Hawai`i Community College

Academic Senate

Minutes of the Meeting of 4/27/2007


Present: Marilyn Bader, Sandy Claveria, John Cole, Mary Goya, Donnalyn Kalei, Karen Kane, Kent Killam, Clyde Kojiro, Karen Leialoha, Caroline Naguwa, Ellen Okuma, Joni Onishi, Jeanne Ryan, Jill Savage (Chair), Jane Sherwood (recorder), Jackie Stradtmann-Carvalho, Francis-Dean Uchima, Mai Wong, Guests: Barbara Arthurs, Doodie Downs. 


1.  A quorum was determined to be present; The meeting was called to order at 1205 hours.


It was moved and seconded to amend the order of the agenda to allow Barbara Arthurs and Doodie Downs to speak about the Strategic Enrollment Task Force.  


7.  New Business: 

a.  Barbara announced that there will be a workshop on enrollment management in June for which they are trying to obtain video linkups.   She encouraged all faculty to attend.    Doodie presented the “post card project” which is the printing of a post card with college information to be mailed to those who have had some interaction or familiarity with the college.   The postcard will feature HawCC graduates and a brief summary of what each is currently doing.   She also discussed the new CD catalogue which is under development.   Such a catalog will reduce the need for storage and be cost effective in the long term.  There will be three different labels targeting different audiences. 


2.  Minutes -    It was moved and seconded to accept the minutes as read.   Several typos were corrected and the minutes were accepted as amended unanimously.


3.  Chair’s Report - The CCFSC received a draft of the Federal DOE rule making regarding accreditation.  Such changes may have implications for our accreditation process and are a continuation of the No Child Left Behind policies. 


From the BOR - tuition may be paid in installments.  The system organization chart was distributed.  Energy conservation is an issue and will be further developed.


4.  Vice Chair’s Report - The Senate Chair reported for the Vice Chair that there are still some vacancies on the standing committees and the executive committee for the next academic year.  A chair is still needed for the Faculty Policy Committee.


Jill Savage was elected Senate Chair for academic year 2007-2008.


5.  Standing and Other Committee Reports

a          Ed Policy - no report

b          Faculty Policy - Jackie Stradtmann-Carvalho presented a resolution regarding promotion.  The faculty handbook will be carried over into next year.

It was moved and seconded to accept the proposed resolution regarding promotion.  The resolution was accepted unanimously.

c          CRC - Kent Killam announced that curriculum proposals are due 9/28/07 for fall 2008 and 1/25/08 for spring 2009 implementation.

d          Writing Intensive - no report

e          Planning - no report

f           Budget - Clyde reported that the committee will carry over into next year to continue discussing the process and need for a budget committee.

g          Distance Ed - Ellen Okuma gave the year end report stating that 4 out of 6 assigned tasks had been completed.


6.  Unfinished Business

a          Writing Intensive resolutions - no follow up at this time

b          Exec Committee summary of program reviews.  All reviews will be posted on the web site.


7.  New Business

a          See above

b          Plagiarism - Caroline Naguwa and Kate Simms presented information about a soft ware program that assists faculty in determining whether or not a student paper has been plagiarized.   Turnitin.com has been used by Kate to check papers and she has found it very useful.   Discussion about the applicability across disciplines suggested that such a program would be useful to many faculty.   It was moved and seconded to ask the VCAA to explore the purchase of the software for our use.   Questions were raised about cost and available funds and the motion was amended to include asking the VCAA to explore funding options.  The motion was passed unanimously. 

c          Campus Safety – (Chair) the events of the Virginia Tech shootings were reviewed and the copycat bomb threat which occurred on the same morning here at UHH. On April 23, Chairs of College Council and Academic Senate met with Chancellor Freitas about AS Resolution 99/00, FPC-2, “Campus Safety and Security,” approved by the Senate 12/3/99. This resolution, although not acted upon by Provost Sakaguchi, is supported by Chancellor Freitas. The recommendations of the resolution will guide the focus of a College task force that will be created to review campus safety procedures and develop a safety plan for HawCC. Volunteers will be sought.


8.  For the Good of the Order - John Cole announced that Jeanne Ryan will sit on the board of Student Publications.  


The meeting was adjourned at 1330. 



Approved as corrected, Sept 21, 2007.