Hawai`i Community College

Academic Senate

Minutes of the Meeting of 2/29/2008


Present: Sandy Claveria, Marilyn Bader, Roberta Brashear, John Cole, Joyce Hamasaki, Pam Hudson,  Kent Killam, Clyde Kojiro,  Kathy Kotecki (vid con), karen Leialoha,  Annie Maeda, Charlene Marlow, Eric  Mecklenburg, Helen Nishimoto, Ellen Okuma,  Jennie Padilla, Jackie Stradtman-Carvalho,  Jill Savage (Chair), Jane Sherwood (recorder), Noe Noe Wong-Wilson.  Guests:  Doug Dykstra, Sean Naleimaile.


1.                  A quorum was determined and the meeting was called to order at 1205 hours. 



2.                  The Chair asked if there were any objections to moving the discussion of ISO forward on the agenda.   No objections were heard. 

Doug Dykstra spoke about his office being renamed Instructional Services Office.  He decided that the name was more appropriate for the functions.  The office supports incubating programs, houses media support, distance ed, IT, Cooperative Vocational Education, Banner, Institutional Research.  The office also helps with the HUD funded Middle College.   He also talked about the comprehensive report his office prepared that addressed only those aspects which were asking for funding in the biennium budget.  All the rest of his office was reviewed in the annual report.  Questions were raised about the process of writing comprehensive reports on only those pieces of a department which are asking for funding.  Is that a precedent for all?  Further questions were raised about incubating programs when curriculum oversight is the responsibility of the Academic Senate.   Once the program has consent to be developed, then all courses in the program will be reviewed by CRC. 


3.         Chair asked if were any objections to agendizing under New Business a request to review and revise Haw 7.505 – 

            No Show Policy; no objections were heard, item added to agenda by unanimous consent.


4.         The minutes of 1/25/2008   were  reviewed and approved as read.


5.         Chair’s Report

ACCFSC - Linda Johnsrud reported that the tuition increases to not appear to have not impacted enrollment;

the results of the survey on strategic plan/outcomes discussed; nonresident caps for enrollment are being reviewed; there is ongoing discussion about the ACCFSC ability to make decisions/recommendations without returning to respective Senates for input. 

CCFSC - John Morton reported that budgeting will be heavily influenced by repair and maintenance requests; Strategic planning is continuing; and authorization to speak without prior authority from respective Senates was discussed.


Executive Committee proposes Ellen Okuma as the candidate for Senate Chair for next academic year.   Nominations will be accepted until 3/18/08 via nomination/confirmation form to be included in next newsletter and distributed by e-mail;  Senate chair elections will be held the first week in April. 


The Chair addressed the use of ballots for a vote during a Senate meeting.   The question of a ballot vote is usually brought before an assembly by a motion from the floor and requires a simply majority, but may also be presented and passed by unanimous consent.  If no objections are raised at the time the question is presented, it is assumed that at least the majority support the measure.  Ballots provide the most democratic method of ascertaining the will of an assembly especially given an assembly of mixed rank and a question that is likely to be divided.


 6.         Standing and Other Committee Reports

a          Ed Policy - Joyce Hamasaki presented the Academic Renewal Policy.  It was moved, seconded and unanimously agreed to accept the policy.

                Acad. Renwal Policy .         Jill will sign and send it to the VCAA.


b          Faculty Policy - Kathy Kotecki gave an update of the discussion about the Faculty Handbook.  They have finally decided upon a table of contents.  Discussion is ongoing.


c          CRC - Following curriculum actions were presented by the CRC: 

All approved except the Change of Program Prerequisites for AED, AMT,  CARP, EIMT, ET, PRCN and SUBS.   Questions raised by Nursing regarding the impact on PRCN which already has program requirements.  The financial aid impact was also questioned and the Senate unanimously voted to send the proposal back for discussion in the Nursing Division.

                        Modifications  to:     

MATH 22    Prealgebra

MATH 24    Elementary Algebra I

MATH 25    Elementary Algebra II

MATH 26    Elementary Algebra

ASC  for      Environmental Studies

Fire 202     Fire Hydraulics

FSER  23     Menu Planning and Merchandising

FSER  30     Purchasing/Control

FSER  34     Food and Beverage Cost Control

FSER 41V   Dining Room Operations and Stewarding (var)

FSER  52     Short Order Cookery

FSER  54     Cold Food Pantry

FSER  60     Intermediate Cookery

                                                FSER  62     Fundamentals of Baking

                                FSER  63     Patisserie

FSER  70     Advanced Cookery

FSER  72     Buffet Preparation

BLPR  30C   Blueprint Reading for Electricians

ELEC  24      Interior Wiring

CHEM 151     Elementary Survey of Chemistry

New Courses/certificates:

CC     Computer Support  

Fire 107     Firefighting Strategies and Tactics

Fire 111    Management in the Fire Service

Fire 153    Advanced Wildland Firefighting

Fire 154    Wildland/Urban Interface Operations

Fire  157    Intermediate Wildland Fire Behavior

                                FIRE 208     Aircraft Rescue Fire Fighting


d          Writing Intensive - no report


e          Distance Ed - no report


f           e-café  - Jane Sherwood reported that the adhoc committee met.  Issues  were raised and possible solutions discussed.   Grid was presented in the Senate meeting.  Grid will be emailed to all faculty to be sure there are no other concerns. 


7.         New Business

a          Strategic Plan - Ellen Okuma updated the Senate about the surveys.  It was noted that the Senate survey and the Survey monkey request did not agree on all items.  There is concern about the use of numbers rather that standards for measurement.


b          Policy of Children of Students on Campus - still with legal counsel\


c          Class Attendance - Request from Noreen Yamane to review the class attendance policy to bring it into line with online classes.  Currently there is no policy about dropping students who do not participate in online classes as there is for students who do not attend class physically.   Referred to EPC.


8.         The meeting was adjourned at 1350hours.