March 19, 2004

Manono Campus, Building 388, Room 102


Present: Charleen Marlow (Acting-Chair), Marilyn Bader, Annie Brown, Jackie Stradtmann-Carvalho, John Cole, Kenoalani Dela Cruz, Bill Derasin, Bob Duley, Mary Goya, Pam Hudson, Donnalyn Kalei, Karen Kane, Kekuhi Kanahele-Frias, Lei Kapono, Kent Killiam, Gwen Kimura, Betsy Kodis (guest), Clyde Kojiro, Charleen Lagrimas, Michael Larish, Bernhard Laurich, Karen Leialoha, James Lightner, Annie Maeda, John Marlow, Trina Nahm-Mijo, Julia Moore, Sarah Narimatsu, Ellen Okuma, Jennie Padilla, Pate Pieron, Joel Peralto, Jill Savage, Jane Sherwood, Fred Stone, Robert Yamane, James Yoshida, Wilt Watanabe, Mai Wong, Lou Zitnik 


1.  A quorum was established and Acting Chair called the meeting to order at 12:10 p.m.


2.  Approval of February 27, 2004 meeting minutes with corrections to Section 9.e. Election of Department/Unit Chairs.  …Liberal Arts Unit Head… was passed unanimously. m/s/p  (Hudson, Kalei)


3.  Chair’s Report-no report was given.


4.  Vice-Chairs Report

·        The Vice-Chair reported that Interim Chancellor Daniel responded to the Senate recommendation of reassigned time for the Academic Senate Chair and Secretary.  The Chancellor offered to provide assistance to the Secretary through the DOI secretary, but no reassigned time.  The Chair would teach a 12-unit credit load during the Fall semester and a 9-unit credit load during the Spring semester.  This amounts to 9-units of reassigned time credit per year.  This is and increase of 3 units of reassigned time when compared to what was previously awarded. Another possibility would be a stipend of $200 per month.


·        The Vice-Chair also announced that Annie Maeda had been selected to the Executive Committee and that two senators had expressed interest in the Academic Senate Chair position, but they were not yet fully committed.


5. Curriculum Committee Reports-No reports given at this time.


6.  Unfinished Business-none at this time.


7. New Business

  1. UHPA Report (Lou Zitnik)

·        Senator Zitnik reported that there had been a faculty demonstration at Leeward. Also, Oahu faculty were preparing for a strike just in case, but the outlook was that there would be an offer in place by March 23 or 24.  He told senators to check their e-mail frequently for updates.

     b.  Assigned time for Department Chairs (Pam Hudson)

·        Senator Hudson introduced the topic and discussions followed.  Increased workload levels including accreditation responsibilities, the possibility of not filling the Liberal Arts Unit Head position, the possible effects of the chosen administration model on Department Chair workload, the reassigned time formula, and difficulty in filling Department Chair positions were some of the factors considered.


·        A motion that the Academic Senate recommends to Interim Chancellor Daniel that she grant additional reassigned time to department and division chairs passed unanimously (J. Marlow, Hudson).


      c.  Administration Reorganization

·        Presentations of administrative structure model 1 (Sherwood, Killam), 3 (Narimatsu, Duley) and 4 (J. Marlow) were given.  No one volunteered to present model 2, but like the others, it was shown both in handouts and on the overhead, and the difference between it and model 1 were pointed out.  The presentations, followed by direct questioning of the presenters from the Senate floor, lasted for 15 minutes each.  This process was followed by open discussions of all models. 


·        Voting by secret ballot began at 2:10 p.m. and voting ended shortly afterward.  Senators Peralto, Narimatsu, and Brown collectively counted all votes.


·        The results were:  Model #1 (8 votes), Model #2 (0 votes), Model #3 (9 votes), and Model # 4 (22 votes)


8.  For the Good of the Order

·           The Secretary recounted the number of Senators present after the above vote to assure a quorum. Sixteen Senators remained.


·           As a result of administrative structure model presentations and discussion, concerns emerged that the present recruitment of the Chief Academic Officer position does not place the level of emphasis on Student Services experiences and leadership needed to meet the minimum requirements for a Vice Chancellor of Academic and Student Affairs position.


·           A motion stating that:  If Hawai`i Community College gains a position of Vice-Chancellor for Academic and Student Affairs, the Senate strongly recommends that a new search be initiated for this position, passed unanimously. (Hudson, Savage)


Meeting adjourned at 2:25 pm. m/s/p (J. Marlow, Duley)


Bob Duley