October 24, 2003

EKH 129


Present:  Francis-Dean Uchima (Chair), Marilyn Bader, Annie Brown, John Cole, Bill Derasin, Bob Duley, Mary Goya, Pam Hudson, Donnalyn Kalei, Kent Killam, Gwen Kimura, Clyde Kojiro, Michael Larish, Bernhard Laurich, Annie Maeda, Charleen Marlow, John Marlow, Julie Moore, Harvey Motomura, Ken Muranaka, Trina Nahm-Mijo, Gordon Nekeba, Elizabeth Ojala, Ellen Okuma, Jennie Padilla, Dan Petersen, Pate Pieron, Verna Post, Bill Reed, Mike Saito, Jill Savage, Jane Sherwood, James Schumaker, Larry Wakida, Mai Wong, Lou Zitnik


Guest: Tom Bowlus


  1. A quorum was established and Chair Uchima called the meeting to order at 12:12 p.m.


  1. Approval of September 12, 2003 meeting with corrections;

Present Section Lou Zitneik should read Lou Zitnik.

Section 6 Shared Services should read: Shared Services are not just UHH and HawCC anymore.  There are on going discussions that include the Institute for Astronomy and the College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources, which are both UHM based.  They too have education components that need to be considered.

Grammatical error corrections 



  1. Chair’s Report

a. Chair Uchima attended the Board of Regents (BOR) meetings and discussed the outcomes of the UHH/HawCC campus tours.  The tour included viewing fire damage to the Business Education Department and resulted in a BOR commitment to infrastructure repairs.

b.      The Senate Chairs meeting headed by Neghin Modavi (KapCC) and Mary Tiles (UHM) appointed Floyd McCoy to serve on the system’s distance learning committee.  Francis-Dean was appointed as the alternate.

c.       The Foundation Committee is not yet a full committee, and to a large extent, this committee is driven by accreditation demands to create learning outcomes.  Foundation Committee members discussed articulation and diversification issues at their meeting.  The understanding is that each campus will decide how they will respond to system-wide diversification.  Individual campus based committees will address foundation, focus and diversity issues.  These campus committees will be empowered to make significant decisions, including determining to which discipline transfer credits will be assigned. 


  4.   Vice-Chair’s Report

a. Vice Chair Marlow attended the Interim Articulation Working Committee and Diversification Sub-committee meetings at KapCC  on October 18, 2003.  Issues covered included a brief description of the 2/3 rule for cross listed courses. A significant outcome of this issue would be the establishment of a HawCC committee that would coordinate with a system-wide body on the Foundations/Focus/Diversification mandates.


  1. Unfinished Business- None


  1. New Business

a.  UHPA Freeze on Administrative Hiring  (Letter adapted from KapCC)


·        Lou Zitnik led discussions, pointing out that the distributed letter illustrated resolutions adopted by several sister campuses. The letter, meant only as a draft, proposed freezes in both administrative hiring and salaries in favor of a BOR focus on faculty salary increases.


·        Lou and others also pointed out the unique situation of HawCC in relation to current interim administrative positions and the possibility of being merged with UHH administration if a resolution like the one proposed were passed.  Faculty discussion weighing the merits and disadvantages of the proposed resolution followed.


·        A motion to table the current letter and to have Lou draft a new version  for discussion at the November meeting was passed unanimously. m/s/p (Killam/Savage)  HCC faculty were asked to email Lou at zitnik@hawaii.edu to offer suggestions.


b. Visiting Faculty Membership Rights


·        The Senate Executive Committee was asked by a visiting faculty member to determine his status on the Senate with respect to his voice and voting rights.  The Executive Senate Committee presented that they interpreted Article III, Section 1 of the Charter to give voice and voting rights to visiting faculty who are also members of Collective Bargaining Unit 7.  Discussions of this interpretation followed.  A motion to interpret the charter as giveing voice and voting rights to visiting faculty who are members of Collective Bargaining Unit 7 was passed unanimously. m/s/p (Okuma/Laurich)

