Academic Senate of Hawai’i Community College

Friday, January 29, 2010

12 - 1:30 pm


Present:  Marilyn Bader, Roberta Brashears-Kaulfer, Sandra Claveria, Doodie Downs, Sherri Fujita, Sam Giordanengo, Gabe James, Annie Maeda, Eric Mecklenburg (presiding), Helen Nishimoto, Christine Quintana, Kaleo Quintana, Jill Savage (recorder), Claudia Wilcox-Boucher,  Noe Noe Wong-Wilson

1.   Report – Chancellor Freitas – no report; off-island

2.   Quorum ascertained 12:10

3.   Motion made to amend agenda by deleting item 6c under new business concerning Leeward CC Faculty Senate resolution (m/s, J. Savage/M. Bader); motion passed unanimously.

4.  Approval of minutes:

  • Minutes of Nov. 13, 2009 -  approved as distributed
  • Minutes of Special Curriculum meeting, Dec. 4, 2009 :  Amendments made as follows  Corrections to  spelling –  Kekuhi  (insert “h”) and Noe Noe (without hyphen);          Under item #3 ART 249:  correct typo – “H. Nishimoto, Chair of CRC withdrew the proposal...”(delete the “s” in proposal); after, “A motion was made and seconded (m/s, Kalei/Uchima) to modify…” insert, “motion passed”;  delete E. Okuma’s comment.    Under item #3 MUS 102:  amend third to last sentence to read as  “A Call for the Question was made; motion failed, did not receive 2/3rds majority with 13 in favor and 7 opposed.”   Delete E. Okuma’s comment.        Minutes approved as amended.                                                     

5.         Chair’s Report – Eric Mecklenburg, Vice Chair, for Ellen Okuma


   Senate Chair for next year

  • Academic Senate Chair E. Okuma’s second term is up.The Executive Comm. is seeking nominations. If you know of anyone who is eligible and willing to serve as Senate Chair, please contact your Exec. Comm. Representative: Noe Noe Wong-Wilson (HUM), Claudia Boucher-Wilcox (SSCI), Eric (ENG), Jill Savage (M/NS), Harold Fujii (ATE), Sherri Fujita (GSSS), Joyce Hamasaki (NURS) or Annie Brown (BEaT).
  • According to our Senate Charter, ART. IV, Section 1.1, the Executive Comm., during February, “will propose a candidate for Senate Chair who has indicated a willingness to serve.” 2.”The Senate Chair must be tenured and, under usual circumstances, not also serving as a Division/Department Chair.” 3.”The Executive Committee will announce the name of the candidate for Senate Chair in the weekly campus newsletter. Other nominations will be accepted from the Academic Senate in writing via the nomination/confirmation form, which will be printed in the weekly campus newsletter at the same time.”
  • According to the Charter, ART. IV. Section 4. “The Chair of the Senate will be elected to serve a term of one (1) year. The incumbent Chair may be nominated and elected for a second consecutive term. The Chair will serve no more than two (2) full consecutive terms.”


2009/10 Panel of Referees

·                    UHPA contract requires a Panel to be established in the event of negative promotion decision. Executive Comm. has requested that Ellen, as current Senate Chair, and Jill, as past Senate Chair, be forwarded as nominees from HawCC. Final panel will consist of 3 referees from UH Manoa, 1 from UHH or UH West Oahu and 1 from the Community Colleges.


Ellen Attended UHPA Forum, Jan. 8

·        Sent out report as follow-up on Jan. 11 via faculty listserv.

·        Recent vote makes much of her report a moot issue


Statements on professional ethics

  • A review of the Statement of Professional Ethics passed by HawCC Senate in 2005 brings to question whether it is needed with UHCCP 5.211, passed in 2006. Item on the Agenda as New Business.


Barbara Arthurs request re UH system Student Conduct Code

“Because UH students are matriculating on multiple campuses, past UH President McClain promulgated a UH system Student Conduct Code Policy this past July 2009.  The Deans of Student Services and the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs from all ten UH system campuses are currently working on the procedures and are soliciting feedback from each of the campuses.  For our campus, the site for the policy and the latest draft will be distributed during the [7. For the] Good of the Order [Kaleo will distribute] and will also be posted online to faculty and staff.  Feedback will be channeled through our shared governance bodies - the College Council, the Academic Senate, and the Student Senate - and given to our Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs who will take it back to the Council of Chief Student Affairs Officers.  Collective or individual feedback will be due to VC Arthurs by March 31, 2009 [should be 2010].”


6.         Standing and Other Committee Reports

            a.         Ed Policy – Joyce Hamasaki  No report

            b.         Faculty Policy – Roberta Brashear-Kaulfers

                  -  FPC met several times last semester, with poor attendance from several departments.

                  - Faculty Handbook is finally online 

                  - Tenure & promotion schedule is available online

                  - FPC is discussing the need for contract renewal/T&P workshops offered in

                       Spring and further discussion concerning the need for standard guidelines

                       governing DPC/TPRC .

            c.         Curriculum Review  -- Helen Nishimoto 

                        - Several faculty have requested that the Jan 29th curriculum deadline be

                            extended; CRC members notified of request and consented.  Deadline will be

                            extended through Feb 5th, with the understanding that proposals will be

                            considered on a first-come, first-served basis.

                        -  CRC does not currently have full representation from all departments.                       

            d.         ad hoc Committee, Writing Intensive – Donna Moore--No report

            e.         ad hoc Academic Senate Committee to Review HawCC’s Standard eCAFE

                      Questions—Kalani Flores

                        - (per E. Mecklenburg for K. Flores)--An updated survey will be sent out to

                           faculty next week. It will include a side-by-side comparison of existing eCAFE

                           questions with recommended revisions. Following the survey, the ad hoc

                           eCAFE Committee will reconvene to review the survey results and will submit a final report to the Academic Senate.

7.         New Business

            a.         Senate endorsement of draft Memorandum of Agreement: Transfer of General Education Core Requirements Eric Mecklenburg, Vice Chair

                        - Motion made that Hawaii Academic Senate endorse the MOA: Transfer of General Education Core Requirements (m/s, J. Savage/ C. Wilcox-Boucher); motion passed unanimously.

            b.         Faculty Policy Committee resolution on proposed Faculty Mentoring Faculty Program-- Roberta Brashear-Kaulfers

                        - Motion made to amend resolution by deleting the last two bullets (redundant)

                            (m/s, H. Nishimoto/J. Savage); motion passed unanimously.

                        - Resolution, as amended, passed unanimously.

            c.      HawCC Faculty and Instructional Staff Statement on Professional Standards and Ethics (2005) and UHCCP 5.211, Statement on Professional Ethics (2006)-- Eric Mecklenburg, Vice                               Chair    

                         - Motion made to refer consideration of the overlapping policies to FPC

                            (m/s, J. Savage/A. Maeda); motion passed unanimously.


8.         For the good of the order

            - K. Quintana distributed a draft of  Student Conduct Code Procedures;   

                   - Motion made to invite B. Arthurs, VCSA, to Feb 26 meeting to elaborate on the intent of the draft (m/s A. Maeda/J. Savage)  Passed unanimously.  

            - C. Quintana:  E Ola Health Fair tomorrow from 10-2 with 45 contributors from UHH,              

                HawCC, and community.


9.   Adjourned:  1:10 p.m.


Minutes approved as distributed, February 26, 2010.