Academic Senate of Hawai’i Community College

            Friday, March 20, 2009   

        Bldg 388 Room 102        


Present:    Annie Brown, John Cole, Sherri Fujita,  Mary Goya, Joyce Hamasaki (W.HI polycom), Gabe James, Kent Killam, Kathy Kotecki (W.HI polycom), Eric Mecklenburg, Donna Moore, Ellen Okuma, Hazel Reece (W.HI polycom), Jill Savage (recorder), Mai Wong.



1.      Ascertain Quorum: Ascertained 12:10

2.      Approve minutes:

·        January 30, 2009: m/s (Cole/Savage)  Approved as distributed

·        February 27, 2009: m/s (Goya/Cole)   Approved as distributed


       3.   Chair’s Report

·        ACCFSC and CCCFSC meetings attended by Chair Okuma 3/19/09

-         J. Morton, VPCC, reports with increase in tuition and enrollment the UHCC budget issues are at the moment under control.

·        Economic Concerns: HawCC Exec Com. at its last meeting discussed need to explore ways the College might be proactive in addressing community needs that may manifest as a result of the worsening economic climate.  Chair Okuma met with Chancellor Freitas about initiatives the College was considering; he reported that the stimulus monies were largely taken by the counties, any amounts filtering down would most likely be directed to the West side for infrastructure needs. 

·        eCAFE: J. Hamasaki has put together a list of 10 benefits for using eCAFE, this list was distributed via faculty & lecturer listservs.  E. Mecklenburg will compose a list of tips on how to increase response rates; Chair Okuma to assist. Chair Okuma has received an official request for Senate to review the standard 18 questions on the eCAFE tool. An ad hoc committee will be formed with no more than 5 members to take on the charge of reviewing the questions and reporting to the Senate on any recommended changes.  Chair Okuma will compose a formal charge for the committee.

·        Teaching Effectiveness:  Senate Exec Com. at its March meeting discussed the need for more discussion on measuring teaching effectiveness – with the proposal that the Staff/Development Committee conduct a series of forums for open discussion on the topic.

·        Assessment Workshop to be held at WinCC March 23 & 24.


       4.              Standing and Other Committee Reports

                        a.         Ed Policy – Joyce Hamasaki

·        No Show Policy: Committee has not met since Feb. 27; continues to collect information from Student Services regarding ramifications of No Show Policy, will likely continue review of this policy and associated procedures through the next academic year.

·        Transfer of Credit Policy:  will be meeting April 3rd to discuss the requested revisions.


                        b.         Faculty Policy – Kathy Kotecki

·        Faculty/Staff Handbook – second reading, will distribute for final reading and will accept suggestions for change through April 6.  Discussion on revising title to “Faculty Handbook.”


                        c.         Curriculum Review  - Kent Killam

·        Curriculum Central:  UHH has expressed interest in the CC; UHCC system Curr. Central committee will meet the first week of April; Curr. Central  may be up and running before April 17.


                        d.         Writing Intensive – Donna Moore        

·        New WI proposals approved: ENG 105 (L. Zitnik)  & HIST 151 (G. James)


            5.         Old Business

            a.         Faculty Handbook—Faculty Policy Committee

                   Action: none


6.         New Business

                        a.    New Course Proposals

                                    Chem 161     General Chemistry I

                                    Chem 161L   General Chemistry I Laboratory

                                    Chem 162     General Chemistry II

                                    Chem 162L   General Chemistry II Laboratory

                          Action:   Approved unanimously.


            b.         Campus Governance (only the highlighted/red portion will be reviewed)—        
                        Action:  Approved with revisions.

                              - Revision 1: – change order of first two bullets with ASUH-HawCC first

                                     followed by the Academic Senate

                              - Revision 2:  - in second paragraph of highlighted section delete “but” 

                                     and insert “and.”


            7.         For the good of the order


            8.         Adjourn: 1:00 p.m.



Minutes approved as distributed, April 17, 2009