Hawai`i Community College

Academic Senate

Minutes of the Meeting of 11/30/07


Present: Sandy Claveria, Marilyn Bader, John Cole, Sherrie Fujita, Pam Hudson, David Ikeda,  Kent Killam, Gwen Kimura,  Kathy Kotecki (vid con), Bernhard Laurich, Osh Larish, Doug Leite, Annie Maeda, Eric, Mecklenburg, Caroline Naugua, Ellen Okuma,  Joni Onishi,, Jennie Padilla, Kaylene Sato, Jill Savage (Chair), Jane Sherwood (recorder), Tangaro, NoeNoe Wong-Wilson.  Barbara Arthurs, guest.



1.                  A quorum was determined and the meeting was called to order at 1210 hours. 


2.                  The minutes of 10/26/07 we re reviewed and approved as read.


3.                  Chair’s Report

a.                  ACCFSC meeting


                     System discussing faculty housing. 

                     The President expressed concern about the time needed to get official statements from individual senates.  He wonders if members of ACCFSC could speak more often for their individual senate members to speed up response time for crucial concerns instead of having to go back to the Senates for feedback.

                     Slides were handed out regarding Achieving the Dream.  NoeNoe Wong Wilson isl chair of the core team for HawCC. 

                     BOR meetings In February and April conflict with our Senate meetings.   It was agreed to adjust the Senate meeting dates to February 29 and April 25.

b.         CCCFSC - UHCC strategic planning is in process with a report expected in January.



4.        Standing and Other Committee Reports

a          Ed Policy - no report

b          Faculty Policy - Kathy Kotecki reported that they are reviewing faculty handbooks from other campuses and making recommendations as well as staying in close touch with Joni Onishi.

c          Curriculum Review - Kent Killam presented proposals for review and discussion.   It was agreed to vote on the proposals as presented at this time.  As part of the discussion on curriculum proposals it was reiterated that the Senate’s responsibilities included final approval of  curriculum proposals.  The CRC reviews proposals but the final decision must be made by the Senate. January 25, 2008 is deadline for course proposals to be included in catalog and fall course lists.


Eng 215

Writing in Humanities/Social Science


HWST 180

Kahu Ku’una I

concern about the absence of reading pre reqs.  Vote: 5 ayes for accepting; 9 nays.   proposal will go back to CRC for further review.

LING 235 / ANTH236

Linguistic Analysis: Austronesian



Food Service





Food Service Orientation

Food Service Sanitation

Fundamentals of Cooking






Advanced Cookery

Buffet Preparation

Unanimously voted to return to CRC to clarify numbering sequence

FIRE 101

FIRE 151

FIRE 156

Essentials of Fire Suppression

Introduction to Wildland Fire Control

Incident Command System

Concern about the absence of pre reqs primarily reading. Honolulu CC has similar courses all of which have pre reqs  Vote: 7 ayes; 8 nays.  Proposal will be returned to CRC for further review

FIRE 202

Fire Hydraulics





BUS 120

BUS 157

ECOM 100

MGT 24

MKT 20

MKT 50

MKT 85

MKT 158

MKT 159

Principles of Business

Fundamentals of Web Design

Principles of E-Commerce

Personnel Management Relations

Principles of Marketing

Principles of Selling

Principles of E-Marketing

Principles of Web Design II

Principles of PHP and My SQL



d          Writing Intensive - Deadline for submissions is January 25, 2008.

e          Planning - no report

f           Budget Planning - NoeNoe Wong-Wilson presented the survey results and recommendations from the AdHoc Budget Review Committee.  11 responses to survey received.   Committee made recommendations which were discussed and formed into a resolution.

Whereas the Ad Hoc Budget Review Committee of the Academic Senate was tasked in Fall, 2006 to determine the need for the Senate’s role in the campus budget process; and


Whereas the Ad Hoc Budget Committee conducted a survey of Senators in October, 2007; and


Whereas the Ad Hoc Budget Committee has presented results of the survey and has made recommendations on November 30, 2007;


Now, therefore be it resolved that the Academic Senate;

1.                  Request the Chancellor and Vice-Chancellor of Administrative Affairs give an annual presentation on the HawCC budget; and

2.                  Request a process be established by the administration and the Academic Senate that will involve the Academic Senate in the Budget Review process;

3.                  Arrange for workshops that will provide assistance in understanding and developing the budget; and

4.                  Accept the report of the Ad Hoc Committee with these revised recommendations; and

5.                  Disband the Ad Hoc Budget Committee.


It was also noted that the CERC process will include budget review and a member of the Senate will be on the CERC. 

It was moved, seconded and unanimously accepted to approve the Committee’s recommendation and resolution.


g          Distance Ed - work in progress


5          New Business

a          Guidelines for Children of Students on Campus - Barbara Arthurs presented concerns about safety of children on campus and need for college policy.   Draft guidelines have been circulated.   Feedback is being sought from campus community.  It was noted that children of students and children of faculty and employees will be two separate policies.  If there are violations by children of students the student conduct code may be used for disciplinary action.  It was suggested that a policy of this nature needed to be included in the catalog.  Input is being sought from College Council and the Student Senate.  The issue of classroom management was discussed and the Senate asked that the final proposal be brought back to the Senate in January for final approval.  Draft Guidelines concerning HawCC Students’ Children on Campus

b          Curriculum Proposals - see above

c          CERC - There will be a member of the Senate on the CERC.   It can be either the Chair of the Senate or a designee.   Christina Hoffman expressed interest in CERC membership.  Jill Savage was nominated from the floor.   Jill Savage was elected to be the Senate member on the CERC.

d          Norms for e-café - Resolution proposed by Senate Exec committee was reviewed.  A friendly amendment was made to combine to whereas statements: Whereas a norm may be useful for comparison purposes when no standard exists, but the student evaluation rating provides a clear standard of numerical values with 1 being “strongly agree” and 5 being “strongly disagree” against which every instructor could compare her/his respective mean; and...

The resolution was unanimously accepted and will be forwarded to the VCAA by the Senate Chair.

AS Resolution Omission of  Norms

e          Achieving the Dream - Noe Noe Wong-Wilson briefed the Senate on the purpose and goals of the initiative.  It is the hope of the core team to begin to examine gatekeeper courses in order to understand better how to nurture success in the underachieving student populations.  Discussion ensued concerning gatekeeper courses and the criteria which determined which courses were in that category.   There will teams set up to further discussion in relationship to all the issues involved. 


The meeting was adjourned at 1435.