Hawai`i Community College

Academic Senate

Minutes of the Meeting of 10/26/2007


Present: Marilyn Bader, Sandra Claveria, John Cole,  Joyce Hamasaki, Mary Goya,  Kent Killam, Gwen Kimura, Clyde Kojiro, Bernhard Laurich, Doug Leite,  Eric Mecklenburg,  Harvey Motomura, Caroline Naguwa, Gordon Nekoba, Ellen Okuma, Mike Saito, Lloyd Sanborn,  Jane Sherwood (recorder), Mitchell Soares, Francis-Dean Uchima, Bobby Yamane.


1.                  A quorum was determined to be present and the meeting was called to order at 12:07 pm.


2.                  The minutes of 9/21/2007 were reviewed.   Under number 5, section c-2 the deadline for curriculum requests was corrected  to read 9/28/07.  Minutes were approved as amended.


3.                  Chair’s Report -

System Update


- The revised faculty classification plan has been distributed by e-mail.    Feed back is requested by 11/2/07 either to Jill Savage or Vice President John Morton.

- Updating the UH Strategic Plan is ongoing.  A final copy is hoped for in January 2008, in time for biennium budget planning.  Remedial/developmental college readiness issues will be included.  Of note Walmart in Honolulu is offering remedial courses to its employees.

Also of note - the governor is considering proposing legislation that would move the DOE adult schools under the CC’s.

- Future discussion and possible revision of academic policy degree requirements that last 12 credits be taken at awarding institution.  Issue is DE courses.

    ACCFSC -

 - The resolution regarding the Affiliated Research Lab/ UARC was sent to the President and BOR chair.   Noel Kent is organizing a group to speak to WASC about the lack of discussion.

- There is a proposed amendment to the BOR policy on tenure which would allow the President to grant tenure upon initial appointment to members of the faculty and classified executives.   Comments may be sent to the Senate Chair.


4.                  Standing and Other Committee Reports

a          Ed Policy -  No report

b          Faculty Policy - No report

c          CRC - Kent Killam reviewed the curriculum proposals.  With no objections the proposals were approved at this time. The Senate members agreed to review the proposal according to the program categories.  


                     Delete  ART 238 Weaving.  SCI 222 Marine Navigation, BMAC 40. BMAC                   41, BUS 35, BUS 36, BUS 55C, D, E,F, G; OAT 21 B, C D; OAT 23; OAT 29; OAT 30; OAT 31; OAT 34; OAT 36, OAT 37; OAT 40 B; OAT 43B; OAT 43 E; OAT 53; OAT 66B, C; OAT 68; OAT 70; OAT 81; CENT 240 Computer Networking II   . Deletions approved as proposed.


New Courses: ART 126 3-D computer graphics 1, ART 225graphic design 2, ART 238 Interface Design, ART 246 3-D graphics 3, ART 248 Digital Post-Production, ART 293 Internship;   Approved as proposed.


ASTR 281 Astrobiology, BIOL 171 Intro Biology 1, BIOL 171L lab,   BIOL 172 Intro Biology 2, BIOL 172L lab; Accepted as proposed.


DANCE 190 Introduction to Aerial dance 1, DANCE 290 Aerial Dance 1; Approved as approved.


ED 152 Early Literacy Development; Approved as proposed.


CA - modification Auto Body Repair and Painting; CC Auto Body Repair and Painting(basic auto body repair); CC Auto Body Repair and Painting (automotive refinishing) approved as proposed.


AAS Business Technology modification; Approved as proposed.


BUSN 292 Integrated Office Procedures; Approved as proposed


CENT 140 Network Fundamentals; CENT 240B Routing Protocols and Concepts; CENT 240C LAN Switching and Wireless; CENT 241 Assessing the WAN;   Approved as proposed.


AAS Electronics Upgrade program;  Approved as proposed.


CC Electronics -Network Technology New Certificate of Completion; CC Electronics - Optic Technology New Certificate of Competence;  Approved as proposed.


ETRO 160 Laser Safety and Applications; ETRO 161 Intro to Optics and Photonics; ETRO 166 Intro to Fiber Optics.   Approved as proposed.


5.               New Business

a           CERC membership - Under consideration by Admin team at this time.   Question was raised about how faculty members of CERC would be chosen - by Senate as whole or constituent group.


b          Curriculum Review - The website has the course review forms, and curriculum central is underway with a plan for completion of January 2008.


c          Senate Priorities

Exec Committee suggests the following priorities for the year: Ongoing - Charge to the Ad Hoc Budget Committee;   Charge to the ad hoc DE Committee; Faculty Handbook.    New Items - Parking Issues especially on the Manono Campus; The role of TPRC conveners for newly tenured faculty (Faculty/Staff Development Committee has indicated a willingness to explore this); Clarification of the interpretation of “guidelines” in the contract renewal and tenure/promotion documents.  With no objections the Exec Committee’s recommendations were approved at this time.


6.               For the Good of the Order - Comprehensive Program/Unit Review process workshop this afternoon from 2-4 in Hale Kea electronic classroom.



7. Adjourned   1:20 p.m.