Academic Senate of Hawai’i Community College

Friday, November 13, 2009

12 - 1:30 pm


Present:  Sandra Claveria, Kalani Flores (Kohala Ctr.), Sam Giordanengo, Joyce Hamasaki (Kohala Ctr.), Meidor Hu, Lei Ilae-Kaleimamahu, Manaiakalani Kalua, Kekui Kealiikanakaole, Eric Mecklenburg, Violet Murakami, Helen Nishimoto, Donna Moore, Ellen Okuma (chair),  Jeanne Ryan, Jill Savage (recorder), Tangaro, Claudia Wilcox-Boucher, Mai Wong, Lou Zitnik 

1.         Ascertain Quorum at 12:06

 2.        Minutes of October 30, 2009 approved with amendments (m/s, Savage/Ryan)

 3.        Chair’s Report – Ellen Okuma

  • No system meetings since last Senate meeting on October30.
  • Chair submitted questions raised by Senate at last meeting concerning eCAFE to system coordinator, Jennifer Geis; response to questions will be discussed under New Business.


4.         Standing and Other Committee Reports

            a.         Educational Policy Committee – Joyce Hamasaki

      Work continues on:

·                      No Show Policy, committee hopes to present a proposal along with a detailed report to the Senate at the January meeting.

·                      The review of the policy concerning Transfer of Credits from External Institutions.

·        The review of the mid-term accreditation report planning agenda item concerning the curriculum review process with regard to evaluating SLO’s teaching methodology and delivery mode; Chair has sought and received clarification of the charge and a subcommittee has been formed to consider this task.


            b.         Faculty Policy – Roberta Brashear-Kaulfers

·        Chair E. Okuma attended FPC meeting  Nov. 12 to answer questions about the faculty mentoring project.


            c.         Curriculum Review  -- Helen Nishimoto 

·        Chair H. Nishimoto requests special meeting to consider this semester’s final curricular proposals – considered under new business.

            d.         ad hoc Committee, Writing Intensive – Donna Moore  

·        One WI proposal submitted this Fall – Hist 154

·        Spring 2010 deadline is January 29.

·        E. Okuma will assist WI chair with distributing WI info to Senate.


            e.         ad hoc Academic Senate Committee to Review HawCC’s Standard eCAFE

                        Questions—Kalani Flores

Met with Senate Exec Committee – to discuss next step for the review of the eCAFE ; will send out a survey to the members of the Senate for feedback on the proposed changes to the eCAFE questions. The survey will include the changes as well as the current questions. The survey may be sent out before the end of this semester and the committee will reconvene early in Spring to review the survey results.


5.         Old Business

             a.        Vote on the Charter amendment will be conducted next week, Nov 16-20.


6.         New Business

            a.         m/s (Nishimoto/Savage) to hold special meeting on December 4 at 2:00 pm (location TBA) for the Senate’s consideration of the remaining Fall                                 curricular proposals approved by the CRC. Action: Approved. CRC Chair will submit proposals to Senate Chair by noon, Nov 24 for review by                      Executive Committee in order to develop the agenda.  


7.         Discussion

            a.         eCAFE Standard Questions Recommendation—Kalani Flores

·        E. Okuma distributed to the Senate via email (11/5) the ad hoc committee’s Addendum to Report (11/3) , Appendix E, and links to full report and appendices.

·        E. Okuma distributed hardcopies of the Senate’s (10/30) questions about eCAFE and the response received from system eCAFE coordinator J. Geis.

·        Request from Senate was made to request bar graph capabilities for the results; E. Okuma will follow-up with system.

8.         For the good of the order


9.         Adjourn : 12:45


Minutes approved as distributed, Jan. 29, 2010.