·        Further discussions brought up the view that Academic Senate Charter, Article III, Section 1 is not specific about voting rights being granted to Collective Bargaining Unit 7 faculty who are assigned instructional duties by Hawai`i Community College only, not just any Unit 7 faculty member in the UH system.  Therefore, a motion was made that charged the Executive Committee to follow procedures as outlined to the Charter, and to present an amendment with rationale and 20 Senators’ signatures to the Senate in order to clarify that voting rights be specifically for HawCC Unit 7 faculty. could be interpreted as offering voice and voting rights to any member of Collective Bargaining Unit7, not just visiting faculty.  A second motion, charging the Executive Committee to review the charter amendment process and to present needed changes to the full senate for discussion.  It was passed unanimously. m/s/p (Okuma/Laurich)  It should be noted that Jill Savage is and has been working on this since Spring 2003. (This final note is inaccurate.)

m/s/p (Hudson, Larish)


c. Vice-Chancellor of Academic Affairs (VCAA) Hiring Committee Membership                                     

·        A list of Academic Senate candidates who volunteered to serve on the Vice Chancellor Search Committee was distributed to meeting members.  Bernhard Laurich was added to the list under Liberal Arts.  Ellen Okuma requested that her name be listed under Academic Support rather than GSSS.  A motion to submit the revised list of volunteers to Chancellor Daniels for consideration was passed unanimously. m/s/p (Hudson/Goya).


·        A second motion that HawCC faculty should comprise a majority of the VCAA Hiring Committee was passed unanimously.  (Sherwood/Cole)  The above stated position will be forwarded to the Chancellor by Chair Uchima.


d.      Budget

Vice Chair Marlow attended a budget update video-conference and reported the following:

·        Of the 10 million dollar budget restriction previously imposed by the governor, 8.5 million had been returned to the UH system.

·        $325,000 was appropriated to UH West O’ahu.

·        There is a chance the both the Hawaiian Language Program at UHH and the Hawaiian Studies program at HawCC will receive additional funding.  In the case of UHH, this is in part due to the fact that UH did not honor and agreement they had previously made with the Office of Hawaiian Affairs.

·        $40,000 was allocated for Apprenticeship Programs.

·        Previously, $900,000 was earmarked for helping pay for the CC faculty workload reduction agreement.  This money was not reallocated.

·        In addition to the $8.5 million returned to the UH system, $1.5 million was retro-ceded by the BOR ($1 million form UHM and $500,000 from other institutions).


e.       Administrative Structure of the proposed reorganization

·        After a brief faculty discussion, it was suggested that Chair Uchima acquire additional information before making any decisions in this area.


f.        Committee Reports/Curriculum Review Committee Report

·        Distributed handout of curriculum proposal procedures

·        Recommendations for Senate approval for the following: SOC. 289/Sociology of Knowledge (change in prerequisites), MACH 27/Vertical Mill and Intro to CNC (new course addition), MACH 28/Shaper, Line-Bore,Adv. Machine (new course addition), MACHINE TECHNOLOGY (new program addition, certificate of completion), WELD TECHNOLOGY (new program addition, certificate of completion), English 18, Reading Essentials (new course addition).  All recommendations passed unanimously. 

·        Orientation to “Employee Services” website for relevant documents and Curriculum Review Committee minutes.

·        Senate members asked Curriculum Review Committee Chair to strike out Curriculum Review Committee membership comments at end of written report.


      7.  For the good of the order


·        Pua Kanahele has been awarded the Order of Ke Ali’i Pauahi Award. This is a historic event for both the Kanahele family and HawCC.  The award will be bestowed on 11/5/03.  The Senate wished to congratulate Pua on her significant and prestigious recognition.    

·        During the meeting a special list was generated entitled;

Things We Want To Know” which included the following topics that the Senate expects Chair Uchima to follow-up on and find specific information to share during the November meeting.

o       What is the composition of the VPAA Hiring Committee?

o       What is the current salary for our interim Chancellor?

o       Where is the money for the interim Chancellor’s salary coming from?

o       Where does Manoa stand on the across the board faculty salary increase?

o       What is the definitive timeline for the HawCC faculty reorganization?

o       What is the official job description for the HawCC VPAA?

o       What are the official roles or job descriptions for the proposed HawCC Deans?

o       How will the funding for the HawCC Deans impact our budget?

o       Will the funding come from administrative or instructional budgets?


Meeting adjourned at 2:35 pm.  m/s/p (Wakida/Wong)


Bob Duley/ Jennie Padilla Recorder