Academic Senate of Hawai’i Community College

            Friday, January 30, 2009            

12 - 1:30 pm


Present:   Roberta Brashear-Kaulfers, Annie Brown, Sandra Claveria, John Cole, Bob Duley, Sherrie Fujita, Joyce Hamasaki, Lei Ilae-Kaleimamahu, John-Gabriel James, Manaiakalani Kalua, Kent Killam, Kathy Kotecki (vidcon), Karen Leialoha, Eric Mecklenburg, Violet Murakami, Helen Nishimoto, Ellen Okuma (chair), Jill Savage (recorder), Kate Sims (vidcon),   Mai Wong, Lou Zitnik.   


Guest: Chancellor Freitas


1.         Chancellor Freitas Report — 12:00 – 12:15

·        Discussed status of West Hawaii campus :  does not receive attention due by system, needs of WH lost in shadow of UH W. Oahu, though clearly needs of WH exceed those of well endowed UHWO community; have community efforts to seek legislative support; Palama Nui development on hold (responsible for infrastructure and $5 mill. of first bldg);  hope that the  President’s economic stimulus (PES) package will help, projects that are  “shovel ready” within 4 months qualify,  a mid-level road is ready which would give access to Kai’imi Nani; will seek green light for water delivery by way of a 12” pipe down center of Kai’imi Nani.  If PES package does not support projects, then will seek  Legislative CIP to construct road and infrastructure to ensure water access; imminent concerns are access, water, and sewage treatment; golf tournament (Jan 26 at Hokulia) was a success with 130 entrants, proceeds will go to WH campus building.

·        Parking: Senate resolution requesting reservation of parking stalls on lower campus has been attended to, 2 stalls are reserved for faculty use.

·        State budget: Governor may issue another cut; approx $50 K for us which our campus is able to absorb; if more cuts are forthcoming, would require serious discussion and notable cuts.

·        In response to question asked about appropriation of $11 mill., likely that this will happen and bulk will go to renovating Hale Aloha and roughly $295 K for lower campus LRDP.

·        Please spread word: to faculty and students that we have zero tolerance for bad behavior (including inappropriate language) on campus.


2.         Accreditation Liaison Officer (Kate Sims) Report—Time certain, 12:15

·        Jan 14 – sent ACCJC substantive change request for AA degree – at least 50% of credits earned toward an AA degree can be obtained via DE classes.

·        April 17 – complete written proposal for the substantive change, E. Okuma (DE coordinator) will be assisting K. Sims with report.

·        Oct – mid-term report due to ACCJC.


3.         Quorum ascertained.




4.         Approve minutes:

·        October 31, 2008:   m/s (Hamasaki/Brashear-Kaulfers)   Approved with correction

·        November 14, 2008:  m/s  (Wong/Claveria)  Approved as distributed

·        December. 5, 2008:    m/s (Hamasaki/Wong)  Approved as distributed


5.         Chair’s Report


  • Report on ACCFSC and CCFSC meetings (Nov. 20, 2008 & Jan. 8, 2009)

Ø      Nov. 20—Presidential Search Committee and budget for both meetings that day were main topics; at CCFSC mtg, VP Morton said he would be asking Chancellors to report regularly on sustainability measures being implemented at each of the UHCC’s

Ø      Jan. 8—ACCFSC only met; VP Johnsrud said the BOR accepted the UH Strategic Plan; Presidential Search Committee advisory group was introduced (Donna Tanoue [Chair], Sharon Tanabe and Alberto Pimental—latter 2 are from Storbeck/Pimental Associates), deadline for ad in Chronicle of Higher Ed is 2/20, w/open recruitment until hired; budget news looking worse w/COR projections

