Academic Senate Minutes

Special Meeting

December 5, 2008



Present:  Marilyn Bader, Annie Brown, Kenoa Dela Cruz, Sandra Claveria, John Cole, Karen Crowell,  Kalani Flores, Sherrie Fujita, Mary Goya,  Joyce Hamasaki (vidcon),  Pam Hudson, Manaiakalani Kalua,  Donnalyn Kalei,   Kekuhi Kealiikanakaole,   Kent Killam,  Ola Jenkins, Annie Maeda, Eric Mecklenburg,  Violet Murakami,  Caroline Naguwa, Kihei Nahale-a,  Trina Nahm-Mijo, Lei Ilae-Kaleimamahu, Karen Leialoha, Harvey Motomura, Trina Nahm-Mijo, Helen Nishimoto, Christine Quintana, Kaleo Quintana, Ellen Okuma (chair),  Jennie Padilla,  Noelie Rodriguez,  Jill Savage (recorder) , Jane Sherwood (recorder), Tangarō, Francis-Dean Uchima, Mai Wong, Lou Zitnik.   


Guests:   Brent Runnells, Barbara Arthurs


1.  Quorum ascertained:  2:05


2.  M/S to amend agenda – take up item 2b ( Request for Academic Senate to rescind Nov. 14, 2008 vote on IS  101  before item 2a (Material from Curriculum Review Committee) (S. Claveria)

       Motion Passes with 1 opposed.


3.   M/S to  rescind Nove 14 vote on IS  101 proposal  (J. Savage)

       Discussion points: 

·          SS designation important part of proposal – not made known to Senate members prior to vote,  unlikely that members of Senate would know the IS course was so designated, designation is critical as it affects the AA degree; 

·          CRC reviewed all components of course, area designation not part determined by CRC, up to department, and not part of summary report to Senate; 

·          SS Dept supports proposal and designation.


M/S call for the question (S. Claveria)    

                  Motion passes with 22 in favor and 5 opposed.

M/S to vote by ballot

                 Motion fails    15 in favor and  17 opposed


    Main motion to Rescind   fails   with  6 in favor and 25 opposed.



4.   Material from Curriculum Committee



            AG 291  Forest Restoration Ecology and Ecosystems Management Practicum

                AAS  Electronics Technology

ETRO 20  Fundamentals of Electronics

ETRO 20L Fundamentals of Electronics Lab

ETRO 22 Applications of Electronics

ETRO 22LApplications of Electronics Lab

ETRO 23  Electronics Fabrication& Assembly

ETRO 23L Electronics Fabrication& Assembly Lab

ETRO 37  Digital Electronics

ETRO 37L Digital Electronics Lab

ETRO  40 Microprocessor Electronics

ETRO 43 Computer Networking  and Hardware

                ETRO 43LComputer Networking and Hardware Lab

ETRO 45 Electronics Circuits & Systems


Discussion points:

·          Etro 37/37L  (Etro 143/143L)   Have ETRO 120/120L  and 122/122L as prerquisites,  this is redundant as ETRO 122/122L  have as prerequisite ETRO 120/120L


      Action the ETRO  proposals   passed unanimously.



The following proposals were considered by the Senate:



                 HAW 103   Hawaiian Language Through Traditional Occupation (Oihana)

 HWST  123 Hawiian Language

 HSWT  141  Introduction to Ho`oponopono

HWST  241   Hawaiian Trail Cult, Puna, Ka`u on Hawai`i Island



AAS  Hawai`i Life Styles – Hula, Lawai`a,  , Mahi`ai, and Kahu Ku`una


HAW 101  Elementary Hawaiian I

HAW 102  Elementary Hawaiian II


HAW 201  Intermediate Hawai`i Language I

                HAW 202   Intermediate Hawai`i Language II


HWST 124  Hawaiian Myths and Legends

HWST 125  Hawaiian Plants and Their Uses

HWST  126 Introduction to Hawaiian Music

HWST 128  Hawaiian Arts and Crafts

HWST 129  Hawaiian Chants and Classical Dance

HWST 130  Papa 'Olapa (Ancient Hula)

HWST  131  Hula Noa (Secular Hula)

                HWST  160  Kalo (Taro) Culture I

HWST  161 Kalo (Taro) Culture II

                HWST  170A Lawai'a Culture I

HWST  170B  Lawai'a Culture II

HWST 205  Native Hawaiian Beliefs & Practices

HWST 221  Hawaiian Culture in transition

HWST 224  Epic Saga of Pele and Hi`iaka

HWST 231  Hawiian Culture I

                HWST  232  Hawaiian Culture II, Oral Arts and Traditions

HWST  235  Hula Ensemble

HWST  236  Ho'opa'a I: Ipu Heke

HWST  237  Ho'opa'a II

HWST  250  Hawaiian Leadership

HWST  251  Hawaiian Leadership In Action

HWST 260 The Lo'i Kalo (Wetland Taro)

HWST  261 Huki'ai: Harvest and Marketing

HWST  268  Hawai'i Pamamao I

HWST 269   Hawai'i Pamamao II

HWST 270    Loko I'a


Discussion points:

·          The title change from Hawaiian Life Styles to    Hawai`i Life Styles

·          Several courses include   “… and instructor’s approval” as part of the prerequisite


With the correction that reference to HAWST should read HWST ,   the following proposals including the deletions and modifications to the AAS Hawai`i Life Styles through HWST 170 as listed above --  passed unanimously:



The following addendum was distributed at the meeting by Chair of CRC  and considered separately. 


New Courses                                        Current Title

HWST 131, 141, 151, 161           New Tracks – Hula, Mahi`ai, Lawai`a,  and Kahu Ku`una

Proposal: Modify prerequisites to require students to progress with their reading/ writing skills-

Completion of Eng 18 (or completion of ESL7) or placement into Eng 20R (or placement in ESL 9); and placement into Eng 20W( or completion of ESL 11 or placement into ESL 13); and completion of Math 22 or placement into Math 24 or placemen into Math 26


New Courses                                        Current Title

HWST 230, 240, 250, 260         New Tracks – Hula, Mahi`ai, Lawai`a,  and Kahu Ku`una

Proposal: Modify prerequisites to require students to progress with their reading/ writing skills and quantitative reasoning skills-  Completion of Eng 20R (or completion of ESL9) or placement into Eng 21; and completion of Eng 20W (or completion of ESL 13) or placement into Eng 22(or placement into ESL 15); and completion of Math 24 or placement into Math 26


New Courses                                        Current Title

HWST 231, 241, 251, 261        New Tracks – Hula, Mahi`ai, Lawai`a,  and Kahu Ku`una

Proposal: Modify prerequisites to require students to progress with their reading/ writing skills and quantitative reasoning skills-   Eng 100;  and  Math 100 (or Phil 110)


Discussion points:

·          Correction:   Eng 102 should be included in the last proposal, “Eng 102  or…”

·          Prerequisite statement in all three require some math and do not state option to take Phil 110.


M/S to table the last three items (addendum) concerning prerequisites until the January meeting.  (K. Killam)

         Motion Fails with  12 in favor and 20 opposed.


Discussion points:

·          Senate should approve exact wording

·          Senate should trust that the intent is preserved


M/S to approve the three recommendations (addendum) with the understanding that the final   prerequisite wording will be worked out with the program.  (M. Goya)

         Motion passes    20 in favor  and 11 opposed.



Announcement (K. Killam)  Curriculum deadline is Jan 30, 2009 for Spring 2010 schedule and the Fall 2009 catalog.




Adjourned:  3:35


Approved as distributed, January 30, 2009