Academic Senate of Hawai‘i Community College

            Friday, April 17, 2009            



Present:            Sandra Claveria, John Cole, Sherri Fujita, Pam Hudson, Gabe James, Kent Killam, Eric Mecklenburg, Donna Moore, Ellen Okuma,  Jill Savage (recorder).



1.         Vice Chancellor Dykstra Report—Time certain, 12:00-12:05   

·          Enrollment Growth Funding Initiative:  The EGF Initiative has proved very helpful to the UHCC’s in reducing the budgetary challenges directly associated with the addition of  

classes in response to an increased enrollment.  At HawCC over this past 2008-2009 academic year, in order to accommodate increased enrollment, 126 classes were added.    

            The added cost to run these classes (approx $630 K) was covered in part by the tuition and fees (roughly $351K)  plus funds provided by the EGF ($351 K).  This leaves us with excess   discretionary funds. We anticipate further enrollment growth over the next year and will need the additional funds provided by the EGF Initiative to defray the cost of additional classes. 


2.         Chair’s Report-Ellen Okuma

·          The ACCFSC met this morning VP Budget and Finance, Howard Todo, gave a budget report –   details pending at the state level.  There will be two discipline meetings

   in May  Pacific Island faculty will meet at the end of May, the second concerning Remedial Reading & Writing will be convened by Joanne Itano and Linda Currivan of LCC.    Presidential search   continues – search committee expects to be able to present a short list to the BOR by the end of May; campus visitations will be held May 4 and 11 at Manoa, Kauai CC, Maui CC, and HawCC;    so far eleven applicants have been interviewed with three more to go; the search committee is taking steps to ensure increased transparency (in the search process) relative to past practices here                  (UH) as well at campuses on the mainland. 


3.         Vice Chair’s report – Eric Mecklenburg

  • All ballots for the Senate chair election were collected and counted and all votes support the reelection of Ellen Okuma as our Academic Senate chair for 2009-2010 academic year.


4.         Standing and other committee Reports

            a.         Faculty Policy-Kathy Kotecki

·       Per E. Okuma: K. Kotecki submitted Year-End-Report;   Faculty Handbook resolution to be considered under new business.

            b.         Educational Policy-Joyce Hamasaki

·       Per E. Okuma:  EPC recommended  revisions to HAW 7.208 concerning transfer credits to be considered under new business. 

            c.         Curriculum Review Committee-Kent Killam    

·       Curriculum Central developed at LeeCC has been adopted by Kap CC; will be able to demonstrate the tool here at HawCC in the Fall after which Senate will

             consider adoption.

·       Acknowledge the hard work of the CRC members.

·       The terms of over half of the CRC membership will expire this academic year and replacements will be needed.

             d.        ad hoc Writing Intensive-Donna Moore

·       Will submit written year-end-report next week

·       Eight WI courses were offered in the Fall ’08 and five in the Spring ‘09

·       Plan on offering ten WI courses this coming Fall ‘09

·       Acknowledge work of committee members.

            e.         ad hoc Committee to Review HawCC’s Standard eCAFE Questions

·        E. Okuma received a report from the ad hoc Committee chair, K. Flores, acknowledging the committee’s charge and indicated the intent of the ad hoc

            committee to send out a survey to Senate members prior to the conclusion of the Spring semester. 


5.         Ascertain Quorum:   Quorum present at 12:40


6.         Approve minutes:   March 20, 2009   m/s  (J. Savage)   approved as distributed           


7.         Old Business

            a.         Faculty Handbook & resolution—FPC (Per E. Okuma)          

                        (Resolution, m/s; passed unanimously)

                        Quorum lost


8.         New Business  

            a.         Evaluation of Transfer of Credits (Haw 7.208)—

·       Discussion on wording with the following suggested changes:

                                    1.)  First sentence - substitute “could   with “might” , 

                                         “ Courses will be processed…..only if they  could  might be applicable…”  

                                    2.)  Place “D-“ in quotes,  ( not “D‾” )

                                    3.)  Second sentence: Substitute “ ‘D’ grade courses”  with  courses with a

                                         ‘D’  grade

                                  (No Action taken – no quorum)

            b.         Gen Ed SLO’s  (P. Hudson)

·       Assessment Committee adopted draft April 2009; Gen Ed SLOs that apply across

                                   all programs;  questions raised as to how programs accommodate the additional

                                   SLOs in addition to the already established program SLOs;   more discussion by 

                                   Assessment Committee is needed.   (No Action taken – no quorum)

            c.         E ‘Imi Pono College Development Day--Exec. Committee (P. Hudson)                                     

·       This will be the first Staff Development Friday in the Fall ’09 semester to be

devoted to an all college discussion of alignment of Gen Ed SLOs; further

discussion of details needed.     (No Action taken – no quorum)


9.         For the good of the order:   Expression of appreciation for E. Okuma’s service as Senate Chair.


10.       Adjourn:   1:00 pm


Minutes approved as distributed, August 28, 2009