Academic Senate of Hawai’i Community College

            Friday, February 27, 2009            

Bldg 388 room 102 & West HI & Kohala Center polycom

12 - 1:30 pm



Present:    Annie Brown,  Sandra Claveria, Kalani Flores (Kohala Ctr.),  Joyce Hamasaki (Kohala Ctr.), Lei Ilae-Kaleimamahu,  John-Gabriel James, Manaiakalani Kalua,  Kekui Kealiikanakaole, Kent Killam, Osh Larish, Denise Luker, Eric Mecklenburg, Kihei Nahale-a, Ellen Okuma (chair), Jill Savage (recorder), Tangaro, Mai Wong

Guest: Sean Namaile


1.                  VCAA Report—  Unable to attend

Substitute:  Interim Assistant Dean – unable to attend


            2.         Quorum ascertained:   12:05 p.m.


            3.         Approve minutes:  Minutes of the January 30 meeting were not distributed.                                Minutes of December 5, 2008 were distributed by mistake and approved again.


      4.         Chair’s Report

·        Report on ACCCFSC mtg. (no CCFSC mtg.) on 2-19-09

o       MauiCC still concerned about SLO’s and faculty evaluation; UHPA Board Notes, Jan. 10, 2009: “directors were informed that while there can be aggregate course data collected regarding SLO’s, the data cannot be used for individual faculty evaluations. If this happens, it would be a procedural violation of the UHPA contract and the individual faculty member needs to contact the union.” (p.3)

o       Governance Subcomm.—recommendation that there be a 2 part assessment process that would include Senate chairs and administrators

o       Presidential Search—web site set up: http://www.hawaii.edu/offices/bor/presidential-search/index.php. “listening tours” still be conducted for all campuses; 2/20 was deadline for ad w/open recruitment continuing; 3/2 search comm. to meet to review candidates and nominees; 1st week of April will be first cut to get down to 8-12 candidates; short list in 2nd round w/campus visits in late April, early May, possibly during Finals Week to be sure that students and faculty are available. Wants transparent and open process.

o       Sustainable Saunders presentation—grad student intern doing energy audit and saving money and energy already—delamping, turning thermostats up; UH system received C- in natl. sustainability score; we don’t factor in temperature needs for our climate and aloha wear whereas other places have different winter/summer clothing needs for work; sustainability experience/awareness is one criteria on Presidential Search PD. Web site: http://sustainablesuanders.hawaii.edu


·        Feb. 6 e-mail sent out re e-Café meeting; Doug just sent out a follow-up msg. that all faculty, incl. DPC members and DC’s should read, about use of student evals. and dossier prep.

- E. Mecklenburg will present ways to improve student response rates; currently increased response rates are found in cases where the students are brought to a computer lab and/or when rewards are offered to the students for completing the evaluation; need to ensure ongoing communication of e-Cafe with the students throughout the semester.

      - K. Flores:  Are there statistics regarding college return rates?

      Questions on e-Cafe need to be updated.  (E. Okuma recommends submitting a      

       request/proposal to Ex Comm representative.)


            5.         Standing and Other Committee Reports

                        a.         Ed Policy – Joyce Hamasaki

·        Items under consideration include the evaluation of transfer credits and ongoing discussion concerning the No Show Policy.  Both the Registrar and DOSS have been consulted regarding the elimination of this policy, both of whom support the elimination.  Members of the EPC will request feedback from constituents to assess level of support for preserving the policy. 


                        b.         Faculty Policy – Kathy Kotecki

·        Per E. Okuma: The Faculty Policy Committee is meeting on March 16th; FPC chair will send out the final Handbook, with the suggested changes, so members can have it before the March 20th meeting.


                        c.         Curriculum Review  - Kent Killam

·        Acknowledge work on part of CRC members as well as proposers

·        Curriculum Central – two meetings on  Feb 27, current version improved, probable delivery in 2-4 weeks; front end will be customized by each campus which may require modifications of current forms.


                        d.         Writing Intensive – Donna Moore        

·        Per E. Okuma; Hist 151 and Eng 105 accepted as WI specific to instructor


            6.         Old Business:  no old business


7.         New Business

            a.         Curriculum Actions :Kent Killam


The following proposals were approved.


                           Course Modifications
                                    Art 202 Digital Imaging

                                Art 209 Image in Motion Studio

                                Art 212 Digital Animation

                                Art 293V  Internship

                ESL 7 Reading and Study Skills I

                ESL Reading and Study Skills II

                ESL 11 Basic Grammar and Writing

            ESL 13 Grammar and Writing

            ELS  15 Introduction to Expository Writing

            ESL 25  Academic Listening and Speaking

            MATH 50 Technical Mathematics

            MATH 51  Algebra Topics for Electricity

   Course Deletions

            ETRO 10   Survey of Electronics

                                    ETRO 25L  ETRO Test Instruments Lab

ETRO 30  Communications

ETRO 30L Communications Lab

ETRO 32 Electronics Circuit Analysis

ETRO 45L Electonics Ckts and Sys lab

ETRO 52 Industrial Electronics

ETRO 57 Electronics Servicing Lab

ETRO 25L  ETRO Test Instruments Lab

ETRO 30  Communications

ETRO 30L Communications Lab

ETRO 32 Electronics Circuit Analysis

ETRO 45L Electonics Ckts and Sys lab

ETRO 52 Industrial Electronics

ETRO 57 Electronics Servicing Lab

Program modification(s)

                                    AS  Forest TEAM

ASC Hawai`i Life Styles

                                    AAS  Hawai`i Life Styles

New Courses

                                                HWST 100   Piko Hawai`i

HWST  160  Kahu Ku'una I: Introduction to Hawai'i Stewardship

HWST   161     Kahu Ku'una II: Foundations of Hawai'i Stewardship

HWST  242   Hawaiian Trail Culture:  Kona & Kohala

HWST 251  Lawai'a IV: Kipapalauulu

HWST 260  Kahu Ku'una III: Protocols

HWST 261   KAHU KU'UNA IV: Application of Hawai'i Stewardship

SPCO 233  Oral Traditions – Story Telling


8.         For the good of the order


9.         Adjourned:  1:00p.m.


Minutes approved as distributed, March 20, 2009