 140  Cold Food Pantry

CULN 150  Fundamentals of Baking

CULN 170  Food & Beverage Purchasing

CULN 220  Advanced Cookery

CULN 252  Patisserie

CULN 270   Food & Beverage Cost Control

ENG 55  Business Communications

MGT 124  Personnel Management Relations

CA/AAS  Marketing

MKT 30 Principles of Retailing

MKT 65  Principles of Visual Merchandising

MKT  120  Principles of Marketing

MKT  121  Marketing Topics

MKT 193B  Marketing Practicum II

CC    Adult Residential Care Home Operator


NURS 12  Common Diseases, Medicines,

                 Special Diets



FIRE 193  Cooperative Education

FIRE 207  Hazardous Materials Awareness          

               and Operations

FIRE 210  Fire Administration

                MKT  151  Principles of Customer Service

8.         For the good of the order

Per J. Cole regarding ongoing UHPA negotiations: Sam Callejo – currently lead negotiator for UH has announced his forthcoming retirement, to be replaced by J. Morton. Cost items require legislative action, whereas the non-cost items do not. Meetings between the UHPA and UH/state negotiating team previously scheduled for the month of October have been cancelled. 


9.         Adjourn:    1:00 p.m.


Next meeting, November 14, 2008, noon-1:30, Bldg. 379, Rm. 102 & polycom to West HI and Kohala Center


Minutes approved as corrected, January 30, 2009