Academic Senate of Hawai’i Community College

Friday, October 30, 2009

Bldg. 388, Rm 102 (lower campus) & polycom to West HI Admin. Conf. Rm.

Present:  Marilyn Bader, Roberta Brashear–Kaulfers, Annie Brown, Sandra Claveria, Doodie Downs, Kalani Flores (Kohala Ctr), Sherri Fujita, Sam Giordanengo, Joyce Hamasaki            (Kohala Ctr.), Leialoha Ilae-Kaleimamahu, Gabriel James, Manaiakalani Kalua, Eric Mecklenburg, Violet Murakami, Helen Nishimoto, Ellen Okuma (chair), Jeanne Ryan, Taupouri Tangaro, Jill Savage (recorder), Mai Wong


Guest: Chancellor Freitas 


1.         Report – Chancellor Freitas—time certain, noon-12:07

·     Concern regarding budget is ongoing; HawCC committed to preserving everything we have, we will make concerted effort to be conservative with the B Budget; fate of the contracts with two unions as yet unknown

·     Progress with the West HI campus project; LRDP for campus to go to BOR at Nov 16 meeting; expect LRDP to provide for head count of approximately 3,000; campus will be constructed in phases and will be LEED Silver (ie, “green” campus); thanks go to Senator Inouye for $8 million toward energy efficiency; will consider the use of water power to generate electricity, vertical axis windmills will be installed.

·     The  LRDP for the east side will go out to bid; plans to accommodate a head count of approximately 4,000, which may include building second and third stories.


2.         Ascertain Quorum : 12:15


3.         Approve Minutes of September 25, 2009 :  m/s (Wong/James) approved as distributed.


4.         Chair’s Report – Ellen Okuma


         CCCFSC meeting, Oct. 16:

·        VP Morton on remedial/development—more involved than placement scores;

      students coming through DOE need to be better prepared for college classes


         CCCFSC issue not discussed at Oct. 16 meeting:

·        Group Letter: HawCC survey (sent in e-mail to faculty listserv) 50=YES; 3=NO

·        Letter was signed by all except HonCC (faculty were divided on group letter vs. individual letters); delivered on Tuesday afternoon to President’s office by Harry Davis, KapCC Chair (sent in e-mail to faculty listserv on 10/27)


          ACCFSC meeting, Oct. 16:

·        Discipline meetings report. Math Summits have been held; III was UH only w/one DOE representative; kudos to math faculty and others who have attended to align math courses.

·        VP  Johnsrud--Budget Committee will now have Barbara Leonard from UHH to serve as liaison to help develop budget asks

·        VP Johnsrud—UH Manoa is interested in “reverse transfer” (UH Manoa student with enough credits could receive an AA degree from original home UHCC campus) & “automatic admission” (UHCC student who receives AA degree could be admitted into UHM). UHH and West Oahu are also interested. Kenoa Dela Cruz and Dorinna Manuel-Cortez are HawCC reps on the implementation committee.


5.         Standing and Other Committee Reports

            a.         Ed Policy – Joyce Hamasaki

·  Transfer Credit Evaluation:  Haw 7.208 to be considered under old business

·  Committee continues work on No Show Policy: gathering information, has discussed collecting feedback from Senate members via survey monkey; no other CC campus in system has such a policy.

·  Committee continues work on Transfer Credit Evaluation from external institutions: all other CC campuses do have a policy; HawCC has had a practice though no formal policy.

·  Accreditation Mid-term report agenda item regarding Senate review of SLOs, and delivery modes in the curriculum process, etc.--the committee will seek clarification of their charge.


            b.         Faculty Policy –  per S. Claveria: Committee is working on faculty mentoring project.


            c.         Curriculum Review  -- Helen Nishimoto: items under New Business  


            d.         ad hoc Committee, Writing Intensive – No report


            e.         ad hoc Academic Senate Committee to Review HawCC’s Standard  eCAFE Questions—Kalani Flores: Committee reviewed original 22 questions on eCafe evaluation as well as feedback                    from survey conducted in Spring; questions were revised or deleted and total number reduced to 16 and eliminated the “neutral” option in the rating scale.  


6.         Old Business

            a.         Recommendation on HawCC 7.208—EPC, Joyce Hamasaki

                      Action:  Approved unanimously


7.         New Business

            a.         Curriculum Proposals—CRC, Helen Nishimoto

                  The following proposals were approved unanimously:


                              CHO Adult Residential Care Home Operator—CC deleted

                              FIRE 101, Essentials of Fire Suppression

                              FIRE 151, Introduction to Wildland Fire Control

                              FIRE 107, Fire Fighting Strategies and Tactics

                              FIRE 154, Wildland/Urban Interface Operations

                              HOST Program, alpha modification

                        New Courses:

                              ART 159, History of Communication Design

                              ART  257, Motion Graphic Design


                              ART 239, Weaving II

                              MKT 60, Principles of Advertising

                              MKT 22, Human Resources Management

                              MKT 150, Principles of Selling

                              BUS 20, Introduction to Business

                        Motion was made, m/s (Savage/Brown), to return ART 249 to CRC to scrutinize the existing overlap between existing course, i.e.  MKT 157, MKT 158, and IT 221 and consider possible              cross-listing.  Action:  approved unanimously


            b.         eCAFE Standard Questions Recommendation—Kalani Flores

                        Many questions and much discussion--comments included:

·        At lest 90% of faculty responding to survey favored keeping the question on critical thinking; in fact, majority of those responding to survey conducted in Spring favored keeping all questions.

·        Request for a brief statement from ad hoc Committee concerning methodology

·        Will the deleted questions be available in the question pool?

·        Concern regarding the elimination of “neutral” option expressed, reactions were mixed.

·        E. Okuma will check to see if faculty can in fact add their own questions

·        Chair of ad hoc committee will present Senate with statement of methodology as well as commentary on the rationale for deleting questions

·        Concern regarding the proposed question # 10 regarding motivation, can this be reworded? Eliminated? Reactions were mixed.

·        Suggestion to assess faculty reaction on proposed revisions via survey.

·        Exec committee will discuss next step.


            c.         Petition to Amend the Charter—Jill Savage: rationale to amend the charter to allow for a ballot vote if a request is made at a meeting. No second would be required for the motion.

8.         Adjourned 2:00 p.m.


Approved as amended, Nov. 13, 2009.