Hawai`i Community College

Academic Senate

Minutes of the Meeting of 4/25/2008


Present: Annie Brown, Pam Hudson,  Kent Killam,  Kathy Kotecki (vid con), Eric  Mecklenburg, Ellen Okuma,  Jill Savage (Chair), Jane Sherwood (recorder), Tangaro, Francis-Dean Uchima, Noe Noe Wong-Wilson.


1.                  A quorum was determined and the meeting was called to order at 1225 hours. 


2.                  The minutes of 2/29/2008   were  reviewed and approved as read.


3.                  Chair’s Report

ACCFSC - John Morton’s power point presentation “UHCC Initiatives and Directions” was sent to Senate members via e-mail attachment.  Maui CC has been contemplating adding baccalaureate degrees which will change their status with ACCJC.  UHM expressed concern about the bench marks for evaluation.   A Summit has been proposed for early fall to discuss further. 

CCCFSC:  John Morton’s power point presentation “UHCC Initiatives and Directions” was sent to Senate members via e-mail attachment prior to visit on

April 15.  Ka’ie’ie is the name of the pathway which would allow dual enrollment with Manoa.  President McClain is still concerned about the need for quick action by ACCFSC and CCFSC,   John Morton has proposed a policy change which would allow the chairs to move quickly without consultation of whole senates. 


President McClain will be on campus for stocktaking Tuesday 4/29 from 12:30-2:30 in the Manono cafeteria.


The UHCC system has leased a financial aid management package called “nelnet”.  This package will keep track of scholarships and internal financial aid. Nelnet is responsible for data storage and UHCC owns the data which prevents nelnet from selling student info, Students cannot see the recommendations and are only informed that the faculty has filled out the form/or not.  If the student has external aid that is not reported to nelnet and exceeds the maximum Federal allotment, the school is responsible for the overpayment.  


Achieving the Dream will have a forum on May 2 with Bernadine Fong.


4          Standing and Other Committee Reports

a          Ed Policy - No report


b          Faculty Policy - Kathy Kotecki gave an update of the discussion about the Faculty Handbook.   Discussion is ongoing.  Kathy requested help with web issues.


c          CRC - Following curriculum actions were presented by the CRC: 

Blanket Program Request for CA/AAS/AS to change program prerequisites.  New courses:  Culn 185 - Culinary Nutrition and Bot 105 - Introduction to Ethnobotany.  Delete HPER 123 - International Square Dance.  All were approved unanimously.  Kent also reported on Curriculum Central which is still in development.   A prototype is expected in fall semester with possible implementation in spring 2009.  A workshop on curriculum process is scheduled for 5/2/08 at 10am.


d          Writing Intensive -9/12/08 deadline for proposals to be submitted to DC’s for spring semester.


e          Distance Ed - Motion to consider disbanding the adhoc committee because the HawCC strategic plan includes  planning for distance ed. concern was expressed that there may still need to be a way to respond to issues.   Ellen remains DE coordinator and asked that the Senate charge be carried forward so that the committee could reconvene as needed.

Motion was passed unanimously to disband the committee. 


f           e-café  -  Issues  were raised about students completing evals on wrong faculty and not being able to go back in to correct errors and another student thinking that they evaluated a faculty on line when the faculty had opted out of e-café.  Concerns were noted and committee will meet to address them in the future.


5          Old Business

a          Amendment to Academic Renewal Policy - Dean of Students requested amendments related to academic dismissal.   Nursing asked that there be no exemption for nursing students.   It was moved and seconded to send the amendments back to the committee for further discussion.  Academic Renewal Amendments .    Passed unanimously.


5          New Business

a          Strategic Plan - Ellen Okuma updated the Senate.  The open forum of 4/18/08 brought about some revisions and Ellen has sent out the document.  There is focus on developmental education, the first year experience, financial aid, strategic enrollment management, enrollment in STEM classes, career exploration, and more articulation agreements.


b          Policy of Children of Students on Campus - still with legal counsel\


c          Standing Committee Chairs - The Senate endorsed the upcoming chairs of standing committees - Faculty Policy will be Kathy Kotecki, Ed Policy will be Joyce Hamasaki,   CRC will be Kent Killam.   The chairs were approved unanimously by the Senate.     


d          Online letters of Reference - Nelnet is not spam.   It will appear as ngsupport@nelnet.net.  Francis-Dean Uchima expressed concern that students were listing faculty for references without asking faculty permission first.   The Senate directed the chair to ask Financial Aid personnel to post a reminder for students that it is courteous to ask if faculty are willing to serve as references rather than just assume all faculty will write references.  It was also suggested that faculty might like to know what it is that the student is applying for.  The references are confidential and kept in secure files.  They are not used for subsequent applications.


e          UHCCP #1.102 - Draft proposal read and discussed.  Revision will allow Academic Senate Chairs to move quickly to speak on behalf of campus faculty when time does not allow prior notice and discussion at each campus.   Discussion focused on fact that this is not used often and CCFSC has option of deferring matter if it is deemed that feedback from campus Senates is absolutely necessary.


f           For the Good of the Order - Graduation is Friday evening 5/16/08 at Edith Kanakaole Stadium at 7 PM.  A chorale is being formed to sing the Star Spangled Banner, Hawai’i Pono’i and the new college song.  Two rehearsals are scheduled, announcements made via college listserve. 

Leis were presented to the outgoing chair and secretary and the incoming chair by Eric Mecklenburg. 


7          The meeting was adjourned at 1350hours.


Minutes approved as read, August 29, 2008