Hawai`i Community College

Academic Senate

Minutes of the Meeting of November 14, 2008



Present:   Roberta Brashear-Kaulfers, Sandra Claveria,  John Cole,  Kenoa Dela Cruz, Bob Duley, E. Kalani Flores, Harold Fujii, Sherri Fujita, Mary Goya,  Joyce Hamasaki (Kohala polycom),  Manaiakalani Kalua,   Kent Killam,  Kathy Kotecki (W. Hawai`i polycom),  Annie Maeda, Charleen Marlow, Eric Mecklenburg,  Donna Moore, Trina Nahm-Mijo, Leialoha Ilae-Kaleimamahu, Helen Nishimoto, Ellen Okuma (chair),  Noelie Rodriguez, Jeanne Ryan, Kaleo Quintana, Christine Quintana, Jill Savage (recorder) , Jane Sherwood, Tangarō, Mai Wong, NoeNoe Wong-Wilson, Lou Zitnik.   


Guest: Vice Chancellor Doug Dykstra & Sean Naleimaile


1.   Vice Chancellor Dykstra: 

o        Reminded members of the Senate about the Lyman House Museum’s “Museum on Main Street” events in partnership with Smithsonian Institution

o        Chancellor Freitas and Vice Chancellor Dykstra met with WH Chamber of Commerce to announce the release of 73 acres (out of the 500 acres) for  new campus planning; with location of burial sites, the usable acreage is limited to 37 acres; a consortium of developers and planners are moving forward with 2010 as the target; the initial building will house all of the current WH facilities, the second building will be reserved for nursing.

o        The AtD Team met in Honolulu @ KapCC on Wed, Nov12, with representatives from the CCSSE to discuss how to improve student response on the items that rank close to the national norms; the AtD team will first identify CCSSE items that rank close to the national norms then conduct focus groups with students to gather more information on ways to address these items.  An AtD meeting will be held in San Francisco this February at which training on focus groups will be provided – HawCC will send as many participants as possible.


2.    Ascertain Quorum : quorum ascertained at 12:00


3.    Approve minutes, October 31, 2008- deferred until January meeting, Chair Okuma will          

          clarify items in second bullet under Chancellor’s report.


4.   Chair’s Report:

  • Evaluation of Senate: 36 started the survey and 33 finished. Today at 5:00 is the deadline; reminder went out last night.   
  • Charter amendment: Exec. Com. reviewed issue. Will be on Jan. agenda as first reading; balloting to be done w/in 2 weeks of that mtg. Updating faculty list to be sure everyone will get a ballot.
  • BOR meeting: Friday, Nov. 21, Kauai CC; ACCFSC meeting on Nov. 20; CCCFSC

            meeting tbd

  • UHCC Strategic Plan still not finalized. I’m working w/Noreen to update the working

            draft of HawCC’s SP: new data and realigning goals and outcome measures to

            revised UHCC ones.

  • Senate website updated: BOR meetings posted; Robert’s Rules of Orders Online now

            linked; updating faculty list w/all new BOR-appointed hires.

  • Special meeting on 12/5 for curriculum proposals. Info. on today’s agenda.


5.       Standing and Other Committee Reports

a.   Ed Policy – Joyce Hamasaki

EPC presents final version of the Academic Renewal Policy for endorsement and continues review of Class Attendance and No Show Policy.

b.   Faculty Policy – Kathy Kotecki

FPC still working on faculty handbook with help in formatting from BUSN 292 students; plan on finalizing work by end of semester.

c.  Curriculum Review  - Kent Killam

         Spring ’09 – will continue to use paper format for proposals.

         d.   Writing Intensive – Donna Moore     

                        No proposals received this semester.   Review of WI guidelines:  WI courses require a     

                        minimum of 4000 words; emphasis on writing as a learning tool; WI course cap is 22

                        which allows for more stud/instr interaction.


6.         Old Business

            a.         Academic Renewal Policy—Ed Policy Committee         

                           - Action:  Passed unanimously


7.         New Business

            a.         Curriculum proposals—Curriculum Review Committee

            New course:  IS 101 Building Bridges to Self, College, and the Community

            Discussion ensued:  questions concerning social science designation, extent of

            topics, e.g. academic, technological, social and personal skills; Soc Sci DC

provided explanation that course meets criteria as social science based on CCCM 6004;  proposers addressed need for course as a foundational to the First-Year-Experience.    Question was called (H Fujii) 

       -Action:  Passed unanimously

           Modification of Digital Media Arts CC

                   - Action:  Passed unanimously

            b.         Lower campus faculty parking

                      M/S (Brashear-Kaufler/Maeda) to consider proposal concerning faculty access to 

                      lower campus state vehicle parking area.   

                       -Action:  Passed unanimously     


8.         For the good of the order

             - B. Duley – thanks English faculty for allowing him to make announcement in 15-16

                classes on the upcoming early registration;

             - N. Rodriguez – reminding members of the Senate about the Leonardo DiCaprio film     

                11th Hour film addressing environmental crisis;

             - T. Nahmmijo – reminding members of the Senate about the Key Ingredient events

             - S. Fujita – reminder next week is International Education Week with various events

             - L. Zitnik – brief summary of the film offered as part of the Key Ingredient event, “How

                  to Cook your Life”

             - NN Wong-Wilson – UHCC now has articulation agreement with Waikato University,

                  2Plus2 program; representatives will be on campus – next week.


9.        Adjourned:  1:10 p.m.


Approved as distributed, January 30, 2009.