Academic Senate  of Hawai’i Community College

Friday, Sept 25, 2009

Bldg 388, Rm 103 & polycom to Kohala Center

12 - 1:30 pm

 Present:  Claudia Wilcox-Boucher, Annie Brown, Sandra Claveria, Sherri Fujita, Sam Giordanengo, Meidor Hu, Joyce Hamasaki (Kohala Ctr.), Leialoha Ilae-Kaleimamahu, Gabriel James, Manaiakalani Kalua, Larissa Leslie, Eric Mecklenburg, Helen Nishimoto, Ellen Okuma (chair), Christine Quintana, Kaleo Quintana, Jill Savage (recorder), Mai             Wong, Noe Noe Wong-Wilson.


  1. Report – Noreen Yamane, interim Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs

·        Regarding vacant positions, we will not be losing any positions. The CVE position will not be replaced, but converted to a new faculty position (11 month) for an Instructional Technology Developer. A vacant position from Electronics will become a tenure-track position for Fire Science. Currently the fate of 2.5 West HI positions in Eng/Math are under discussion. The ads for the Web Developer and an IT Specialist (replacement for M. Kitchen) positions were posted Sept. 6 and will close today.  Several administrative positions are by interim appointment (Interim VCAA, Interim Director of West HI, 2 Interim Deans, Interim Director of OCET); the first of which to be posted will be for the OCET position.    

·        V. Murakami will be petitioning the BOR for an authorization to plan for an AS degree in Digital Media Arts.

·        Based on projected deficit and preliminary calculations, the administrative team, as determined by former UH President McClain, will receive a 6-10% pay cut. Accounting for this cut, HAWCC is expected to experience a $1.2 million deficit according to M. Leialoha, VCAA; final details will become known after State negotiations with the unions are complete. Instruction has been asked to set aside 10% of their respective B budget funds. The increase in enrollment has helped offset a more serious deficit. We have been able to meet the ACCJC requirement of setting aside 4% of the operating budget as reserve.

  1. Ascertain Quorum: Ascertained at 12:15 p.m.

      3.   Approve Minutes of August 28, 2009:  m/s (J.Savage,M.wong) approved as distributed.

4.         Chair’s Report – Ellen Okuma

·        Executive Committee met on 9-18-09 and prioritized carryover items and new items: Evaluation of Transfer Credit (carryover; EPC); No Show Policy/Verification of Attendance (carryover; EPC); Midterm Report Planning Agenda item about having EPC and the CRC review the curriculum process for the evaluation of SLO’s, teaching methodology and mode (Ellen to draft charge for EPC); new draft policy on Transferring Credits from External Institutions from Dean Arthurs (EPC); faculty mentoring ideas based on Ex. Comm. mtg. with Joni last Spring (Ellen to draft charge for FPC)

·        Items from ACCFSC mtg. (9-18-09): 1. MOA for Transfer of Gen Ed Core Requirements (Ex. Comm. will meet w/Asst. DOI Guy Kimura and VCAA Yamane to discuss process for input); 2.Discipline Meetings Report from Joanne Itano (Ellen sent to fac. Listserv)

·        Items from CCFSC mtg. (9-18-09): Agenda item, proposed UHCC policy on Academic Residency Requirements, is under New Business on today’s agenda for discussion

·        Chancellor and VCAA Yamane will alternate attending our meetings to give brief (5 min.) report at beginning of mtg.

·        Ellen and Noreen drafted a new position description (from existing position descriptions at LeeCC and WinCC) to convert the vacant CVE position into an 11 month faculty member, Instructional Technology Developer; Exec. Comm. reviewed and made one minor change (9 mo. to 11 mo.) and Noreen shared with the DC’s.


5.        Standing and Other Committee Reports

a.       Ed Policy – Joyce Hamasaki--will have first meeting on October 2.

b.      Faculty Policy – Roberta Brashear-Kaulfers (Not present)

c.       Curriculum Review – Helen Nishimoto--will have first meeting today; need a representative from ATE; today is the Fall deadline for proposals; the CRC will require all proposals to be edited prior to review by the Senate as a whole.

d.      ad hoc Committee, Writing Intensive – Donna Moore   (Not present)

        6.     Old Business – none

        7.         New Business

a.         Resolution to endorse the draft Hawai‘i Community College Strategic Plan: 2008-2015--Sherri Fujita--The HawCC International Education Task Force met to support the draft Strategic Plan with the addition of three Action Strategies for Performance Measure B.1 and three Action Strategies for Performance Measure B.5. The resolution to endorse was m/s (S. Fujita/M. Wong). Action: approved unanimously

b.         Resolution in Support of Gen Ed SLOsNoe Noe Wong-Wilson--The Senate considered the revisions made to the GE SLOs as submitted by the ad hoc committee charged with the task. A motion was m/s (NN Wong-Wilson/S. Fujita) to approve the revisions submitted with a change in the title of the fifth SLO so it is parallel to the description. The title of the fifth SLO is to read, “Hawaiian, Cross-Cultural, and Global Perspectives”.  Action: Approved unanimously.       

o       A motion to amend the resolution to reflect the change made to the fifth SLO in the previous motion was m/s (NN Wong-Wilson/S. Fujita). Action: Approved unanimously.                 

  c.         Proposed UHCCP on Academic Residency Requirements for Graduationdiscussion--wording in the proposed UHCCP is confusing and seems to conflict with E 5.209, the University Executive policy. More information will be shared when the UHCCP is discussed at the Senate Chairs and DOI meetings.

            8.         For the good of the order  

·        E. Okuma, K. Quintana, VCAA Yamane and Asst. DOI Kimura attended a meeting this morning with faculty from UHM school of Social Work to discuss the feasibility of planning an online BSW that could be offered jointly with UHM and HawCC. This could provide a fast track for students who would want to pursue the MSW via distance.

            9.         Adjourned: 1:35 p.m.

Approved as distributed, October 30, 2009