Minutes, Academic Senate of the Whole

Friday,  October 28, 2005, 12:00

Manono Campus, Bldg 388-102


Members present:  Barbara Arthurs, John Cole, Robert Duley, Mary Goya, Donnalyn Kalei, Kent Killam, Guy Kimura, Clyde Kojiro, Osh Larish, Violet Murakami, Ellen Okuma, Helen Nishimoto, Jennie Padilla, Dan Petersen, Jill Savage, Jane Sherwood, Francis-Dean Uchima, Robert Yamane, Lou Zitnik (chair)

 1.  Quorum ascertained and meeting called to order at 12:08

 2.  Minutes from September 23 were approved with correction.

 3.  Chair’s Report

            A.  Accreditation self-study first draft has been completed.

B.  BOR approved campus ad hoc committee’s recommendation for developer for new campus, and BOR members complimented Chancellor Freitas on his and the college’s work.

C.  Chancellor wants the college to review its mission statement, because it should drive development of the new campus.

D.  ACCFSC will conduct faculty morale surveys, process and frequency to be determined.

E.  No search committee for permanent VP for CCs has been formed nor is the interim VPCC position being filled in John Morton’s absence.  A search committee is being formed for VP for Planning and Programs.

F.  Institutional Effectiveness:  Chair proposed process for senate review of program reviews vis-ŕ-vis the college mission. 


4.  Vice Chair’s Report:  No report.  Because the item is not required on the agenda, it

            should be included only if necessary.

 5.  Standing Committee Reports

A.  Educational Policy:  Robert Yamane.  EPC has three recommendations for approval of VCAA’s proposed changes to catalogue.  They will be taken up under Unfinished Business.

B.  Faculty Policy:  Barbara Arthurs.  Committee is working on tenure application process, and asked to work on promotion process in 2006.  Senators agreed.

C.  Curriculum Review:  Donnalyn Kalei.  Because Senator Kalei had another meeting, she asked the senate to vote on curriculum proposals now instead of under new business.  Unanimous consent was granted. 

                        1.  Ag 260:  after questions about prerequisites, approved unanimously

                        2.  Proposals 2-6, Digital Arts:  Approved unanimously

                        3.  Proposals 7-19, Early Childhood Education.  This is a the first 2 + 2 program in the UH system, and

                             after considerable congratulations, approved unanimously.

                        4.  Proposals 20-21, Western Philosophy survey:  Discussion on WI  language and English prerequisites.

                             Proposal modified by adopting standard “Eng 21 or. . . ” prerequisite and dropping WI language.

                             Proposals approved     unanimously (M/S Sherwood/Savage).


6.  Unfinished Business

            A.  Responsibilities for assessment

1.  Proposed template from Exec Comm for senate review of program reviews for consistency with college mission will be taken up under New Business, item A. 

2.  Exec Comm’s draft statement on IEC and program review flow chart will be taken up under New Business, item B.

            B.  EPC recommended approval of changes requested by VCAA.

                        1.  Experimental courses from one to two-year duration:  Unanimously approved.

                        2.  Satisfactory academic progress:  Unanimously approved.

                        3.  CR/NC language modification:  Unanimously approved.

C.  Ad hoc screening committee for assistant deans put on hold while administration reviews structure of instructional programs.

 7.  New Business

            A.  Draft template for senate review of program reviews for consistency with college mission. 

1.  By unanimous consent, the phrase “supports college mission”

     was substituted for “is consistent with the college mission.”   

2.      By unanimous consent, Senate agreed that Exec Comm will act as ad hoc committee to review program reviews by the template and forward them to the Senate.

                         Motion to approve the modified draft carried 8 to 1 with 1 abstention (M/S Padilla/Sherwood)

             B.  Draft resolution on program review process and structure generated discussion  on:

            --significance of faculty input;

            --desirability of permanent Institutional Effectiveness Committee;

            --name of IEC.  Alternatives were suggested;

            --constituent members of IEC and whether individual faculty might become permanent members;

            --method of selecting faculty to serve on committee;

            --relationship among initial program review, follow-up and allocation of  resources;

            --need for institutional support for faculty doing initial program review and other steps in the process:

               mentors, reassigned time and timely data;

            --substitution of a more faculty-driven process with reassigned time;

            --other colleges which do not need a permanent IEC as part of program review  process.

             Motion to reject program review process with permanent IEC developed by VCAA, College Council Chair, and

            Senate Chair, carried 9 - 1 (M/S Goya/Larish).

 8.  Quorum no longer satisfied and meeting adjourned at 2:35.