  • Parking Task Force—first meeting on 12/15/08—went over Senate resolution and approved it. Senate Chair sent follow-up to VCAS on 1-20-09; Bill Affonso sent e-mail on 1-23-09 explaining the parking pass procedures; need volunteer to serve as Senate Chair’s designee (no response so will send request to listserv)
  • Presidential Search Committee advisory group—1/9/09 at HawCC, 9:30-10:30—Donna Tanoue (Chair), Sharon Tanabe and Alberto Pimental, and new regent, Carl Carlson were available to gather input
  • MauiCC resolution on Retention & Persistence & Completion & VP Morton response; sent it out to faculty; concerns about using student data in personnel decisions
  • Evaluation of Academic Senate—Senate Chair sent Jan. 20 e-mail with a Jan. 28 deadline to send results-oriented solutions to Exec. Comm. reps. One concern (lack of clarity w/administrative follow-up to Academic Senate recommendations) has been addressed; Ellen met w/Chancellor to discuss the MauiCC template that has Senate, Chancellor and VCAA signature lines on form when Senate approves an item and forwards it; as a result, the EPC policy is being issued on a similar form that Ellen and Chancellor worked on; Chancellor wants Ellen to re-send items that were approved in the Fall so he can use the form.
  • E-Café survey responses—EC to meet w/VCAA and Shawn on 2/6/09, 10-12:00, 6A to go over results; 66 responded
  • Senate website updated: different site for Robert’s Rules (suggested by John Cole) is linked; minutes of approved Exe. Comm. and FPC and EPC minutes. Also posted version of Faculty Handbook that Marsha Kayano’s students formatted into word; missing Title Page and Table of Contents, which has problem with formatting
  • As mentioned by Kate, A.A. DE Substantive Change application will be reviewed by ACCJC April 17 but final is due to their liaison on March 17, which means our final should be finished by March 1; leaves all of February to do the work.




6.         Standing and Other Committee Reports

            a.         Ed Policy Joyce Hamasaki

o       Committee presents recommended revisions to Class Attendance/No Show Policy, to be discussed under old business.

(Charged to revise policy statement as needed to address online classes.)


            b.         Faculty Policy – Kathy Kotecki

o       Recommended revisions to Faculty Handbook submitted to Senate for first reading; link to be found on Senate website and e-copy (as a .docx file) sent to listserv by Senate Chair.


            c.         Curriculum Review  - Kent Killam

o       Follow-up to HLS curriculum proposals considered on Dec 5, 2008 - (See minutes of Dec 5, 2008), wording of prerequisites has been worked out with program –  reading and writing prerequisites will be in place for the courses in the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th  tracks;  students completing the reading and writing prerequisites will be able to enroll in the Phil 110 to fulfill the quantitative reasoning requirement. 

o       Deadline for Spring proposals is today, Jan 30.

o       No definitive news on the status of Curriculum Central.


            d.         Writing Intensive – Donna Moore        

o       No report



7.         Old Business

            a.         Class attendance & No Show Policy—Ed Policy Committee

o       Much discussion: 

-Practicality of revision – requiring students to contact their respective online instructor during the first week of class;

- Is there a timeline within which an instructor has the option of dropping an absent student?

The EPC will resume consideration of the matter.



b.         Faculty Handbook (first reading)—Faculty Policy Committee

o       Members of the Senate are invited to review draft revisions to Faculty Handbook and provide any feedback to Kathy Kotecki (kotecki@hawaii.edu) on or before

      5 p.m. Feb. 5.



c.         Charter Amendment (first reading)—Vice Chair

o       The 20 signatures required for a Charter amendment were collected; amendment (concerning duties of the Senate chair) was presented to Senate at December meeting;  Vice Chair E. Mecklenburg will conduct balloting at usual poll sites prior to which E. Okuma will send out a notice to the listserv.  

8.         New Business

·        None



9.         For the good of the order

  • J. Cole reported on the status of the ongoing saga of the UHPA contract, which will expire soon.
  • L. Zitnik reported that Eng 100 is being reviewed, asks for any comments/needs from faculty members, will send out request for feedback. 


10.       Adjourned 1:30 p.m.


Minutes approved as distributed, March 20, 2009